Best Promotional Products to Use at Fundraiser Events

Best Promotional Products to Use at Fundraiser Events

Using promotional products for purposes of advertising medium is the topmost of the trends used by advertisers, according to recent studies.

That’s because nine out of ten consumers, according to studies, will remember the promotional product ever handed over to them. Going by these studies, you can expect 80 percent of all the potential customers who receive these products to keep them at least until after the end of one year.

Further, cost-effective and cheap promotional products are fit for any kind of promotional project targeting to promote any kind of product, service, and event. These are some of the reasons you should be using a promotional product for your fundraising campaign, but which products make for the best fundraiser event?


T-shirts are valuable promotional commodities for these types of events because the owner will keep them for long as part of their clothing, at a much lesser cost.

Additionally, you can print a visible and long-lasting logo on t-shirts. They can be used in any fundraising campaign.


Promotional headware is great for increasing brand awareness. Hats are the perfect place to put a logo and the logo is easily seen when the wearer is out and about. 


 Bracelets are easy to customize with company name and logo and will last long enough for the wearer to remember your company and the event. Bracelets are more personal and suitable for personal fundraising events.

Ribbon label

A ribbon label is popular for fundraising events for wearers to show support for the cause. These are easy to select and customize in color and design based on the cause you want to promote through the fundraiser. However, most of them are short-lived.

Further, since they are attached to clothes displaying openly to the public, ribbons help generate awareness of the fundraising campaign or your company before, during, and after the fund-raiser.


You will have the option to select food, drink, or general shopping coupons to use in your fund-raiser. People will love them because they help them reduce their shopping budgets, which is direct financial bait to liking you.

Guests can choose to easily drop one coupon into the raffle and keep the other if the coupons come in rows of two.

Oversize checks

These checks show the name of the winner, amount of cash won, and other details, and are suitable if you are having a lottery or a contest to promote the event where some participants will win money. For instance, if you are selling some items during the fundraising, you could set up a contest or lottery where one or a few people will win.

The owner or winner can keep them for pride or memory, though inside their house. They are personal but they will be a reminder to the winner and his or her friends of not just the event, but the company as well because they have huge-sized logos printed on them.

Home products

Coffee mugs, water bottles, and customized ribbons are some of the items that will be kept by the owner for long in the house, as a long-lasting reminder of the event and company. They will be used by visitors too and they may end up loving your company if they see the great value of the products.

Flash drives

Let’s say the fundraiser has something to do with technology or education or support for children’s education.

Flash drives, whether given to children or adults, will serve a crucial role in storing away information and data, and owners will find them valuable and will love your company. These are more suitable if you hold fundraising events repeatedly.

Likewise, do not forget to print a company logo on these devices.

Power banks

Power banks are suitable and valuable as gift items in a fundraiser because most people now carry and use mobile phones.

Though not valuable as gift items to kids, adults will live to remember your event because of the service the devices will give them in addition to the logos printed on these gift items.

They fall in the category of other electronic devices suitable as gift items for a fundraiser including digital cameras, fitness trackers, Bluetooth speakers, and virtual reality headsets.

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