Best Schoolies Destinations You Must Visit

The schoolies week is undoubtedly the best part of every high-schooler. It is the best way to end your high school years and make memories of a whole fun week in a beautiful destination with your friends. In the week, thousands of year 12 students celebrate the week-long holidays in fun and happening places, usually on islands. If you plan to visit Whitsunday for schoolies, that’s a great idea.

Whitsunday Islands are a group of seventy-four continental islands located at the central coast of Queensland. The islands have a local government and are a hot spot for tourists across the globe. The islands became a part of Q150 Icons in the year 2009, i.e., the Whitsunday is now considered a natural attraction.

These islands receive around 700,00 tourists every year, and the number just keeps growing. Yacht or bareboating is the best way to explore the natural beauty of these islands.

Visiting Whitsunday for schoolies will be fun for everyone, but Whitsunday is not the only destination for schoolies. The article will list the best locations for year 12 students and how much fun they can have there.

Best destinations for you schoolies are:

Bali schoolies: You can experience non-stop fun and entertainment in this spot. Though the name is Bali, the location is in Australia.

Thailand schoolies: This location is becoming a hotspot for students, and during the time of schoolies, the place is usually crowded. The culture, nature, and fantastic parties make this place ideal for schoolies.

Gold coast schoolies: This one is another favourite destination for students. You will see white sand, beautiful beaches, have fun surfing, and electric nightclubs. And there are many more attractions that bring around 50,000 schoolies every year.

Lorne schoolies: This place has amazing accommodations, is safe, has several events, and even a pier so you can swim more.

Phillip island schoolies: This destination has so much to offer—big swimming pools and surfing are the top attractions of this place. Parties and other entertainments are the other tourist attractions here.

Magnetic Island: This place is great for your shopping spree. The beautiful and calm weather lets you take a walk whenever you want.

Terrigal schoolies: Excellent surf beaches, games, and parties are the prime attractions of this place. The convenient location is also a reason why people choose this place for their schoolies.

Fiji schoolies: The beautiful tropical place is the favourite of many students. Apart from parties and games, you will find many more activities to enjoy the weekend.

Byron Bay: Safety is the main reason many prefer this destination. The place is excellent for surfing and exploring the local culture.

Vanuatu: With plenty of events, the place offers pleasant sunny weather for outdoor activities. People indulge in outdoor sports and activities in this destination.

These are the top destinations for your schoolies. Each of these locations has several safety facilities to take care of the students, and parents can trust the authorities/support team in the area. There will be a guide for exploring the local area and a coach or supervisor for surfing and other outdoor activities.

Every destination will have specific security features as per the requirements, and you can contact the guards or support team to clarify any doubts. Parents are also given a proper contact medium to connect to the officials of the travel and schoolie organisers and other authorities. Any parent who wants to check the kids’ whereabouts can just call the given number.

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