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Best Temperature Cycling Test Chambers – DGBELL

Temperature cycling test chambers are perfect for test programs that require a rapid shift in temperature heartbeat, for example, 1°C and 4°C per second or as needed. These programs ramp rates of cold and hot temperatures are significant and mandatory in specific standards like IEC, JESD, SAE, and IPC.

DGBELL is the best producer of temperature cycling test chambers. They have designed each room carefully and analyzed the last dispatch and setup. The temperature cycling chamber simulates a broad selection of humidity and temperature requirements while using minimal floor area. Space inside the inside of the cupboard for most normal choices. This feature greatly enhances the freedom of the device in addition to the general look.

Temperature Cycling Test Chambers Features

  • Temperature

The standard temperature assortment of a cold room 80°C to -40°C and the hot room is -40°C to 85°C.

  • USB Storage

It has data storage and monitoring. Users may save readings in a pencil drive via the USB interface.

  • Specially Structured

They made conventional stainless-steel interior chambers, while the outside cabinet consists of a powder-coated GI sheet. The steel framework is well welded and securely joined to make sure you have a concrete machine.

  • Doors and Walls Construction

It has high-density PUF insulation that is full of the gap between the interior and outside walls. Heavy-duty caster brakes are fit in the bottom for simple freedom of this temperature cycling chamber. A silicone gasket is present on the door for exceptional sealing. There is a frost-free monitoring glass window on the doorway.

  • Vacuum

Merely branded SS tubular air heaters are utilized within our warm and cold chambers to create heat. These heaters offer rapid heating with extended service life.

  • Refrigeration

For freezing and low temperatures, we use just an imported refrigeration system that is CFC free; typically, we use just EMERSON make compressors that feature hassle free cooling for ages.

  • Programmable

DGBELL temperature cycling chambers have a PLC based controller. It also features touch screen control settings.

Pros of Temperature Cycling Test Chambers

  • Simple to Use Control
  • Minimum thermal transfer for more Precise results
  • DGBELL Temperature / Humidity Cycling Test Chamber Includes a Minimal footprint
  • Vapor-tight welded stainless-steel inside
  • Electronics sensor chamber provides over temperature protection
  • Double-layer-insulated airtight doors managed to insulate the inner temperature efficiently. Water distribution system that’s externally connectable, convenient for refilling water in the humidifying kettle and mechanically recyclable.
  • LCD display screen is utilized for the management device, capable of exhibiting set point and actual point in precisely the same period
  • The controller unit has the capabilities of multiple segment app editing

Application of Temperature Cycling Test Chambers

  • Quick Temperature Cycling Test Chambers for LED Industry is used to examine various kinds of substances because of their warmth and cold tolerances.
  • We can employ it for all digital products, electrical appliances, and goods from communicating, tool, auto, vinyl, metal, food, chemical, and construction materials, medical and aerospace sectors.
  • We can also analyze adhesives like silicones, epoxies, and polyurethanes for thermal cycling resistance in which the bonded substances might have different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Assessing temperature cycling tests on these elements will help out with determining the presence of thermal coefficient mismatches the significance of those mismatches to repeated temperature trips.
  • Cracking or fracture of materials or assemblies because of dimensional changes Brought on by thermal expansion or contraction
  • Short-circuiting of electric wiring
  • Overheating of materials or assemblies due to change from convection heat transfer features
  • It provides a variety of temperature cycle evaluation services to simulate various scenarios.
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