Best Dentists around the world

Best Dentists around the world

Dentistry is among the highest-paid jobs all around the world. It is thriving in some areas and not in others. In some underdeveloped countries, dentistry is going through hard times due to the abrupt inflow of more and more dentists in cities. But if we talk about the international level of this occupation, we may say that it is among the top five highest-paying jobs. Experienced and skilled dentists are making more money by charging high fees.

Countries having highest-paid dentists:

We can say that a specialist of any skill is more worthy than a jack of all trades. So, according to this rule, dentists are earning high because of their great skills and proficiency.

Here are the countries having the most highly paid dentists:-


The yearly salary of dentists working in Norway is about 175,000 dollars to 180,000 dollars. They are charging a high fee of kr750 per hour. They were also rewarded with a yearly bonus of around kr55,000.

United States

Dentists all around the US are considered as highly paid dentists with an average annual salary of $170,000. It generally begins from $ 65,000 and can even reach up to $250,000. States with highly paid dentists in the US include Delaware, North Carolina, Alaska, and Dakota.


Ireland dentists are among the top paid dentists around the world. Research shows that the dentist in lead had an annual revenue or profit of €137,000 in their running the business. The dentists without having any ownership are making about €112,000 per annum. And those working in private sectors or having their private clinics are earning much more than that of others through various schemes and strategies.

Hong Kong

The dentists from Hong kong are Highly trained and skilled. If you’re living in China and need Dental implants, you must visit the best dentists in Hong Kong. The dentists from Hong Kong are famous for their skills and experience in China and worldwide. A person working as a Dentist in Hong Kong typically earns around 80,500 HKD per month. Salaries range from 39,500 HKD (lowest) to 126,000 HKD (highest).


Dentists of Switzerland are the most talented and highly experienced. Therefore earning a good income of about 125,000 to 130,000 dollars. Most of the dentists just have their initiative at 76,000 dollars. They are famous for their high fees along with determination towards their work.


Dentists around France are also considered the best dentists in the world. They get a standard salary of €100,000 to €103,000. They are highly professional and never compromise over the quality of their work.


Dentists of the Netherland are generating a handsome revenue of €100,000 every year. They are the most skilled and competent dentist with a pro knowledge of using modern equipment and advanced methods were recently introduced in dentistry. All the dentists are first registered in the BIG register before they start working. They also have to take the AKV test and have to make sure to pass it.

United Kingdom (UK)

After completing graduation, dentists have to complete a yearly training by the foundation and then they can earn a salary of about £32,000 while working in NHS. A dentist working in NHS earns a great income of £40,000 to £85,000.

Most dentists are working as self-employed contractors in the UK. They easily make up to £110,000.


The average salary of a dentist in Australia varies from $130,000 – $145,000. Inexperienced doctors get a starting salary of $70,000 per year. Bupa is among the biggest companies that hire the best dentists around the country. It has about 200 dental clinics in Australia. National Dental Care comes after Bupa with 59 clinics.

Most rich dentist in the world

Dr. Herman Ostrow is considered to be the most wealthy dentist in the whole world. He was born in East Los Angeles and graduated from James A. Garfield High School. He is a highly experienced dentist with 17 years of ultimate practice. He says that he is proud to be serving the world as a dentist.

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