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If you are still questioning the need for mobile applications for your business, you’re probably making a mistake. In the present time, people want and have everything working under their fingertips. While technology is making advancements, it’s high time to reconsider the importance of a reliable mobile app development company in Dubai. While you have come up with a great business idea in a place with plenty of opportunities, you must consider making it easily reachable. 

According to studies, a mobile user checks their smartphone at least sixty-three times in a day. With every passing year, the count of mobile users is going to increase drastically. In 2021 it is supposed to be around 7 billion based on a rough estimate. Undeniably, mobile apps are the best ways to connect with your target audience and customers. 

Building mobile apps is an expensive affair. Certainly, you would want everything to be perfect so that your resources are not wasted in any way. Apart from the resources involved, there are a lot of matters to be concerned about. Finding your development partner is the foremost. 

Now, since most of your businesses may be set up in Dubai, UAE, it would be smart not to ignore the fact that you need apps that are as futuristic and well-managed. Looking for a suitable mobile development company is a major task you need to do. 

Based on our extensive research about the various app development services, we have come up with a sorted list of 10 companies for the best mobile app development in Dubai. Notably, development companies in Dubai have all the potential to offer excellent services to their clients. 

List Of Top Mobile App Development Companies In United Arab Emirates 

1. Pro Web 

Pro Web is a highly proficient mobile app development and web development company in UAE, operating since 2012. There’s a long list of strengths to count for them as they continue to deliver all their projects on time, with utmost perfection. They are a team of around 50 employees who bring together their skills and out-of-the-box ideas to create excellent websites and mobile apps for their clients. You can count on them for solutions which collaborate modern-age technologies and strategic approach towards development. 

You can get futuristic mobile apps that help generate maximum profits from the market and impress the users. As they say, their skilled team of mobile app developers in Dubai is “proficient, imaginative, and robust.” From the starting to the end of the app development process, they move ahead to build all the different types of iOS or Android apps considering great performance, user-experience, design, and security. 

Along with great quality, their apps whether native, hybrid, or PWAs, are based on scalability. The product development team and designers collaborate to create sophisticated web development architectures with a clean user interface. They follow a comprehensive development strategy that considers project demand, scheduling, costs involved, and the definite scope. At all levels, transparency is maintained, and clients are given regular updates of the work done. 

Some More Reasons To Choose Pro Web 

  • Skillful And Dedicated Teams: When you assign your projects to Pro Web, they delegate custom teams for your project based on resource planning and careful screening of your requirement. This improves efficiency and adds more value to the end product. 
  • Excellent Performance: They bring together their skills and thoughtfulness to provide result-oriented work. It is one of the important factors of the custom solutions you get from them. 
  • Flexibility: While your business evolves continually, changes in plans and expected results are quite obvious. Last-minute changes are handled best here. They know how to switch priorities and deliver high-value products to you.     

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem  

Hyperlink InfoSystem is listed among the leading mobile app development companies in UAE, Dubai. The company was established in 2011 and has its other branches in the US, UK, and headquarters in India. At Hyperlink Infosystem, special attention is paid to clients’ requirements, and apps are promptly designed based on the available technologies in the market and delivered on time. 

One of their strengths lies in ideal management and committed employees. They come up with innovative ideas based on your business requirements. With the latest technologies, trends, and extensive knowledge of development, the team offers high-quality apps for their clients. 

3. Apphitect 

Apphitect is an award-winning app and Web development company in Dubai. They have set new records in terms of app development by making the optimum use of available technologies and development trends. Their work is based on higher coding standards and extensive knowledge of app development. 

With their proficiency and expertise, Apphitect has a strong client base that includes some prominent names from the industry vertical. The team of developers generally makes the best of Hybrid, Augmented Reality, Wearable, and other technologies to develop apps that are engaging and perform well. 

4. Branex 

Branex is a creative digital company established in 2005 and has offices in Dubai, Toronto, New York, and the UK. They can be your go-to option if you want creative app ideas or want to make the existing ones successful. Based on their clients’ requirements, they always come up with out-of-the-box ideas that are reliable and globally competent. 

Branex has turned out to be one of the global leads, having dealt with national and international clients. They are also great at services including logo designing, web design, and development. With clean code, their mobile apps are simple yet unique. 

5. Device Bee  

Device Bee deserves to be on the list of top mobile app development companies in UAE, with one of the most proficient developers and teammates under their hat. They come up with impressive apps based on your business idea. The startups looking forward to creating an impeccable presence on the web with their futuristic apps should count on Device Bee. 

Their offices are situated in Dubai, Kuwait, and San Francisco. The team works along a strong planning strategy and also offers post-developments updates. They can offer greater exposure to your business with their informed approach towards releasing mobile products to the audience.  

6. Silicon Graphics  

Silicon Graphics was established in 1995 in Dubai to offer services including ecommerce development, mobile apps development, and custom app development. Silicon Graphics has recently come up with numerous innovative and transformative mobile app ideas and designs for several prominent clients. 

The team of developers at this company skillfully guides their clients with creativity wrapped in expertise, growth hacks, and extensive innovation to make their businesses and apps a financial success. 

7. Dow Apps  

Dow Apps is one of the futuristic app development companies in UAE, operating since 2011. Their team of developers has presented the best of their skills to meet client requirements concerning greater reach. Dow Apps has an expansive client base that is the result of their proficiency and expertise. 

They can be considered as one of the most reliable options for innovative mobile app developers in Dubai who could deliver all projects with utmost perfection. 

8. Code Brew Labs 

With considerable experience in innovative tech development, Code Brew Labs is eventually turning out to be a global favorite. Their offices are situated in Dubai, India, UK, the USA, and Mexico. They have simplified industries’ operations and approaches by making the most out of technological development. 

Code Brew Labs have designed hundreds of futuristic applications, probably for all industries. Their strategies and app ideas always make a difference in the existing trends. 

9. Dev Technosys 

Dev Technosys was established in the year 2010 as a mobile app development and web development company in UAE. It is headquartered in Jaipur, India, and has other offices in Dubai and San Francisco. They have worked for different enterprises from different sectors, including arts, entertainment, eCommerce, business, and services. 

Dev Technosys has a strong client base powered by its strategic plans and scalable mobile app development. When considering the top mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, they are a reliable name. 

10. ParamInfo 

ParamInfo is a global digital development company founded in 2008. It has its offices in Dubai, Middle East, India, and the USA. The company’s strength lies in their development skills, which help their clients to make their business globally competent. 

They offer innovative app development services for various platforms making the best use of technology at affordable prices. Flexible operations and end-to-end application development make their services desirable. 

If You Need Help Selecting App Developers In United Arab Emirates  

There are numerous companies claiming to offer top-class app development services. Since the past decade, there has been a substantial increase in companies and startups offering varied web development and mobile app development services. Each of them tries their best to come up with better development strategies and offer a flawless user experience. 

Every year thousands of business owners make huge investments to avail applications that help them to effectively connect with their users and emerge as game changers in their respective industries. However, as said earlier, only a few applications impress the users and meet business owners’ expectations. According to Gartner’s prediction, almost 9,999 in 10,000 mobile apps fail. Certainly, your choice of mobile app development company matters a lot. You need to be sure that you’re investing in the right services, which will bring you better returns in the future. 

Let’s not consider it a cakewalk. The most common thing business owners do is search for the top mobile app development companies in UAE, open a list, and proceed with the most popular names or the ones ranked higher. While there’s nothing wrong with it, you may be missing out on various other factors that affect the end product you would get. A company that meets your expectations is less likely to come that easy. 

You probably have a great app idea with you, but that’s not enough unless you find reliable app developers who can excellently execute it to reality. Your search for app development partners should be determined by the complexity of your app idea. Rather than hunting for the best mobile app developers in Dubai, focus on the services offered to you. 

While it would be difficult to identify one perfect company from the list of many offering almost the same services, here are some tips to help you out. 

Reviews And Testimonials 

Development companies claim many things, but it’s smart to be skeptical. Although their website looks quite alluring, it may not be enough. The easiest way to fetch details about a company’s work is to know their past clients and projects. 

You should try to seek facts from different places and perspectives to make a clear choice. Reviews and testimonials will help you realize things beyond the company’s profile and let you know if there are any reasons to reconsider your contract with an app development company. 

Apart from published reviews, portfolios, and testimonials, you can collect details by contacting their previous or existing clients. This way, you would know if everything that’s mentioned on their websites is true and unfiltered. 

App Idea Security  

Security of their app unique app idea is one of the major concerns for business owners and companies these days. Over all these years, we have seen many low-quality replicas hit the app market right before the original apps. There are always many people eyeing you to grab every opportunity that could let you down. Even the slightest carelessness from the app development company can be the reason for a great loss to you. No one would be willing to see all their time, efforts, and resources going to trash like this. 

Make sure to check that the mobile app developers in Dubai you are about to hire, follow some strict measures to keep your app and app idea secure. Before being released to the app store, they should make all efforts to keep the app idea and concept confidential. Consider signing the non-disclosure agreement with the development company you choose. 

Consider Their App Designing Standards 

Unique and quality app design plays a major role in making the app successful. In that case, the skills and experience of the app developers you hire should be your concern. While you expect a top-notch application, see whether the development company you choose has excellent UI/UX designers. 

Remember, you need world-class apps that build you a global identity, so choose your services accordingly. Check the designing portfolios of the shortlisted companies to know what you can expect from them. It’sIt’s better to take time than be in a hurry and settle for less. 

Look For Effective Management And Delivery 

Companies often complain that it’s difficult to track the progress of their app development project because the developers failed to keep them posted. There are also cases where the final mobile app may not seem appropriate to the business owners or delivered with flaws. The communication gap between you and the app developers can result in glitches or missing features, summing up as an unsatisfactory mobile app. 

Make sure the app developers you hire report their work regularly and update you regarding the work done. You cannot leave changes and corrections for the end moment. They are part of the process. Regular conversations will ensure app delivery on time and give space for fewer errors. Therefore, effective management and delivery is an important factor to consider. 

Testing, Quality Assurance, And Maintenance 

Quality is one of the reasons we would suggest you not run behind cheap app development services. Applications often have bugs, errors, or regular disruptions that may lower the users’ interest in the app, which is not good news for your business. 

Quality assurance and testing are therefore important before the final delivery of an app. Make sure the company you choose as your app development partner offers these services. Enquire if your project will be managed and delivered well. 

Even after the app is developed, many things need to be done to keep the application up-to-date and competent. Regular testing, QA, and updates are necessary to keep your target audience hooked to your app. Find out if the mobile app development company you chose offers such services. If not, then ask them to do so or look for other suitable options. 

Post-development maintenance of the app ensures its success in the long run. You don’t want the profits from your app to remain a seasonal thing. To continue growing, you should come up with good ideas and updates. While you will need the developers for that, see whether their services include this. 

Affordability Is Important But 

When it’s about building excellent mobile apps, your decision should not be driven by price. Of course, you may have a confined budget, but cheap services often fail to keep up with good quality and high development standards. 

Considering your budget constraints, let your decision be based on the quality of work you receive from the mobile app development company. Moreover, before agreeing to all the pricing terms, make sure you have a flexible budget for respective projects based on the features and functionalities you want with them. 

No, you don’t have to trust blindly while paying a price that outruns your budget. Instead do not keep yourself from getting worthwhile development services just because it was priced a little higher. At last, all you need is a well-designed and developed mobile app that brings you growth and returns.   

Summing Up 

While you seek growth for your business and wish to strengthen its online presence, looking for the top mobile app development firms becomes important. Based on our extensive research, we hope the above article should help you find the best fit for your business. 

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How to Find the Best Printer for Your Needs




When you’re looking to buy new office equipment, one of the first choices you’ll make will be your printer. There are dozens of different brands and models out there, making it a little overwhelming to choose just one. The good news is that as long as you know what to look for, finding the best printer for your needs can be simple and easy. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can help you decide which one will work best in your business!

There are many kinds of printers

inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and continuous-feed, to name a few. The type of printer you choose will be determined by what it is you plan on printing: Posters? Invoices? Business cards? Even when choosing between two types of printers that specialize in similar output — like inkjets and lasers — there are still dozens of variables. What size and resolution do you need your prints to be? Do you need colour or black-and-white only? Does how quickly it can print matter (or do you just need it done when it needs to be done)? Once you’ve figured out what type of printer will work best for your business’s needs, take a look at Printers Giant reviews.

The advantages of laser printing

A laser printer uses a semiconductor laser, as opposed to an inkjet’s mechanical arm, to fire beams of light onto your paper and create images. The benefit of using a laser over an inkjet is that it can print at higher resolutions—and with sharper text. Today’s top-of-the-line printers can produce texts so small you can read them with a magnifying glass. Laser printers also do not require you to replace an entire cartridge when only one color runs out; instead, you only have to replace one toner cartridge when your supply begins running low on a particular color.

The advantages of inkjet printing

There are two basic types of printers: inkjet and laser. The most common type of printer is a general purpose inkjet printer. You’ll find that they’re usually inexpensive, quick and able to handle low-grade printing needs. If you need something that can print in color or handle more complex tasks like presentations, then a laser printer may be a better option for you. Keep in mind though that laser printers tend to be more expensive and not as fast as their inkjet counterparts. A lot of times if you go with an inkjet printer, you won’t have any issues using it in your day-to-day business life because they are so common place.

Choosing a printer based on your needs

When you buy a printer, it’s easy to get carried away with specifications and even easier to overlook your own needs. There are so many options out there that it can be difficult choosing just one. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite printers, including information on pricing, features and what they do best. We hope these reviews help you narrow down your search and find a great printer based on your needs.

Tips for choosing a good printer brand

When looking at printers, think about what’s important to you: speed, capacity, cost per page and so on. There are a lot of variables when it comes to buying a printer. The trick is figuring out which ones matter most to you and choosing a printer that meets your needs. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, do some research before jumping into a purchase. Look online at third-party reviews; they might help alleviate any concerns or questions you have about certain brands or products.

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Signs of Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor



Air Flow Sensor

Listed below are some bad mass Sensor Symptoms air flow sensor. If you notice your Air Fuel Rate is Too High or Too Low, your car may be suffering from a bad MAF sensor. Alternatively, your car may be experiencing jerky acceleration, and CODEP0101 may be displayed by your OBD-II scanner. In either case, you need to contact a mechanic right away.

Your Air Fuel Rate Is Too High

If you have noticed your air fuel rate is too high, the problem is probably the mass-air-flow sensor. Your vehicle’s MAF sensor is responsible for sending the right amount of air and fuel to the engine, and if it is not accurate, the car will run too rich or lean. Below are 5 common symptoms that indicate a bad mass air flow sensor. These symptoms may also be caused by other issues, but if they occur simultaneously, they’re a good indication that the mass air flow sensor is to blame.

The Check Engine Light: The check engine light will turn on if your MAF sensor is to blame for your high air fuel rate. This means that your vehicle’s mass sensor has failed. This code means that your vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired. It will come on if there is an issue with the air metering system or the throttle body. You can also replace the MAF sensor yourself if the problem persists.

Air Fuel Rate Is Too Low

If you’ve noticed that your car’s air-fuel ratio is too low, it might be time to take it to the mechanic. A bad mass air flow sensor can cause all sorts of problems, from trouble starting to poor fuel efficiency. Here are some symptoms to look for. If you notice hiccups and hesitation when you’re trying to accelerate, it’s most likely your mass air flow sensor.

If your MAF sensor is bad, you’ll notice a number of symptoms. Your car might not respond to acceleration properly, experience engine stalling, or hesitate when you’re accelerating. These symptoms can lead to serious injury or even accidents. You can’t diagnose a bad MAF sensor yourself, but a basic understanding of how the device works can help you narrow down the diagnosis.

If you’re having trouble with your vehicle’s fuel economy, re- calibrating MAF sensor might be the answer. In this article, we’ll cover the most important steps to calibrate your MAF sensor. But don’t worry if you don’t have a car with a MAF sensor – there are still ways to do this yourself. First, remove the MAF sensor if you don’t have one.

Your OBD-II Scanner Receives CODEP0101

When Your OBD-II Scanner Recognizes CODEP0101, your next step is to determine what caused the code. In some cases, you may need to look at the vehicle’s freeze-frame data to recreate the circumstances that led to the code being generated. For example, if you are experiencing idling problems, loss of power, reduced gas mileage, or black smoke coming from the tailpipe, it is likely the MAF sensor. If the cause of the P0101 code is a different component, you should contact a mechanic.

If you can’t identify the problem, it may be a simple air flow sensor. If the air flow sensor fails to function properly, the car won’t set the proper fuel-to-air ratio. Other problems associated with this sensor include rough idling, poor gas mileage, and a larger amount of pollutants. Unburned hydrocarbons (HC) are extremely harmful to the environment, and the carbon monoxide resulting from this sensor malfunction can result in a failed emissions inspection.

A Suddenly Jerks During Acceleration

When your car jerks during acceleration, you may be looking at a bad mass air flow sensor. This component controls how much air is injected into the engine, and a clogged mass air flow sensor can lead to bad acceleration and stalling. A bad MAF sensor may also cause issues with air fuel ratio and drivability. To find out if you have this problem, use an OBD-II scanner to diagnose the problem.

If you suspect a bad mass air flow sensor, check your vehicle’s engine’s management control unit (EMC) to find out if it’s faulty. The ECM will store fault codes for the sensor, so you’ll have to pull a diagnostic unit to retrieve them. To test the sensor yourself, hook up the wires to a voltmeter and measure the voltage. A reading of 2.5 volts or higher is normal.

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Most important components to anticipate in heat press appliances




I’m sure you have come across so many T-shirts, plates, mugs ceramics, and so many others with graphic designs that are appealing to the eye. This machine is used to transfer quality and colorful graphic designs for whatever business you are doing that involves graphic designs. It is also accompanied by so many attachments.

When you go shopping for one to use in your business you will realize they differ in value and durability.Take into consideration the following to be on the safe side.

Level of heat all through the platen

One vital aspect of a heat press machine 8 in 1 is an equal level of temperature. During transfers, errors can occur more frequently than anticipated this is caused by cold spots which are caused by inadequate heating elements used in making plates. Pick the ones that are modeled with the correct heating elements.

Precise heat

It must be correctly control the pressure. We all know that when the pressure is too high a lot of force is applied which might cause graphic adhesives to be pushed far away beyond the ends of the portraits. And when there are less heat adhesives are not usually activated this is very important during transfers.

 Level force

The only way to equal pressure is how the upper key is made. some of these cheap machines don’t have these aspects at all. Presses should have an adjustment knob that is coupled with floatation to avoid undesirable results.

 Warranty of the machine

Having a machine that has a lifetime guarantee on the heat platen is worth it. Quality ones have both a lifetime platen warranty and a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor with corrosion resistance anodize aluminum framework which makes it stronger.

Fits your workplace

Examine your workplace and consider your counter space to avoid any inconveniences that may arise after purchase.

Compatibility with the workload

If you are printing long production runs, you need a press that maintains consistent heat and accurate temperature. The choice of heat pressing is depended on heat recovery time which may either delay or fasten your work. Heating elements should be placed at least 2 inches apart to facilitate even heating. Machines with thin platens lose heat more quickly than those with thicker platens, thus reducing recovery time before the subsequent pressing. Quality presses are the best bet on recovery time, though expensive.

 Press size

Press’ size is influenced by the extent of transfers you intend to use. Sizes vary from 8.5’’×11’’ to 16”×20”. The selected option should be reliable, easy to transport and accommodate a wider user interface.


In any business, equipment is often considered dead capital. Heat press efficiency in production is dependent on quality and specifications. Heat Press Machine Price varies with the type of machine. For instance, smaller presses are cheaper than bigger ones with higher quality and redefined features.


In conclusion, the machine is cheap and quite affordable. And it’s highly recommended for business people if only it has the above components avoid going for cheaper products they always cost in one way or another. Go for quality ones. 

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Using a website heatmap




A heat map is a website visitor tracking tool for measuring and displaying statistics on clicks on your site, which evaluates the effectiveness of the resource and its individual parts. In simple terms, a heat map shows the activity of users on the page, and which parts of the resource are of more interest to visitors.

The promotion of a website or resource on the Internet requires a serious approach. Analytics and analysis play an important role in this process. To evaluate popular pages and parts of the site, there is a special heat map. This map is also called a click map because the data is displayed as areas that users click on.

Heatmap Features

There are many benefits to using and analyzing data with a heat map. The advantages of using such a mechanism include the following factors:

Thorough and comprehensive analysis of the activity of site visitors. You can easily see which pages and parts of the page people are interested in. The information is available in a simple and understandable way.

You can easily identify uninteresting content and remove it, make the resource in demand for users.

It is a good tool for analyzing the effectiveness of introducing new applications and page parts. The information provided is presented in an accessible and convenient way, so it is easy to understand the information received.

Considering these factors and advantages, we can safely say that this is an effective way to analyze users, their preferences, and interests. If you rationally use this information, you can do a better job of promoting the site.

How to apply data from the site heatmap?

People can use this data for different purposes. Most often, these are resource administrators and website promotion specialists. Thanks to the data received, you can quickly get rid of ineffective materials, articles, videos, images, and other information that is of the least interest to visitors. The heat map is also used by specialists in the promotion of online stores, blogs, and other resources that need popularity and demand among visitors.

How Heatmap works

The heatmap solution operates on the basis of information that it receives from web resources. First, it performs a statistical slice of the page, which, after loading using JavaScript, redirects to the Heatmap service. Based on the received data, a map of all site elements that users work with is formed. The service then collects data on visitor activity. As soon as a new user starts interacting with the site, information about this is entered into the created heat map.

When is the best time to use heat maps?

Heatmap technology is one of the main tools of the Internet and content marketers. It shows the greatest efficiency in the following cases:

Content marketing. With the help of a heat map, the optimal content size and winning positions for the placement of CTA buttons are determined.

A/B testing. Using a heat map, you can test and select different landing options, and determine the effectiveness of the location of site elements and CTA buttons.

Redesign. With the help of Heatmap services, you can track user behavior at each stage of the redesign. This allows you to evaluate its effectiveness compared to the previous version.

The information that heat maps provide is easier to digest than statistical data. By analyzing heat map data, you can learn how users interact with the site and take steps to improve usability.

But keep in mind that heat maps are more effective in combination with other analytics tools, otherwise the data will be limited and may provoke incorrect conclusions.

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TikTok Counter: How to find out everything about a TikTok user



There are several ways to get the exact number of followers in real time. In this case, we recommend Countik.

By entering a TikTok user’s username, you can see how many followers they have. The tool also provides additional information such as the number of likes, the accounts that the user follows, and the videos that the user has uploaded.

To put it another way, Countik is a very useful tool for getting to know every TikTok user in depth.

In this article, we will explain what the TikTok Counter is and how you can use it to learn everything you can about a TikTok user.

How to use the TikTok Counter

  1. Select the profile to be used: You do not need the profile URL for this followers counter tool, but rather the user’s username only.
  1. Go to the TikTok Counter Tool: Once you’ve decided on a profile, navigate to and enter the username.
  1. Verify the profile whose data you want to examine. If in doubt, look at the profile photo of the account to see which one you want to see.
  1. Allow time for the data to load. When you select a profile, it takes a few seconds for the platform to load all of the data, but then everything is ready. Once the data is loaded, you can examine all of the information provided by the tool: if you keep the page open, you can see how the various numbers change in real time.

How to compare two TikTok users?

You can also use the TikTok counter ( Countik ) to compare two TikTok users. This is useful if:

  • You need an influencer from this social network for a campaign and want to compare it to other options.
  • You want to compare your profile to a competitor’s.

To use the tool to compare two TikTok users, click the “Compare” button at the top of the screen.

The platform currently only allows for the comparison of two users. Enter the desired usernames in the two inputs on the page to change them.

It would look like this: 

How to get TikTok videos analytics?

This tool allows you to get the exact number of views a TikTok video has in real time; simply click “Video Views” at the top of the page to access the tool.

People usually use this tool to see if a video is doing well, to see what you can improve as a TikToker or as a marketer.

To use the tool, simply enter the video url or the shortened version, whichever you prefer, and click the search icon. Now wait for the page to load and you will see the views, likes, shares, and comments for the video update live.

It would look like this :

To conclude

Countik can be used in a PC, android and IOS all from a web browser, and now you understand how to analyze and compare TikTok users and videos. For videos just enter the video URL, and for comparing and getting TikTokers statistics It’s simple just enter your own username on the Countik website and have the counter provide you with account data.

More tools : 4 TikTok Counter Tools That Reports in RealTime

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