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Reading habits make the right man. If you have a kid and if you are willing to help your kid develop a steady as well as informed mind, you need to inculcate proper reading habits for the kid. When it comes to the context of harbouring the right reading habits, you can go for some kids magazines which should serve the purpose. In this context, if you feel that you are clueless, here are some suggestions to ease out the ordeal for you.

National Geographic Kids

As the name suggests, this kids version of National Geographic happens to be extremely popular with kids. The magazine gets published by none other than the National Geographic Society. The copyright is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Kinds who are above 6 would be able to get the real kick out of the magazine. The magazine is stuffed with action, adventure, games oriented themes, personality quizzes, topics on animals etc. In short, it is a mixed bag and your kid will surely love it.


The magazine is meant to produce a surefire fun quotient and amusement for kids belonging to the age groups of 9 to 12. Kids will get to read up and learn vital facts and facets related to the Civil War, Gold Rush, Colonial Williamsburg, Korean War etc. As a matter of fact, the magazine serves the purpose of a very helpful reading material which enlightens your kids on many important historical events in the history of mankind. 


The age level for this magazine should be between 6 and 9. The magazine can serve the purpose of taking your kids into a very crucial journey of knowledge gathering through purposeful reading. The beauty of this magazine is that it brings in an intriguing alley of topics that would amaze you for sure. Kids who are curious by nature, would surely find a great companion in this magazine.


It’s a highly popular magazine which is brought out by the Cricket Media to entertain as well as educate kids. Going through the pages of this high-octane magazine is no less than an escapade. The magazine hosts some of the best non-fiction stories which your kid would simply adore. Creativity is the top draw when it comes to Cricket.

Highlights for Children

The magazine falls into the category of a functional work. The magazine chiefly caters to the age level of 6 to 9. Your kids will be able to get a kick out of incessant works of fiction from this magazine.  Your kids are sure to find enough thrill out of each and every segment of the magazine because the publishers craft them so meticulously.

The findingYou can take a bet on the aforesaid magazines because they are indeed fuse with stuffs that would be good for your kids. These are not just good but they are indeed the great magazines which you have always wanted for your kids. If you are looking for some betterment in the thinking process of your kids, these magazines will be doing the job for you.

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