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Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners- Asan Cup

Asan Cup is a revolutionary new menstrual cup designed to provide a comfortable period. This is featured as the World’s Easiest Menstrual Cup for Beginners. Asan premium menstrual cup and cleanser is designed in Harvard Innovation Lab in the United States. It took Asan team two years of product development and four rounds of user testing to perfect the Asan cup’s unique design, which is protected by registered design rights in the US, UK, Europe and India.

The Asan cup has been tested by hundreds of women in the US, Europe and India, from all different income backgrounds. They universally describe it as the world’s best period product. We were able to answer all their questions on menstrual cup. In Kanakapura, Bangalore, Karnataka, where Asan has been running a pilot for 6 months, the cup has become known among women in the village as the “magical cup”.

Menstrual Cup

Key Features

Asan cup is a high-quality the best menstrual cup for a high cervix which is recommended by Gynecologists’ due to its safety, hygiene, design and material. Dr. Premalathais a UK-trained obstetrician and gynecologists’ explaining why Asan cups are better than any other cheap cups in the market.

Asan’s unique removal ring — an oval shaped loop made from super soft silicone makes it extremely easy to remove compared with other menstrual cups. You can easily hold the As an menstrual cup with ring with your finger, pinch the base of the cup and pull it out.

Asan cup is made from USP Class VI (medical grade) silicone and it is very gentle on skin. This is the same material used in medical devices such as breast implants and stents. They chose silicone because it is toxin free and hypoallergenic. Asan cup is proven to provide rash-free, odor-free and itch-free protection all day long. The Asan cup is the best menstrual cup in India and best menstrual cup for teenagers in UK. Thanks to its design and perfect vacuum seal, you can run, swim, sleep, participate in sports, gardening, travelling and what not!

Asan cup offers a 100% guaranteed leak free protection. Asan have designed the cup to have the perfect level of softness and firmness. The Asan heavy flow cup is specifically designed not to leak for users who change pads/tampons every 2-6 hours. You can use Asancup whether you have vaginismus or endometriosis.

It is made from slightly firmer silicone, which is designed to pop open easily and form a firm seal with the inner walls. Asan menstrual cup is way better than other silicone menstrual cups in terms of design, material and hygiene. This reusable menstrual cup can be used by women with heavy flow as well as for light flow. Asan promise you that you will not experience any pain while inserting menstrual cup, no discomfort or leakage when using the cup. You can learn different menstrual cup folds by visiting Asan website.

Asan have users aged 12 and above who are very happy using the Asan cup. Asan cup is completely safe for anyone with a period, of any age. You can choose the size of the menstrual cup depending on light flow or heavy flow.

Free Cotton Pouch and User Guide

Every Asan cup comes with a cotton cloth storage pouch, as well as a one-of-a-kind illustrated user guide. Asan worked with doctors and gynecologists to create a friendly and accessible user guide. We have specially designed Asan cup so that you will be able to insert easily and remove menstrual cup it in 5 seconds.

If you are looking at an eco-friendly menstrual cup for any cervix height, then the Asan cup is the right choice. Not only that, their donation model enables Asan to end period poverty by donating a menstrual cup to underprivileged women across India for each and every purchase. This is one of the reasons why Asan is best menstrual cup brand in India.

By switching to Asan cups, you will eventually prevent roughly 11,000 disposable products from entering our oceans in your lifetime. Asan’s aim for the next 10 years is to reach at least 5 million women and to avert 500 million tonnes of landfill waste. A small initiative towards Mother Earth 🌏.


Ira Guha, founder of Asan cup was awarded the Warner Fellowship by Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Programme as well as First Place at the King’s College Entrepreneurship Competition, University of Cambridge.

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