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Are you tired of screening applicants’ resumes or applications manually? Oh, that’s very poor thought in this modern era and you’re wasting a lot of time that is heavily affecting your productivity. Have you ever thought about it? If no, it’s high time to convert your manual process to an automated system having recruiting software. With an automated system, you’re going to enjoy a paperless recruiting system but also attract the finest talent in real-time. Do you want to miss it out?

I bet on jobdesk® that has been developed by Bytebuilder (Schweiz) AG, is providing world-class business software over decades, and is the best recruitment software for agencies. . It has implemented the most modern technology to ensure the safety and security of your data at best. The smart Ai-based automation and dynamic features have been integrated into this software. Every client will find it dynamic and run his business at its best.

Whyjobdesk® is the best recruiting software for agencies?

What do you want when hiring someone for your company? Of course, you don’t want a hectic process to complete the process. Isn’t it?

  • So, automated software can reduce this stress providing a perfect field to hire the finest candidate around the world in real-time. Moreover, you can upload candidates’ profiles from your own computer or other web sources to store them in an in-house career portal. NO worries, There’ll be no duplication. The advanced feature of our software will find it and sort it out to shift them precisely.
  • When the candidates fill up or the job positions will automatically be archived for future references if they’re called for interviews. And also there’s no duplication where its’ smartly synced with your HR calendar.
  • jobdesk® provides the most powerful and super easy candidate profile management feature whether it might be thousands or more. You don’t need to spend hours to maintain it rather doing it in a few clicks.
  • Are you running out of time to post a job but the template isn’t ready yet? The problem is over and jobdesk® has made some default templates with unique features to post your job faster to reach the job seekers.
  • The days are over to parse CVs manually. Automated CV processing is super easy now in jobdesk®. You can just upload or add your candidate’s profile or CVs and it will automatically be parsed in your recruiter account that can be needed for future usage.
  • Our jobdesk® smart Ai tools will let you is an insight into the metrics of your job post campaigns. And it will save you time.
  • One of the finest features is super-fast and the latest cloud-based system has been used in the backend of jobdesk® software. So, you’re using the smartest technology in your hiring process to accelerate it.
  • jobdesk®is not miser in data limits. There’s no limit to adding users, clients, contacts, and many more. You can do your work without any data limitations.

Final Words

So, are you ready to start using jobdesk® for proper management? No more today. You can be one lucky person among thousands of our clients around the world who are using jobdesk® and are more than satisfied with its services.

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