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Best IT certification of 2020

If your quest led to us out of curiosity to know which IT certification is best to invest? Then you are in the right place. We have provided the best IT certification as per the domains. You will find that the certifications we have mentioned are the greatest salary grabber certifications in their domains. For your continence, we have broken down the data for better comprehension and clarity.

The first domain in our list is Cloud computing. Cloud computing is not even two decades old. But this domain is the highest-paid domain in the whole IT discipline. We have listed the best certification pathways to choose from if you are interested in the cloud domain.

  1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect or GCP

This is a great certification of the cloud domain that claims to award a salary equal to $175000! This is the highest salary recorded for any of the domains. With this certification, you closely work with the Google cloud architecture leveraging dynamic and secure cloud environments.

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

This is an advanced level certification that validates the practitioner’s ability to meticulously design an interactive infrastructure. And consolidate every business function and its employee under the same dashboard. As AWS is the most hired cloud platform, with this certification, you can never face a downtime while switching a job. AWS has millions of customers globally who rely on its web services. This certification further has a professional level. But this certification alone can help you draw a median of $140000!


This is the most important domain in IT for maintenance and solidarity against cyber threats like Trojan attacks, zero downtime, et cetera. This domain is the second most trending domain in IT due to its malleability into other operations and the protection of intellectual assets.

  1. CISSP 

Out of the entirecybersecurity certification program, CISSP certification stands tall in the crowd. This certification can draw you $135000 salary per month, besides landing you in managerial roles in cybersecurity. This certification is a gateway for you to carry out roles such as CIO, Security managers, IAM manager, et cetera.

This certification is the most difficult examination in the world. Making it a tough commitment led choice for the practitioner. To date, from its inception, the pass rate remains the same, i.e., 20%. With changes made in it like the reduction of 10 domains to 8, reduction of question items to 150 from 250, and exam duration of 3 hours from tough 6 hours! The situation persists the same.

  1. CISM

It is one of the popular managerial cybersecurity certifications. That helps you build teams, work on IS governance, risk management, incident management, and security program development. This certification has the prowess to help you draw $125000 salary per annum.

  1. CRISC

This certification is proof of your specialization in risk management in IT infrastructure. This certification can earn you $120000 per annum.

  1. CGEIT

This certification by ISACA is at the cadence in its popularity these days. This certification can develop the design, implementation, and management of the IT governance mindset.

  1. CSX-P

This practitioner level certification validates your cybersecurity skills and testifies your worth in protecting the virtual assets and its environment.

  1. CDPSE

With this certification, you are a cyber-law abiding engineer. This certification plays a crucial role in SDLC, network engineering, and database management.

Project management 

This is the domain that has included every other domain of IT into the creation of values stream. This domain sits at the $7 trillion marks and is expected to reach $20.2 trillion by 2027, with so much popularity in creative roles through this domain. You can find different roles and certification, taking into action.

  1. PMI-PMP

Of all the PM certification, PMP is the most preferred certification in PM. You can earn a salary of more than $135000 through a PMP certification.

  1. PRINCE2 Practitioner

This PRINCE2 certification has about 1 million practitioners in its community who work around the globe. This certification gives a tough competition to PMP, IPMA, and CSM.

  1. CSM 

It validates your knowledge in the Scrum framework and is a great certification for technical project managers, project leads, and scrum master roles. Do not expect a salary of less than $120000 with this certification.

Network engineering 

Today network engineering is no more an old domain. This domain is inculcating automation and programmability in its principles. Below are some of the best network engineering certifications.


  1. CCNA

It stands for Cisco Certified Network associate is a gold standard certification in network engineering. This certification can help you earn more than $115000 salary per annum in network engineering roles.

  1. Juniper JNCIS-ENT

This certification is an entry-level certification but gives tough tussle to Cisco credentials. This certification can help you draw a salary of $100000 per annum.

IT technicians, field service and help desk certifications

The certifications that we have included here are entry-level certifications that can help the professionals to carry out entry-level IT roles efficiently.

  1. CompTIA A+ 

It is a big name in the industry for its lenient approach towards understanding the needs of poor candidates and provides scholarships also to leverage your preparation. CompTIA is a DOD accredited credentialing association. This certification is a buzz among the IT entrants. This certification can help you build your IT dream without a hefty Master’s or bachelor’s degree in IT or CS.

  1. MTA 

Or Microsoft Technology Associate is an initiative by Microsoft for industry entrants and career transitionary. This certification is great for help desk assistant roles, field services, and junior IT auditor roles.