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The bosses… How complicated is our relationship with them! Whether we get along with them, it isn’t easy to maintain a normal relationship. Think for a moment, if you get on badly with your boss. In the end, you have to work with him every day and – like it or not – he is your superior, and your work is going to depend on him to some extent (or completely).

On the other hand, if we get along well, we may work in a comfortable environment that we never want to change, but we must bear in mind that he continues to be our boss, and we must always be clear about our relationship with them.

That’sThat’shy Artpix3D prepared the next gift ideas for your boss at Christmas!

A Good Bottle of Wine

It is usually one of the most helpful details at Christmas and, without a doubt, a sure hit (even if the person does not drink any alcohol). You know why? These times are days when you get together with family and friends and, although you don’t usually drink, you do have guests who do, so you feel like you have to have a drink at home. When somebody gives you a good bottle of wine, either to share or to appreciate yourself in the solitude of your home is perfect!

A 3D Crystal Photo

It is possible to make something unique because we want four of our boss and save money. One of the best ways to engrave your boss’s office life is to order personalized crystals online. 

Artpix3D blog may provide you with tons of useful ideas on how to transfer your love story into a crystal online. For example, a brilliant way to figure out how to give presents during quarantine and remote work. It will provide you with some fresh ideas. You can choose from variable crystal types and find the best one for your boss.

A Drink Pack with Glass

If your boss is a fan of the after-meal drink and the bottle of wine seems to be very visible, you can go for something “s “longer.” How about a gin or rum? At this time, some many offers or packs include the bottle with glasses or funny mixtures.

A Selection of Delicatessen

In this sense, the little and sound is better than the much and regular. If we will have a gourmet detail with our boss that is something vibrant and delicate or if we do not, we may touch the line of the shabby. A gastronomic component is the perfect balance between the Christmas detail and looking good, without doing too much of the ball. And the good thing about it is that everyone usually likes it.

If They Smoke, then…

If your boss smokes, you can use a tobacco accessory to prepare a Christmas gift. Maybe an engraved lighter or if you want to give it a hooligan point because there is confidence, a funny but good lighter.

A Good Book Never Fails

Books are the ideal gifts because no matter what type of person we are going to give, we will always find a perfect book for him or her! Self-help, history, comic, crime novels … You can also go a little further and – if you know that he likes to read and does not care about anything else – give him an ebook.

Something to Decorate the Office

An elegant detail in which you can spend what you want because there are budgets for all tastes. Maybe some leather to jot down notes or a kit of different stationery accessories: paper clips, post-its, pens… You can also provide a coffee maker if you don’t already have one. If you want to be inspired in this sense, there are many stores where you can get ideas.

Time to Give Him Something Functional

We will give you a practical example: your team leader gets up five times a day to drink water because he doesn’t have a bottle. Well, now there are thousands of adorable bottles of different capacities to have in the office. So it can be a nice touch. What if you see from now on what may be missing to get the gift right?

A Good Pen

Even if we have different pens to work with, it never hurts to take a good one to sign in important meetings. If this is not the case with your boss, it is also usually an excellent gift to give at Christmas.

What does Your Boss Always Wear?

We may not imagine a boss with a tie and a boss with a scarf, for example, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our bosses don’t have to wear suits, but they will repeat some patterns that we can look at. Does he usually wear a shirt? What accessories does he use? Giving him something else to have variety in that work journal will be a success.

What you Should NEVER Give Your Boss for Christmas

Just as we can give you ideas to inspire you when it comes to gifting your boss, there is also a list of prohibited items that you should never give away or consider. Among them:


As much trust as there is, keep in mind that he is your boss, and respect must be present. Skip everything that has to do with intimacy and underwear. It is not that you do not know in which direction the gift is going but that he or she does not take it in the same way.

Lotions, Creams, Colognes …

This is best left to your family or wife/husband. It is something quite personal (you should know their tastes very, very well) and, also, you do not want them to take it as a hint that they have wrinkles or smell bad, right?

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