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Direct Cremation Service: 10 Reasons Why It Will Save You Thousands

Direct Cremation is growing in popularity in the UK and now accounts for 1 in 14 funerals. Direct Cremation by Harbour is the top-rated direct cremation service and offers the cheapest cremation in England and Wales with prices starting at just £895. Compared to a traditional funeral, this can mean a saving over £3000 and a lot less stress and worry. 

Direct cremation is also known as unattended cremation, no funeral just cremation, and direct funerals. Your loved one is taken directly to a regional crematorium, the cremation then happens privately and respectfully without any formal service held beforehand. 

 After the cremation

After the cremation has taken place you have a number of options. We can scatter the ashes in our gardens of remembrance free of charge. Alternatively we can deliver the ashes to you in a tasteful urn with engraved nameplate for an additional fee. We also have a number of different partners so you can choose a unique urn, create jewellery from part of your loved one’s ashes, incorporate the ashes into memorial fireworks, or even send the ashes to space. 

 Memorial service

Many people choose to hold a memorial service once they receive their loved one’s ashes. This can be as formal as you like, but many choose to gather with friends and family to scatter the ashes in a favourite location and then go to a restaurant or pub to celebrate the person’s life. 

Direct Cremation by Harbour is able to offer a high quality service at a low price while still offering high levels of service and respect. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions by email at help@harbourfunerals or over the phone on 0800 133 7961.

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