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Best sightseeing to visit when you cruise the Nile



cruise the Nile

Are you a travelling lover and love to travel in historical countries? Egypt is one of those places that has a beautiful landscape filled with cultural nature. A place that is touched with exotic culture and heritage, ancient monuments, large deserts, and more places.

The Nile River is the longest river in the world that rises from the south and flows towards the north. This river is jam-packed with beautiful nature with historical places. If you visit the Nile River, you will be able to lock so many beautiful things in your eyes. Here we will give you some reasons why you should take Nile Cruises between Luxor & Aswan.

Karnak Temple:

Karnak is an ancient Egyptian temple located in Thebes (modern day Luxor) on the east bank of the Nile River in the valley. It covers an area of ??more than 100 hectares, which is larger than some ancient cities. The central sector of the site, which occupies the largest amount of space, is dedicated to the male god Amun, associated with Tus. The area around his main temple was known archaeologically as “Ipet-san” which means “the most selected of the sites.” Religious building and it was a place of pilgrimage for about 2,000 years.

Look up to the Royal Rulers

You may have some knowledge about Queen Hatshepsut, the famous female ruler of Egypt, or Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. But when you will see their monuments your knowledge will improve a lot. Standing in front of the fascinating collonaded temples and statues will enhance your knowledge. All these imperial monuments were created for showing honour towards them. Taking the Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan will lead you to see the royal rulers.

Philae Temple:

Phila in Greek or Pilak in ancient Egyptian, meaning ‘end’ marks the highest boundary of southern Egypt. It was started by Ptolemy II and was completed by the Roman emperors. The karaoke temple of trajan oil painting was dedicated to the goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Huras. These three characters dominated ancient Egyptian culture and their stories contain all the drama of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Map of the Isis Temple in Philadelphia When the High Aswan Dam was built in the 1960s, the Philadelphia Temple was almost lost underwater. Fortunately, the temple was rescued through a joint operation by the Egyptian government and UNESCO. In an engineering feat to compete with the ancients, the whole island was surrounded by a dam and dried up inside. Each stone block of the temple complex was then legalized and later assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle on the high ground of Agilka Island. The whole project took ten years and saved one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt from certain destruction.

Colossi of Memnon:

The Colossi Memnon (also known as El-Kalsat or El-Salamat) is a statue of two monuments representing Amenhotep III (1386-1353 BC) of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. These are located west of the modern city of Luxor and face east on the Nile River. Sitting on a throne adorned with images of his mother, his wife, the goddess Happy and other iconic carvings in the statues, the king figures fly 60 feet (18 m) high and weigh 720 tons each; Both are carved from a single block of sandstone.

Luxor Temple

The Luxor temple is a vast ancient temple of Egypt. It is located on the east bank of the Nile River, that’s why the temple can be viewed from the Nile river. The temple was situated perhaps in 1400 BCE, and the Egyptian name of the temple is ‘Ipet Reset.’ There are two obelisks, a vast courtyard, so many statues, and shrines in the Luxor temple. You will be able to view this temple from the downtown Luxor too. It would be better if you visit there at sunset time.

Temple of Edfu

Temple of Edfu is a massive temple that is situated in the Edfu city. It was assembled in the Ptolemaic interval in the Carnival of Horus (the Falcon God). Falcon Gods used to be afraid of ancient Egyptians. They were scared because they don’t eat dead meat. There are so many things to see and many places to visit, such as halls and chambers. Special note engraved on the wall is the legends of the Nile River.

Study Hieroglyphics

The traditional writing system of Egypt is often cited as God-language. Hieroglyphics is a combined character of pictographic, logographic, symbolic and other graphics and there are probably 1000 characters or maybe even more characters. If you are mesmerized by hieroglyphics, then you should visit this region. Nile Cruise will give you a chance to see the world’s best-cherished language example. In the Valley of the Kings and Abydos, you will find various paintings of these languages. Do not forget to take pictures of these mesmerizing paintings.

A Tranquil Way to Travel

No doubt that there are so many things to see and do on the Nile cruise. You can go for an outing on the cities of Amarna and Aswan. All this memory will always store in your mind. It will be so peaceful to be on a luxurious cruise ship; it will make your travel in Egypt a lot easier and more beautiful. You can enjoy the cool breeze from the river, to enjoy it more you can read a book. You can watch the farmers how they plant their harvest. Their traditional way of harvesting will make you feel thrilled. In a word, travelling in a traditional and historical country can make you feel the best.

Unforgettable adventure of Nile Cruise

A new experience of something is always unforgettable, but experiencing adventures in the best historical place worldwide is a lifetime memory. By taking a Nile Cruise, you will not be able to see and admire iconic sights and incredible places; you will be able to store a vast image of Egypt’s beauty. Once you embark on a Nile Cruise, there is no chance to forget a single step that you made in Egypt.  

Final Thought

There are endless reasons why you should take Nile Cruises Luxor Aswan. Visit there once in your life, if possible. You will never regret visiting the Nile river and invest some money in this tour. I hope this review helps you choose your next travel destination on the Nile River, Egypt.

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Things to try on an Early Morning Desert Safari



Morning desert Safari ports are something’s that move the mind, and it’s even additional necessary once seeing the wonder and charm of the desert within the morning. There is one thing supernatural regarding dawn within the desert and it provides you wonderful. On your port tour, ne’er miss the chance to travel on a spectacular Morning desert Safari dubai that awaits you with all its energy and style.

Here you’ll see that they’re lost in Wonderland, which is formed of a huge ocean of golden shiny sand and big dunes. Everything here feels terribly acceptable. If you would like to pay your journey in an exceedingly quiet and quiet place aloof from the hustle and bustle of the town, you ought to not miss the Morning Desert safari.


We have created bespoken packages for all our customers. We tend to prefer to style our packages keeping in mind the wants of the purchasers. For people who don’t prefer to travel on desert safari at midnight, they’ll opt for a morning desert safari expedition. There is a unit solely such a big amount of vital things that may never miss the chance to go to this wonderful a part of natural beauty. Make sure to go to this mysterious gem in peninsula and that we provide you with the chance to style this individuation of the Dubai Desert.

Dawn within the desert is spectacular, and particularly the wonder of the desert sunrise read cannot be demarcated in precise words. Once you depart from the glamorous aspect of city, you’ll have the chance to expertise the exciting great thing about this space in associate degree epic and refreshing manner. Pickup service is provided to any or all guests and your journey to the most effective work of nature begins.

You will shortly notice that traveling through empty roads at constant time, however at constant time, traveling within the picturesque desert is invigorating.
Many nice and exciting outside activities square measure obtainable to all or any guests,  that is of dominant importance. In extra biking, you’ll be able to additionally relish artiodactyl rides, quad biking, hot air balloons, and more. Planning to Bedouin-inspired camps provides you the chance to find out superb Arabic culture and traditions.

The clear pulse of the jungle

Ever miss an opportunity to expertise the mighty urban center desert jungle. I’m positive it’s quite simply memory. Not solely can you be visiting and wandering around such a fine looking place, however you may even be far from your traditional life and find an opportunity to induce to understand yourself higher altogether elements of the town.

Things to try on a Morning Desert Safari

The Morning desert expedition any (isn’t any) but a choice to entertain its guests. You may not be bored for one second of your journey that will be one in every of the simplest and most diverting belongings you will do here.

Under the rising sun, the soft lightweight rays from the previous night and also the cool sand provide you with a decent likelihood to fancy associate degree exciting quad biking on a desert hunting expedition. Experiencing the beauties of the desert whereas enjoying quad biking could be a nice choice. It may be fun and sporting at identical time to urge the most level of enjoyment and excitement, attempt learning quad biking tricks and make out on your own.

Doing nothing and standing within the middle of the desert, observance the spectacular and spectacular read of the desert can provide you with most joy and happiness. You get enough opportunities to capture the beauties of the desert on your camera. However capturing the charm and amazing great thing about the desert in images could be a terribly difficult task. It’s extremely difficult.

how will a desert ship travel? One in every of the most options of the morning desert campaign is that the artiodactyl ride for guests World Health Organization will relish a desert ride. A radio-controlled ride of the celebrated desert ships is offered to find out the way to find habitats.

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Do you want to get to Sri Lanka for a tour? We are here to take you.



Going on a tour of a different country with friends or family is a great experience. A lot of people are going to terms of other countries every day. Most people don’t go because they can’t find a too good company or agency to take them in a tour and can’t go.

There are a lot of tour companies available to take you in a tour. But most of the tour companies are not better. But you should choose the best company for you. If the tour company is not better, you will not get a better experience while traveling. If you are going on Sri Lanka tours, you will need your tourist tour company for proper guide.

It always takes a little bit of extra money to get better service. If you want to get better service, you must invest a little bit differently. You should choose the best Sri Lanka tour packages if you’re going to get a better and reliable experience. For selecting the best tour package, you must choose the best company. But do you know how to choose a better company?

Choosing a better tour company is very difficult. But if you can follow some instructions, it will be easier for you.

1. Renowned and Better Company

The tour company you are going to choose must be renowned and better. Most people must use it. If the company is not famous and better, you will not get better service. So, the company must be renowned and better. Otherwise, you will not get a reliable experience while going in the tour.

2. Best Tour Packages

The company you are going to choose must provide the best tour packages. If the tour packages are not better, you will not get a reliable experience. There might be different things in the same place. Like there might be a hill, temple, jungle, and cultural items in one place, and you like an adventure. So, it would help if you chose the adventurous tour package. The adventurous tour package must be available in the tour packages of the company. Not just this package, the other kind of tour packages must be available in the company. There must be packages for at least five days. Because you will be quickly and correctly visit any place within five days. 

3. Best Services

The most important thing is the best service. If you don’t get the best services, you will not convey the tour’s experience entirely. There must be better ways to go, better vehicles for getting a reliable traveling experience, better hotels for staying at night, better food for eating, enough water for drinking, and others. If you don’t get all the services, you will not get a better experience. So, ensure all these services.

4. Best Value

It would help if you compared the prices of the tour packages with the company you will choose. You will be able to get the same service at different prices from different companies. But you should select a company providing the best service at an affordable price.

5. User Reviews

It is the most important thing. You should what the users have said about the group that you are going to choose in their opinion. If they have given a positive statement about their experience, you can select that company.

You should notice if the company is providing all these services or not. If a tour company does not offer all these services, don’t choose that company because you will not get a reliable experience while going in a company tour. So, try to follow all these instructions if you can.

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Why You Will Love Living In Nashville




Why You Will Love Living In Nashville

When one thinks of Nashville, they probably think of it as a hub for country music, delicious southern food, and just generally a place to have a good ole time, southern style. While all of this is true, there is so much more to consider why you will love living in Nashville. If you are seriously thinking about relocating to the Music City, we’ve got a couple of reasons why you will absolutely love it. Read on below to learn why you should pack your things and make Nashville your homestead.

It’s The Music Capital of the World

Although most people think of country music when they think of Nashville, there are also other genres getting their start from the city. This means that when you’re wanting to experience some live music, you won’t just be limited to country music. In fact, if you walk down the busy streets of Nashville, you’ll most likely hear different types of live music pouring out of different bars and venues into the street, hoping to draw you in. With different types of music, means you can also find music to enjoy as a family. Nashville also has various venues such as Ryman Auditorium, Cheekwood Centennial Park, and the famous Grand Ole Opry. With the different types of music and venues in Nashville, you and your family will find something to enjoy, regardless of your music preferences.

Classic Southern Meets Modern Advantages

Although Nashville has been around for quite some time and has its culture and traditions steeped deep in the south, it still is growing with the times, especially in real estate. Although one may think of homes in Nashville being structured in the victorian or even farmhouse style, think again. You can find many other styles of homes that are more modern such as a Craftsman, Contemporary, and many more. Concerning the downtown city of Nashville itself, you will also see classic southern meets modern in business as well. An older and beloved barbeque joint may sit side-by-side with a hip gastropub and other businesses that love harmoniously next to each other but offer old comfort or new and interesting experiences.

Fantastic Food

Speaking of country music and southern comfort, Nashville is also known for its many different types of restaurants. It seems there always some new restaurant or coffee shop popping up, whether it be a continuation of southern favorites, takes on international cuisines, or new foodie trends that are sweeping the world by storm. Nashville is also known for its farmer markets, too, so if you’re craving some fresh produce, you have access to them as well. With the variety of places to eat and try out, just like with music, Nashville has something for everyone, regardless of their taste.

Greenery and Scenery

In addition to all the wonderful music, food, and different types of homes, Nashville also boasts some amazing green spaces and scenery to go along with it. If you want to still have nature at your doorstep, Nashville has numerous greenways such as Shelby Park, Randor Lake, Cumberland River, Browns Creek, and many, many more. Some of these parks and hiking trails also have food truck days where you can enjoy a picnic in the park before or after a hike or a stroll. Concerning scenery, there are plenty of sights to choose from such as Vanderbilt University, which has hundreds of different plant species and is also considered a national arboretum or if you’re after history and music, you can check out the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. Regardless of what you’re after for nature and sights, Nashville has it all.

Make The Move to Nashville

With so much music to listen to, food to eat, and sights to see, Nashville has it all. As a newly minted local, you’ll be able to enjoy any one of these Nashville offerings at your leisure and may even find some hidden city gems on your own. What are you waiting for? Nashville is calling and you should come and call it home.

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Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles



Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles

The incredible fishing tales in the world come from the sea off the coast of Praslin Island, Seychelles. They are more honest than other stories about fishing, too. Hire a boat or go and catch your fish with an experienced angler. And if you don’t know where to find a useful fishing guide with all the equipment, we are here!

About us-

Praslin is a generous Island that welcomes all the tourists from any corner of the world. Mostly, the city is famous for its natural beauty and beautiful tropical Island. But one thing the tourists can’t stop themselves from doing is enjoying the Best destinations Fishing Trips in Seychelles.

Along the North Praslin coast, there are a variety of deep-sea fishing businesses. Typically, fishing tourists hire boats separately, equipment for themselves, usually in large numbers. Pleasant, knowledgeable hosts who know about fishing, closely interact with the local community. But we researched that finding each one is not only costing more money; it also costs more time and difficulties.

Are you ready for the Top Fishing Charter in the Indian Ocean? Are you a fan of fishing? Do you want to explore gorgeous stuff? 

Island Rhythm Charter

We introduce you to Island Rhythm Charter intending to provide you with the best service in the fishing sector. We ensure fabulous fishing trips and boat charter tours. We have also invested in all specialised equipment to provide highly professional equipment for all forms of fishing and maintain professional contact with all of our customers, ALWAYS. That is why we are known as the leading fishing charters operator on the Seychelles Island of Praslin.

Simon is Island Rhythm Charter’s owner and managing director. He spent more than 27 years in the industry. The ocean of Seychelles and he knows pretty well where to catch the enormous catch. His only son, on the other hand, Brandon has been at sea for more than a decade, and his father is considered one of the youngest and greatest. 

The Captains of Boats in Praslin. Captain Simon and Captain Brandon are both always delighted to present their clients. They both speak excellent French and English languages.

With the Island Rhythm Charter, to begin your fishing trip, it is possible to adjust to your preferred time. We recommend leaving early for fishing; your captain will be pleased to fit in with your schedule, however. You may also inquire for fish on unique islands of Seychelles. We would be equally happy to accommodate them as per your pick!

So, ready for the most awaited tour?




Google My Business:


WhatsApp / Phone: +248 271 4700 

Address: Baie Ste Anne 

City: Praslin 

Zip Code: Nil 

Country: Seychelles

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5 Things to Do in Morton, Illinois




5 Things to Do in Morton, Illinois

Considered the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” the small town of Morton, Illinois, has plenty to offer both pumpkin-lovers and all other individuals. Nestled just outside of bigger city Peoria, Illinois, Morton is well-loved for its rural atmosphere and beauty mingled with large-scale industrial centers. In the fall, over 70,000 people every year flock to Morton to enjoy the four-day Morton Pumpkin Festival. For the rest of the year, visitors come to Morton to experience its natural parks, small-town environment and thriving art scene. While Morton has plenty to offer, five things remain unmissable:

1) Ackerman Farms

Those looking for the pumpkin experience Morton is known for should make Ackerman Farms their first stop. Open August through Halloween, Ackerman Farms grows over 150 different kinds of pumpkins, giving a family plenty of options to pick that perfect Halloween pumpkin to carve. They additionally grow and sell gourds and squash. Besides this vegetation, there is also a well-loved corn maze, hayride, farm animals and a shop full of fun fall decorations as well as delicious goodies to take home.

2) Farmdale Reservoir

Located 10 minutes from the city center, Farmdale Reservoir is perfect for the family or individual that enjoys a good hike. There are 15 total trails here, varying in difficulty, so beginners and experts alike can both find something to love here. Even better, Farmdale Reservoir is host to biking races, including the I74 Race Series and Midwest Mountain Bike Festival. Those who want to try their hand at biking can even partake in an exciting MTX/dirt jump course.

3) Mackinaw Valley Vineyard

Wine lovers will fall in love with Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, a 20-minute drive from Morton. At this vineyard, visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the sights from a tasting room or patio. Over 20 different kinds of wine are available that pair well with an assortment of meats and cheeses. The vineyard also hosts plenty of events throughout the year, including trivia and even murder mystery dinner parties. The area is also commonly booked for such celebrations as weddings, graduation ceremonies and holidays.

4) Morton Fine Arts Association

The Morton Fine Arts Association is the center of Morton’s art scene. Here, families can enjoy the Arts in the Park series throughout the summer, where a variety of outdoor bands play concerts, all completely free. In the fall and winter, both locals and tourists to the city can enjoy seeing such bands as The David Osbourne Trio and Still Surfin’ at Bertha Frank Performing Arts Center (BFPAC).

5) Morton Pumpkin Festival

Of course, no list of Morton would be complete without mention of the Morton Pumpkin Festival. Founded in 1967, the festival experiences a different theme each year as selected by community members and the Morton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 30 different events are held over a space of 4 days, with over 2,000 volunteers helping out. Some of the top highlights include a carnival, drive-in movie theater nights, parades, a pumpkin run, and opening and closing ceremonies with plenty of fanfare!

Morton has experiences for every type of individual, from nature fans to art lovers to those who love a good drink in a beautiful setting. Though Morton is most visited in the fall season when its pumpkins are abundant, tourists will enjoy the alternative sights and experiences that spring, summer and winter have to offer here as well. Encompassing a small-town feel with its world-famous success with pumpkins, Morton is the ideal blend of big and small.

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