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Britain or the United Kingdom is one of the most lovely places to live. The people are nice, the landscapes are beautiful and the buildings are just gorgeous. In this land of ultimate marvels, a new thing has just arrived. The simulated physical escape rooms which have made some roar in the US and other countries are growing in the UK too. And London is leading to finding such places.

What are the escape rooms?

In the era of smartphones and computers, gaming of this generation has sprung up mainly in these digital media outlets.

However one must admit the popularity of digital scape games, and the game is so nice. But today we are going to discuss the escape room games not that see available at the Appstore. But of the real-world escape room centers which gives a much more vivid experience and is attracting huge crowds globally. An escape room is a puzzle-adventure type of game played in real rooms with real players. Usually, the players are provided a few clues, some helping material, and a backstory about the room to get them started. The rules for all escape rooms are the same whether you are in the USA or visiting escape rooms in England. A typical room requires 2-6 players with at least one adult. The players are allotted a limited time of 60 to 90 minutes to solve all the puzzles and open the exit door.

In this article, we are going to learn more about the game, and its prospects in the country. We are also going to make an overview of the finest of such escape rooms, like the escape room london, or the leamington spa escape room.

Fox In a Box London

The most sensational form of such room escape games is where you have to exit from the room full of the challenges in an artificial format can be found in London, at the heart of Great Britain. The Fox In a Box London, or popularly known as the escape room london, is a great place that can be found in London, UK.


 These kinds of aspects in the real world is really an incredible thing for the community of people. People are becoming busy and are reaping several types of stress, anxiety, and depression-related problems. They are getting at it really hard to find someplace in their spare time to go and enjoy with their friends and family to have some good fun.

Well, for them it is of course great news to learn about the existence of such places in the UK. The Fox in a Box London offers a lot of interesting stuff to do for the players who are coming here and building up a quality time of teamwork. The place has different kinds of escape simulations like a bank, a prison, or a quest adventure.


The area is also decently big. It can host about 35 people at one time, just like the one in Chicago. And it is a matter of pride for the company as more and more clients are getting engaged with the fun they are offering. In a room, about 3-6 members can fit easily and play. It implies that you do not need to worry too much about bringing your close ones and spend a great time.

Leamington Spa Escape Room

Another great escape room can be found in the UK, located not far away from London. It’s the Leamington Spa Escape Room situated near Coventry.


Such escape rooms have formed up in the heart of the country as well. The leamington Spa Escape Room is another place of marvel for those who want to visit the UK and experience these things. The area is full and surprises for you. The place has been open now for about 2 years, and the place attracts a sizeable number of people.


The Leamington Spa Escape Room is a great path to spending some adventurous time. It comes with various modes of playing as well. Especially the Diamond Duel which takes place over there is really quite a talk of the place. And this escape room is one of the nicest stuff that could have developed near Coventry for quality family or friends time.

The atmosphere, the buzz, and the use of highly specialized technologies to create the digital imprints have made the escape room one of the most promising in the UK.


Escape rooms are attaining huge popularity across the planet, and the UK is no exception. If you are one of those who want to have such a wonderful fun event, do pay a visit with your loved ones.

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