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Best Paraphrasing Tool to improve writing

Whether you are writing web content, a business report, or an academic article, your transcript needs to be unique. There is nothing wrong with getting your ideas from a variety of sources, but avoid plagiarism at all costs or refer to original content. The paraphrasing tool can help you get rid of all these problems and still generate comprehensive and unique content for you. This article covers the paraphrasing process, its use cases, and the best paraphrasing tools.

What is paraphrase?

Paraphrasing means rewriting any content in a different way, preserving its original meaning. Sometimes a paraphrase can also be used to change the order of words in a sentence. Although ineffective writers often don’t spell sentences correctly, you can paraphrase them to underline the necessary part of the sentence.

Which one is the best free Paraphrasing Tool?

Are you looking for a paraphraser with a minimalist interface that can be used for your daily needs? Then it’s time to take advantage of Paraphrase Online. Moreover, this tool is available for free.

The solution’s web interface has two sections, Text Before and Text After – type or paste your text into the “Text Before” field. Here you can convert to 1000 words at one time. Click the paraphrase button between the two boxes and the tool will deliver the rewritten text in the text after the box.

If you are not satisfied with the paraphrase, you can click on any word to edit it yourself, using a synonym or keeping the original text.


Paraphraser from Paraphrase Online is a great free paraphrasing tool if you don’t want to spend money generating new and unique content from existing ones. This AI-based paraphrasing platform retains the original meaning of the text while modifying the sentence structure.

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