Best Threading Machine Maintenance Tips

In the construction business, the Threading machines are fundamental to shape the pipe or some fittings. The machines are heavy duty and expensive. Most industry owners insure the devices after buying, but still, once it stops working, the insurance claim and other inspection issues take a lot of time. They may cause the cessation of work for more extended periods. That does not only mean the loss of the work hours, but the labor charge, factory rent, and the bills add up to make it a nightmare. But simple management tips and regular care may save you a lot of money and Greenlee Mexico. So, please scroll below to know some handy threading machine maintenance tips to keep your machine running better and longer.

Threading Machine Maintenance Tips

Before even the maintenance starts, make sure you buy the parts from a trustworthy brand like Greenlee.


Human runs on blood, and the machines run on clubs. Apply lots of lubricant in the feed screw, cutter roller. Cutter wheel, support bars( carriage), loops for smooth function. If any part doesn’t open up smoothly, find the stiff leg, and apply lubricants thoroughly. Most of the notorious parts to get stiff are the open lever, slide ink, cam plates, and other friction parts.

Replacement Of The Carbon Brush

The carbon brush is one of the essential parts of the threading machines. There are two carbon brushes, and when they wear out, the machine stops automatically. So, while changing, replace both the meetings simultaneously. It’ll ensure the smooth pipe cutting and engine function of the device. At first, remove all the oil from the tank, keep the machine upside down to eliminate all of it. Then pull both screws and the bottom cover. After exposing the base, loosen three bolts near the trochoid pump. Then remove the motor housing by sliding it from the main body. With a flat head, the screwdriver removes the old carbon brush cap and install the new ones. Check the brushes, and once you finish installing, then reverse the whole process to keep everything back. Switching off the machine before any repair or installation is a must. Never touch a live circuit to repair even with safety dresses on.

Changing Oil

It was changing the oil once a month keeps the machine smooth. At first, it may look like an extra expense. But the different productions and finer details you get from an oiled machine are worth the money. Before changing oil:

Wash the tanker thoroughly.

If there is any metal chips or edge of the cut tin, remove it carefully using a metal spatula.

Never use bare hands to clean and upgrade a machine.

Because the edges are very sharp and contaminated, it can cause serious infections. Remove the chip tray to expose the oil tanker. Once you wash and refill with new oil, reverse the process. Lock the chamber by bolting it down. Oil dripping can cause blunders in the Ridgid Mexico. Clean the carriage properly; if it’s not possible, then clean the support bar. Then wipe the machine surface with a clean, soft, and damp cloth. Be careful not to use any flammable chemical agent like gasoline, benzene, kerosene, etc., to clean the machine.

Remove the Dies by adjusting die heads. Remove the adjusting block from the fixing pin and turn the cam plate in a counter-clock manner. Feel the click, and it will allow you to displace all the dies and replace it in the same way backward.


Threading machines operating systems can be different depending on their generation and work type. All the maintenance tips mentioned above work more or less for every preliminary design but mostly pipe cutting threading.

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