Best Ways To Keep Your Horse Comfortable

With all your animals, you want to make sure their wellbeing is a top priority. Horses can require a different amount of care to ensure that they’re happy. From comfortable stable rugs to freshwater, there are numerous ways to keep them content. Here are the best ways to keep your equine friends comfortable.

Plenty Of Food

Just like us, horses will always have food on their mind, and ensuring your horse has high quality roughage is a must. They can have the occasional treat now and then, but giving them the healthiest diet you can, will prevent illness and keep them cheerful. Providing them with easy access to their food is also important.  You don’t want there to be any arguments over who gets to eat first and such, as this can cause unnecessary stress.

Ventilation And Hygiene

There’s always going to be an odour when keeping animals, but you’ll want to do your best to avoid it becoming unpleasant. By keeping fresh air circulating through the stables, your horse will be able to smell the outdoors and it keeps the atmosphere light. It’s also important to keep their stables as clean as you can to prevent dust from building up and mould growth.  Your horse will be most comfortable in a clean, fresh stable that won’t cause them any respiratory related illnesses.

A Friendly Space

A single horse on its own can get bored very quickly and boredom can affect their temperament greatly. By adding a friend to the stable, you can create a fun environment for them and give them the company that they lack. You’ll need to make sure your stable is big enough for more than one horse and that it’s laid out sensibly. Some horses may not enjoy being up close and personal with another, but they may like a companion in the vicinity.

A Room With A View

Horses love to see the outside world when they’re settled in for the evening. Giving them a scenic view of the meadow will keep them happier in the long run and allow them to view their stable as an extension of the outdoors.

Stick To A Routine

One of the best ways to ensure your horse is comfortable is to give them a regular routine. Feeding them at the same time every day will create a sense of security and allows them to know when they can expect food. If their feeding times are sporadic, your horse’s temperament may change as they become hungrier.

Curb Boredom

Horses experience boredom a lot easier than other animals, so giving them something to pique their interest will enrich their day-to-day life. Giving them an outlet for their boredom will keep them satisfied and prevent any unwanted, potentially harmful, behaviours. Horses and their owners can build such strong connections and you’ll soon notice if they’re not their usual selves. But, by providing them with the best care you can, you’ll ensure they live a comfy and happy life.

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