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Choosing the best running shoes for men requires a decision made upon lots of factors. Every brand designs premium running shoes which are all thoroughly tested and minutely designed. But running shoes of each brand differ aesthetically and this is what makes a great deal in tournaments and marathons. The size of your feet and your feet weight can actually make one brand more functional for you than the other. Even cushioning of different brands impacts your feet differently. While some may be super comfortable on your feet even with less cushioning. Whereas, other brands may not give you the same comfort zone even with better cushioning.

Therefore, there are a lot of variables which need to be taken into consideration before you decide which running shoe brand will work for you.

What are some considerations you need to ponder upon when deciding upon best men running shoes?

Your personal preference:

Oftentimes, even if a certain brand does not suit you to perfection, you are still not ready to let it go. This may be because of brand loyalty or a certain comfort feeling that comes to you in association with that brand.

Your style:

Men who love to feature different styles usually have multiple running shoes brands in their footwear collection. They tend to reflect their day’s style with a certain brand. Many athletes have stated that different brands help to depict their different moods which is why they sport multiple brands.

Your feet size and weight:

As stated before, feet size and weight play a crucial role in determining the best running shoes for you. Runners need to understand their feet well before buying running shoes. This is because running shoes are very expensive and you cannot risk making a lousy investment.

Your terrain:

The terrain you usually select for running is also a crucial decision variable. Many brands design functional running shoes according to different terrains.


If you are training to be an athlete or you are indulging in other sport activities, you will need to select your running shoes accordingly. The type of activity will determine which running shoes are best for your training.

Health issues:

If you are suffering from flat feet or plantar fasciitis or any other foot related health problem, then you will need to select your running shoes as per your feet health.

Which running shoes are best for men?

After going through all the variables and scrutinizing every single detail, you need to decide which brand will best work for you. Therefore, I am outlining some best brands to aid you in your decision.


One of the most popular running shoes brands, Brooks is well known for making high performance running shoes for men and women. Brooks running shoes have roomier toe boxes and DNA amp midsoles that provide more energy return than other midsoles in the market. Brooks running sneakers are also marked for their quality and functionality. They are well recognized for their high mileage shoes. Most of Brooks customers state that the brand is extremely comfortable and gives perfect fit. Since Brooks sneakers are very durable, they are great value for money. Brooks shoes are termed expensive but they are certainly cheaper than the shark brands in the market. But since they are the best, the price is certainly very ideal.

Hoka One One:

Runners are the ones who truly understand the importance of a good running shoe. Which is exactly why so many runners and joggers prefer Hoka one one as their top functional sneaker. Not only are they super attractive but they are also highly comfortable and durable. You can pair them with any of your activity outfits, and look super cool and chic. Hoka one one running shoes are glamorous and make you look like a fashionista. Since Hoka uses lightweight materials, its shoes are also lightweight but highly efficient. The midsole of a Hoka is designed in a way that it cradles the feet well and gives better support during runs. The extra cushioning also ensures that the feet remain well shielded from the shock impacts during runs. The Hoka shoes also use a booster feature of rounded sole shape which also helps to run faster with longer strides. Hoka has a wide range of different shoes for different routines. Therefore, it is very important that you make the right selection if you want to make a transition from better to best.


Asics have been designing running shoes for men using advanced technology and quality materials. ASICS gel Nimbus is the most acclaimed running sneaker in the world of athletic sports. Asics designs shoes which give maximum shock absorption. Nimbus 23 featured with the best running aesthetics is a high mileage shoe which gives longer and faster strides on any running trail. The additional support at the heel and midsole, makes it a high comfort and more padded running shoe as compared to others. Asics shoes have transformed the runners training patterns and have provided running boosters that help to make champions.


When there is talk of athletic shoes, the one name that instantly jumps to the thoughts is Nike. A global athletic and fashion shoes producer, Nike’s swoosh is in the hearts of everyone. Known for making top notch and excellent quality shoes, Nike has broken records in its running shoes sales. Branded as ultra-cool and chic, Nike’s running shoes for men are exceptional in their dynamics. Presented in classical and trendy colorways, and featuring React, Zoom X foam and Airpod Zoom in its midsole for best cushioning and shielding from shock waves. Nike’s Pegasus turbo line was the best in line for all kinds of marathon racing and fast training. Nike’s shoes are highly durable and give the best athletes in the world. Nike’s shoes are very light in weight, have a herringbone pattern and solid rubber base. They are super comfortable, provide excellent traction and are very flexible.If you are looking for the best place to shop these brands, CharmyPosh is your one stop solution to get the best value for your money and seasonal discounts on some of the biggest brands. So happy shopping!

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