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For many small businesses, the past couple of years have been a time of turmoil. Some businesses did not survive the pandemic, while conversely, others sprang directly from its influence. The forced remote viewing element that drove office-based staff to work from home was in fact an eye-opener for a lot of businesses and individuals. It proved that productivity could be achieved to high standards, and also inspired many individuals to set up their own business, operating entirely online. 

Roles such as tutors, personal trainers, counsellors, and even accountants and legal services can all be performed digitally. For some people seeking these services the online option is a much more convenient one than having to travel to a physical office. Then there is online retail, which is simply booming. 

Why are we talking about video conferencing and screen sharing? These two solutions – which are usually packaged together – are an essential element of many businesses that operate online and make life a lot easier for the professional and their customers. Let’s look more closely at what screen sharing is, and why it is a vital part of your small business’s suite of tools. 

What is Screen Sharing?

Being able to make a video call with screen sharing takes the online conference or meeting to another level. Imagine you are tutoring a class in any given subject, and you have a page you want to share with them. Rather than sending it by email, a screen sharing app or software enables you to share in real time what is on your phone, your tablet, or laptop. All the class – or an individual – can see what you are looking at when you enable it.

This sort of function is also great for when you hold meetings online. This is the 21st century, and we are rapidly coming to understand that the traditional methods of running a business are no longer necessary or relevant. The pandemic and its many influences has taught us that, in fact, the town or city bricks and mortar office may in fact be superfluous, an expensive and unnecessary indulgence. 

Many video calling packages – even free ones – include screen sharing as a function, and the example we have linked to above – – is a typical one that should give you a good idea of what is available, and why you might need it. 

Why is Video Conferencing Vital?

Video conferencing is very much in vogue. During the recent crisis, the conferencing package Zoom underwent unprecedented demand. It also led to many developers designing and implementing their own examples, some with added features and all of great interest to the small business owner.

Video is a great way of building trust between clients and businesses; it is, after all, always good to put a face to the name. Being able to host a call or a conference with many people at once is an added bonus, and many small online businesses use this method every day to keep in touch with clients.

During the pandemic, many markets were disrupted. Gyms, for example, could not open. This led to people installing home gym equipment, yet they still wanted the benefit of a persona trainer. Many trainers who switched to online training during this period have remained, offering either a choice of online or in-person training, or just the former. The same is true of counsellors, tutors, and all businesses that hold one-on-one or class training and teaching sessions. 

Are there Really Free Deals?

The package we have linked to above does offer a free option. You will find in general that the free versions of these packages are limited in the numbers of people who can be included in a call. This is no problem if your business involves only individual training, tutoring, or other service, so it’s worth checking them out further. If you want added features, you will find the cost is very little for the benefits you gain from having such a system in place. 

Check out video conferencing and screen sharing apps and software now and bring your small business into the 21st century. We hope we’ve helped you understand the benefits of these clever and useful tools. 

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