Practices for Vaping

Best Practices for Vaping

Vaping is increasingly becoming more popular, especially among people who are trying to quit smoking. Thus, more and more traditional cigarette smokers are switching to vaping that contains liquid nicotine. The various vaping devices like E-cigarettes allow vapers to enjoy the hit of nicotine that is comparatively less harmful than traditional smoking, as it does not involve any combustion. 

So, people who are new to vaping, or even the expert vapers—all need guidance at some point that can provide them with simple and healthy tips and tricks to practice vaping. 

Whether it is choosing the right vaping equipment, or selecting the best classic tobaccos and other desirable flavours, everyone needs assistance.

 So, here are some best practices to enjoy vaping without introducing harmful substances to your body.

Best vaping device according to experience 

It is important to remember to always go for e-cigarettes that best suit your vaping experience and frequency. A new switcher from traditional cigarette smoking and an experienced smoker must not use the same e-cigarette. So, here’s what you should purchase-

  • Beginners/ light smokers

If you are an individual with no history of traditional cigarette smoking, or have just switched to vaping, it is highly recommended to smoke via disposable e-cigarettes. These are easily available that too at an affordable price.  Slightly more experienced smokers

  • Medium smokers

Rechargeable starter kits are the best option for seldom or moderately vaping people. The kits contain a liquid nicotine cartridge that can be easily refilled when your e-liquid runs out. Moreover, they come with reusable batteries that make them highly cost-effective and simple to use.

  • Heavy smokers

A heavy smoker is expected to need a vaping device or e-cigarette that has large capacity tanks, as more the juice in e-cigarette, the longer you can smoke without having to refill frequently. 

  • Frequent smokers with a personalized vaping experience

The highly experienced smokers who have tried almost everything, and are now looking for a personalized experience should go for the handheld-flashlight-sized e-cigarette that is easily available in a variety of colours. However, personalized vaping devices come a bit expensive since they offer you a range of controls, like regulating the strength of nicotine you wish to inhale. More advanced devices are nowadays, equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to monitor your consumption.

Choosing the best E-liquid 

The best e-liquid or vaping juice is the one that allows you to enjoy the sensation of nicotine hit without adding harmful substances to your body, unlike the traditional cigarettes. Premium high-quality E-liquids from reputable sources allows both beginners and experienced smokers to enjoy several flavours of liquid nicotine without introducing harmful substances to your system.

  • The highly recommended E-liquid is the one that is essentially wholly natural that does not contain glycol propylene.
  • Go for vaping juices that contain vegetable glycerin extracted from natural sources like coconut, soy, palm, etc.
  • It’s best to refrain from using E-liquids that are artificially sweetened with sorbitol. Such e-liquids are less natural that can potentially introduce harmful substances into your body.]
  • Also, always check the ingredients of a vaping liquid before purchasing; as you would not want to smoke a flavour that could trigger allergic reactions in your body.  

Determining the best temperature 

Regulating the temperature settings of your e-cigarette is vital to enhance your vaping experience. Though this usually depends on individual preferences, one should always get acquainted with the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

  • Ideally, the optimum temperature considered for using vaporizers is between 350 and 380 degrees.
  • If you tend to set the temperature too high, you will be extracting more E-liquid from the vaporizer. As a result, the E-liquid would not last long and you will have to refill it frequently. 
  • Whereas, lower temperatures offer a longer vaping period since the extraction rate is not high.
  • Moreover, it is recommended to set low temperatures when you are sharing a vaporizer with a friend. 


Vaping is an excellent and most common way of quitting traditional smoking cigarettes. With these best practices, you can enjoy vaping to its maximum, without the fear of adding harmful substances in your body. Therefore, you must purchase the vaping devices and e-liquid only from a reputed and trusted company that sells completely natural vegetable glycerin E-liquids.

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