Best TV Shows to Watch Right Now for the History Buff

Are you the type of person who can discuss, in great detail, every critical date of World War I and World War II? Do you get more excited about new Viking discoveries than your birthday? You’re a self-proclaimed history buff, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. While your partner might not fully understand your dedication to recreating the Great Pyramids out of Lego in the basement, nothing makes you happier than building those tiny, monumental models.

It goes without saying that you love watching history documentaries. A well-written and executed history documentary gives you the crucial information you need to widen your historical studies. However, finding the right documentaries can be a challenge. There are so many to stream nowadays — you’ve probably seen them dozens of times already, and you’re bored of them. It would help if you had new episodes to look forward to on networks such as The History Channel, which provides regular fresh and exciting historical series.

Have you checked out recently? It’s a satellite provider that offers incredible packages with a broad range of specialty channels to choose from, including the best in historical and cultural programming. Let’s look at a few TV shows on such channels that you won’t want to miss this year.

Fight to the Finish, The History Channel

If you don’t subscribe to The History Channel, can you even call yourself a history fanatic? It’s a network made just for your interests! Fight to the Finish celebrates the 75th anniversary of World War II ending with first-hand stories and accounts of the individuals there when it happened. Personal tales of the terror, loss, and excitement of the war ending make this documentary powerful and an absolute must-see. Furthermore, the entire series is in colour — placing you inside all the action as the war comes to life. Check out your satellite schedule and the network’s website for more details on this incredible program.

Ancient Aliens, The History Channel

Another gem from The History Channel, Ancient Aliens, takes a supernatural dive into the ancient world. Are you someone who isn’t just interested in the world’s history but also intrigued by the unknown? Then — this show’s for you. Investigators travel the globe looking for evidence to determine whether outer space created life on earth and if aliens played a role in some of the world’s most magnificent ancient mysteries, such as the Great Pyramids. While the evidence the show presents may not always be entirely factual, it gives you a different perspective on things, and above anything else, is highly entertaining.

Antiques Roadshow, PBS

Antiques Roadshow is a classic that has been on the air for decades. If you’re more of a historical collector and admirer of art, you’ll love this relaxing program. Experts travel all over the country looking for valuable items to appraise. People bring in family heirlooms and other knick-knacks for the historians to examine. Watch it on PBS, and you’ll be hooked in no time.

As a self-proclaimed history lover, you deserve to watch the best that historical TV has to offer. Find these exciting historical television shows on your preferred satellite programming.

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