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Best Laptops For Students



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Nowadays studies are not just limited to textbooks. The smart era has not just provided smartphones in everybody’s hands but it has made a lot of stuff in our day to day lives much easier. The classrooms have turned into smart classes and the schools are trying their best to cope with the latest technology available. So this might not surprise you that every kid in present times uses smart gadgets for studying and laptops are one such tool that makes work of students a lot easier.  And we need not to mention how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of teaching and learning for kids. The online classes, assignments on cloud drives and online exams everything is online and buying the best laptops under 40000 has become the necessity for every household.

As a student, what are the important specifications that you should be looking in a laptop that is best for you and is also in budget?

Operating System

The very first thing to look is for the laptop’s OS. Now for operating system you should always confirm with your school or college if they have specific requirement. Usually, the schools prefer windows as there OS. But if there is no such requirement then you can opt for MAC OS or even Chrome OS which is quite trending among students lately. Macbooks are definitely on the expensive side so for a budget laptop a chromebook or Windows OS laptop should be your ideal choice.

Screen Size & Weight

The screen size matters a lot in deciding the price range of a laptop and its weight too. Usually the screen size of 13 to 14 inches works best for students as it is lighter in weight which makes it easy to carry wherever you wish. But if you know that you are not going to move a lot with your laptop then you can go for a screen size of 15 to 16 inches which contributes to its weight also. And also the screen resolution of 1980×1080 pixels is perfect for that clarity of the screen.

Processor & Memory

Processor is the brain of your laptop. It handles all the working of your laptop. For simple web surfing and light usage Intel Pentium/Celeron CPU would suffice your usage. We don’t recommend going for core i3 processor even if you get that laptop on huge discount. Next is the core i5 processor which offers the best of performance and price to its user. It is ideal purchase for students. Core i7 processors are the upgraded versions with better speed and performance. The AMD Ryzen is new in the market and matches the performance of i5 and i7 CPUs. Considering the RAM, a student should always purchase laptop with good RAM because it helps in multitasking. RAM size of 8 GB is ideal as it can handle multiple applications in a single time without crashing.

Storage & Battery Performance

Hard Drives (HDD) are an excellent choice but remember that they affect the performance of your laptop. Instead go for SDDs as they do not affect the performance and improves the speed of your laptops. Ideal choice is 256GB or 512 GB. Remember that battery size directly affects the weight of your laptop. If you wish to get a lightweight, easy to carry unit then you might have to compromise on the battery performance. Else, you can go for long lasting battery to avoid charging it again and again.

Connectivity & Ports

Ports and connectivity are not much to be thought of as all the standard laptops come with USB port 3.0 and HDMI port along with latest Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. You can just keep an eye on the specs where these features are mentioned.

Laptop Brands

The brand of a laptop plays a vital role in the after sales services. You may want to get some issues fixed or some updates to be done which make you reliable on the sales support. The most famous and loved brands among students are Lenovo, Dell, HP and Acer. These brands offer great features at great prices. There are some newbie like MI’s notebook and Chromebooks that are gaining a lot of attention. Chromebooks with Chrome OS are becoming favourites among students as they are very affordable and provide latest features too.

Ultimately, the choice lies in buyer’s hands. We have mentioned all the important factors that you need to keep in mind before investing in a premium laptop for yourself. Laptops are a great source of help in modern times but there is variety of options available in the market. So before getting that one ideal laptop, sit down and filter out the requirements that you want your laptop to fulfil for you and then invest in a model that suits best for you.For more tech blog please go Crazy4study.

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4 Tips to Boost the Mobile App Development Process




Nowadays, you can’t really ignore the immense popularity of smartphone use. According to some recently made survey, those who own smartphones, each day they spent almost five hours using it! Hence, it is easily understandable that engaging and easy-to-use Android apps not only can keep the consumers interested but if developed and designed correctly, they can successfully increase the business sales as well. Here is a list of 4 smart tips that would help you to come up with a business-driven Android application rapidly.

#1 Use Wireframes

Before initiating with the development process, it is advisable to create a few wireframes that would set up the idea clearly how the app layout would look along with how the users would navigate the app. It would definitely help the developers to understand the navigation gaps. Moreover, the designers would understand how to make the user-interface more optimised and user-engaging. Designing wireframes prior to the development process is a good practice as it diminishes the chances of risks in the development process.

#2 Employ Agile Methodology

The concept of MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is trending a lot in today’s market. In this process, initially, the developers devise a trial app keeping in mind the requirements and needs of the users with some basic features and functionalities incorporated into it. If the response is satisfactory, developers can work on integrating more features into it depending on the feedbacks using the Agile Methodology.

#3 Make it Simple

To engage and attract the users, being innovative is kind of necessary. However, while being innovative, it is advisable not to make navigation process so complicated that the users don’t understand anything and become confused. If this happens, they won’t give a second thought to uninstall your application. Hence, keeping the design of the user-interface simple is the key to success.

#4 Take Advantage of Outsourcing

If you find out that your development team is not being able to deliver what you want or the project development is not that much satisfactory, it is advisable not to hesitate to take the advantage of outsourcing the development process. For instance, suppose that your team has experience in devising Android app. Now, you want to devise a similar application for the iOS devices. What you can do is to leverage the outsourcing that would definitely help you to speed up the development process as you already have the app planning and designing in your hand. The outsourced company has to pay attention only to the core development process. This would save a lot of time.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, while getting involved in a mobile app development process, you can contemplate other aspects like quality checking, use of automation along with hybrid app development etc.

Getting Started the Development

If you have finalized to begin a mobile application development project, it’s better to hire professionals, who will organize and systemize the plan and assess the risk to be managed associated with the project. Not all mobile application development projects follow the single strategy. Different projects may be based on different plans and only serious developers know what plan works and what doesn’t. As soon as the strategy is finalized, the next step is to assess the compatibility of strategy with the business requirements.

Prepare a Technical Plan Too!

It’s good to see towards aesthetic and functionality related aspects of a plan, but never forget the things like technology, support and feasibility. Here, developers need to prepare a technical plan that provides the best support to theoretical design or plan. It is recommended that both plan-makers and developers should work in coordination to plan a mobile application. Technical plan also involves application performance, security issue, resource-availability, fault-tolerance, technology-stability, usability, scalability, back-end support, and functionality. Business level application is based on multiple-integration of technological aspects and in some cases, third party systems are involved as well. Only professional mobile apps developers deeply understand these things.

Understanding the Target Audience and Their Requirements

It’s like you go in future and see that is your application going to be successful and if not, then but are the issues of failure? Yes, developers with futuristic vision do map the audience too. By doing this, developers can explore the need of users, other apps for similar operations and pick the best features of other apps and bring them in the new application development. The other things are – development of wireframe and mock-up screen & interface and ask some users for their feedback. It will give a perfect idea before actual development.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development goes according to the platform you choose. There is separate development and testing environment for each platform such as Android application development requires Android SDK with eclipse IDE, iPhone apps development requires MacBook Pro with XCode IDE and BlackBerry requires BlackBerry JDE.

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Waterproof Computers Are Changing Various Industries



There was a time when water would render a computer useless. To save the data or the machine itself, you’d turn the computer upside down, leave it in a bag of rice, or use a hairdryer, often to no avail. But computer technology has made many advancements. In the last few decades, rugged, waterproof computers have allowed many industries to prosper.

While many companies sell water-resistant computers, only the best manufacturers offer waterproof computers. The difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof computer is that the former can handle a short accidental exposure to water but eventually degrades over time.

Meanwhile, a waterproof computer can perform optimally even with sustained exposure to water. The best way to check if a computer or device is to check its IP rating. Only a rugged PC with a high IP rating is waterproof.

Let’s look at some industries that benefit from waterproof technology:

1. Marine

The marine industry has grown more sophisticated and reliable with advancements in technology. No long do ships need old compasses, charts, sextants, and chronometers when they have waterproof computers that can handle everything from navigation to communications and management.

The marine computers from Small PC are especially popular because they’re rugged, sealed, waterproof and operate with no moving parts using asophisticated passive cooling solution. They can also be paired with marine Sunlight Readable LCD displays for outdoor operations. Here are some other features of these machines:

  • High-Performance Mobile CPU
  • High Contrast LCD Touch Screen
  • All-Weather Operation
  • Fanless and Shockproof
  • Intelligent Vehicle Power Supply
  • Waterproof Cables

They’re also highly customizable and can support dual hot-swap drives and expanded I/O, including POE, Serial and USB 3.0 ports. They can also be configured with Intel’s i3, i5 or i7 processors, depending on a client’s budget and needs.

2. Eateries

Eateries of all sizes, from small food trucks to large and famous restaurants, use waterproof computers to take and manage orders. A restaurant kitchen can undoubtedly get hot during peak hours, and accidents can happen. The last thing an establishment needs is to lose data or their computers because of the heat, steam, or spillages.

Many eateries pair their waterproof computers with equally waterproof keyboards and LCD monitors to keep their cooks, servers, and patrons happy.

3. Meat Processing

As you can imagine, the environment in a meat processing plant can be messy, even with staff following all the safety procedures. Here, rugged, waterproof computers come in handy, especially when exposed to blood, guts, and hot and cold temperatures.

Waterproof computers are also helpful while the factory floor is cleaned at the end of the day. The cleaning crew doesn’t have to worry about damaging computers when using high-pressure water sprays.

4. Healthcare

Computers are a critical tool in the health care industry, where they help enhance operations and maintain records. They’re also regularly exposed to moisture, especially in the age of the COVID-19, where they must be routinely disinfected. A waterproof PC helps health care practitioners concentrate on their work without worrying about breakdowns.

These are just four of the many industries that use require waterproof technology. Other industries include agriculture, poultry, dairy, military, and more.

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How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers? (2021)




Instagram is an exceptionally popular informal communication stage that is now utilized by a huge number of individuals in this world. We can say that from a typical individual to a big name everybody is utilizing Instagram to remain associated with the companions and their fan devotees. Be that as it may, in the event that you are new on the long-range interpersonal communication stage, at that point, it is truly critical to accomplish something for development, so you should buy Instagram followers cheap!.

The way toward or likes is simple and solid, so it will naturally permit individuals to develop their record to an ever-increasing extent. Clients simply need to do is giving some data like the username of the informal communication account (without a secret key) and afterward select the number of followers or like that is required on the benefit. When the installment is paid then results will convey naturally.

Why it is important to have Instagram followers?
Followers on the Instagram profile assume an extremely critical job since they most like our posts on a consistent schedule. It would be truly best to have more than 10k devotees on the record since they can permit you to procure an enormous measure of cash on a consistent schedule. Numerous Instagram clients have followers in millions, so they generally do advancements and afterward take cash for this world that is absolutely certified and a decent wellspring of livelihoods. It is just conceivable because of their followers and extraordinary results.
Definitely, this, buy Instagram followers cheap! is an inexorably repeating activity, for the most part since it permits improving the degree of situating of an Instagram profile a lot quicker than it would need to achieve those comparable results genuinely. Or on the other hand, utilizing other promoting and publicizing procedures.

Instagram likes!

In the event that you have recently posted any substance like video or picture on your profile you actually didn’t get great experiences then it is truly critical to look for consideration of the individuals by picking the choice of purchasing the preferences on the web. You simply need to burn through cash on Instagram likes for your record. It might take a couple of seconds to submit the request of the preferences for your profile.

Subsequently, you will locate that ideal measure of preferences on the post that you have just transferred on the profile. In the event that your record is kept up well and impeccably refreshed, at that point you may likewise get the devotees alongside the preferences that are totally advantageous for you and the fate of your record. As it is a certifiable cycle, so there is no sort of BOT has been utilized to get the preferences.

Instagram Auto see!

You can undoubtedly get the Instagram Auto to see that is totally valuable and dependable for the clients. Presently you simply need to initially talk with the specialists before requesting the Instagram auto see that will look at the narratives that you transfer on a regular schedule naturally. It will assist you with boosting your Instagram knowledge on an everyday schedule and your page or record will develop on this stage.

No Fraud!

There is no sort of misrepresentation that you may look at due to Instagram followers, remarks, likes, and numerous different things that you will confront. Hence, prepare to take its incredible advantages today for a better future.

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Low Power Graphic Cards: best for a competitive gamer or a streamer



People who are fond of playing games and good streamers always need the best low power graphic cards as both spend many hours on their PC and that is the more use of power activity. 

More use of electricity outputs the more bills. Because the PC consumes more electricity during gaming or streaming. So, it is necessary to have the best low-power graphic cards on the PC that reduces your electricity usage. Both people need more strong performance with more effective usage so that their bill doesn’t come more enough. Many low-power graphic cards don’t use any external power. These low-power graphic cards don’t need any attachment with your PSU to perform. 

Their performance is effective and consumes the power slowly from the motherboard. With having these graphic cards, you can play different games such as CyberPunk 2077, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and GTA 5, and many more at a very low cost. Streaming and gaming require more time and high performance with best-quality features.

You can buy one from many best low power graphic card such as ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1650, MSI GeForce GTX 1650, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, ASUS Radeon RX 460 4GB, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, Biostar Radeon RX 550, Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, MSI Radeon RX 550 AERO and many more. 

Let’s discuss one from them for your satisfaction. 

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1650 has the maximum number of cores which are in little size graphic cards. It makes it the top product on the list of graphic cards. It has no external power and has 75watts of electricity usage. It offers 60fps on different games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p resolution. If you want to review these graphic cards, try them on this game because it is designed optimized and needs more heavy hardware in terms of high graphics.  

Graphic cards with GTX 1650 are optimized to use less space and delivers more results. If you have used the Graphic card with 1665 MHz, you might be aware of its performance. It has the chip that makes the better speed of the clock. There is a limitation of memory clock speed for the PCIe 3.0 but if you use it, you will get the best low power graphic card that is in your reach for PC to play heavy games. 

The GPU has 160mm in length can be very simple to use and it runs the game very smoothly. The conditions for PSU are not more than enough. It requires 300watt power to charge this through the motherboard. You can use this for your online gaming sessions such as Dota 2, CS: GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, and many more. 

We have discussed only one graphic card for the review. There are more Graphic cards to discuss. Always look for the graphic card by keeping these elements in mind graphic cards power consumption, PCI express, Cores, Core frequency, and Memory size.

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Best Choices for the Right Accounting Software for your Business



accounting software

If you are looking for more complete support for all areas of your company, it is worthwhile to roll up your sleeves and study what the market offers. Many of the offers are expensive, but in return they ensure process optimization by speeding up operations and consequently saving time. Despite the possibility of a considerable initial investment, therefore, the success of your business will benefit. The practicality of accounting software consists is that they are usually sold in two different packages: a basic one, generally free, and a premium one with more functions, for a fee. The second type of package is modular, which means that it can be composed according to your business needs.

Basic Package or Scalable Package

This division gives companies a lot of space and allows them to create a completely tailor-made management solution. If the company is small, a basic version will suffice; in this case the great advantage is that it will be able to resort to open source management software. While if the company is large, it will be able to take advantage of the modularity of a premium package, paying only for the functions it needs. The necessary functions must be carefully considered, since a complete package is not necessarily needed: on the contrary, in some cases you risk paying dearly for a version with functions that you don’t even need.

With these criteria at hand, all that remains is to proceed with the search. There is countless accounting management tools on the market, each with specific functions designed to meet various business needs. Below we present the best ones, starting from the most advanced range.

Choose Good Warehouse Management Software

Good warehouse management software must start with an excellent classification and management of items, based on their individual attributes, and then understands the management of barcodes, bills of materials, order preparation and shipments.

Micro Enterprise Structure

For micro enterprises there are elementary applications, which ensure minimum activities: generally they are limited to inventory management, loading and unloading of goods and inventory management. This software can then be integrated with sector management procedures, such as those for shops, which require specific software packages to manage activities.

Complex Business Structure

In slightly more complex business situations, the warehouse management program must guarantee a more articulated management and, above all, must integrate with the other processes. For example, it must guarantee the management of stocks, inventories and reorders, must be able to use the reading of bar codes, must manage the bill of materials, production and so on. For some companies it is necessary to request a customization of this software management.

Analytical Accounting

As for the more specific functions, for example, about orders and management control to manage analytical accounting through cost centers and orders, in addition to project profitability. Furthermore, the programs make it possible to manage maintenance contracts and all scheduled interventions, as well as to create reports on sales and purchase data and so on.

These are therefore programs that have become indispensable over time and which are becoming increasingly useful for any type of company. On the other hand, digitization is a process that has been underway for some time and the various entrepreneurial realities cannot help but adapt and exploit all the potential that the world of technology offers. As already mentioned above, the inventory management software must be equipped with functionalities depending on the managerial and strategic characteristics of the company concerned.

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