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India is widely known for its quality of education throughout the world. Lately, India has also shown great development in the field of science and research and also space exploration.

Indian history is filled with Vedic science and mathematical knowledge that people pursue even today.

Some of the most prestigious institutes in the whole world for higher education in science are situated in India. One example is various IITs. Even though it is very difficult to make the cut for admission into any IIT college in India, many people still try their luck.

Nowadays, there are various JEE Mains mock tests available for the students to practice and improve their knowledge. Apart from science and technology, India also has some very prestigious colleges for studies in the field of arts or commerce.

Following are some well-known colleges in India that offer quality education. Indian education is also inexpensive and affordable as compared to higher education in foreign countries. Most Indian students coming from different economic backgrounds can easily afford to study in a good Indian college.


One of the oldest and well-established universities in India, many colleges hold the topmost ranks for their curriculum and teaching in various subjects. There are many colleges that are affiliated with the University of Delhi and all of them are situated around the city.

Specific areas in Delhi have more than a few colleges situated nearby. These are the North campus and the South campus. Some of the best colleges like St. Stephens and Sri Venkateswara college are a part of the North and the South campus respectively.

Some of the best-known colleges of Delhi University also include Hansraj College, Miranda House, Kirorimal College, and Lady Sri Ram College. Delhi University offers a wide variety of bachelor’s and master’s courses in the fields of arts, science as well as commerce.

People can also opt for doctoral studies under any teachers or guides, all of whom are very educated in their respective fields.

To get into Delhi University, one must score very good marks in their board exams. For admissions in masters, there is a reservation for the students who have completed their bachelors from any college of Delhi University and the rest can appear for the entrance exam.

  • IIT

The Indian Institute of Technology is world-famous for its scientific teaching. This institute specializes in the fields of engineering as well as some masters courses in the fundamental sciences like chemistry and physics, and also mathematics.

IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur are some of the best ones out of the others in the country. Other good colleges include IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Roorkee.

Being one of the best colleges in terms of education, getting into one for a bachelor’s or master’s is actually very difficult. Only the best students make it into this institute. Students generally prepare for IIT entrance exams along with their last years of school.

These days, many coaching institutes offer good education and prepare the students for acing the JEE entrance exam. Students can also opt for JEE Mains mock tests frequently or distance learning methods to prepare for IIT exams.

Various teachers also offer online videos for the students to prepare and JEE Mains online mock tests are also available for the students to test their knowledge online.

  • TIFR

TIFR is another prestigious institute for fundamental science and research. It stands for Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and offers various integrated and master’s courses in fundamental sciences and mathematics. It is also a good place to do doctoral or postdoctoral studies.

TIFR is situated in Mumbai and another branch of it is in Pune called NCRA that stands for National Centre for Radio Astrophysics. This institute specializes in studies and research in the field of Radio Astronomy.

NCRA is a world-famous institute that works in the field of Radio Astronomy and also houses the famous giant metrewave radio telescope or GMRT. This telescope is a large collection of various telescopes that collectively work in the studies and research of radio astronomy.

Radio telescopes gather and study the electromagnetic waves in the radio wave spectrum of radiation, giving us more information about the Universe.

TIFR holds one of the most difficult exams for the selection of students. Whether one is opting for a bachelor’s, integrated, or a master’s course in TIFR, one has to appear and score well in the entrance exam of TIFR. Only after one crosses the cutoff can one get admission in this prestigious Indian institute of fundamental sciences.

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