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Best cordless drills of 2021

You can use cordless drills for performing various tasks. It can help you in from putting your furniture together to hanging a picture. The best thing about these cordless drills is that they run on a lithium-ion battery. Thus, they are more portable when compared to corded drills. In this article, we are going to talk about the best cordless drills that are available in the market. 

This cordless drill comes with a 24-position clutch. It can hold a charge for more the one year. You can use this cordless drill for doing various tasks. It comes with over 30 different accessories which you can use for performing your tasks. These accessories include screwdriver drill bits, brad point drill bits, and nut drivers. Thus, you don’t need to worry about buying these accessories separately. It is less powerful when compared to other heavy-duty cordless drills. However, it is perfect for your home. 

This drill is about 6.3 inches and it can squeeze into even very small spaces. The best thing about this cordless drill is that it is very lightweight. Thus, it is perfect for working underneath countertops and dark corners. It comes with two different speed settings and can deliver a power of a maximum of 20 volts. 

Bosch drill comes with two different speed settings. It is perfect for your home projects. Bosch PS31 can offer a power of 12 volts. It is less powerful when compared to some other drills. However, it is perfect for simple projects. It is also cheaper when compared to other drills. If you have some mobility issues, then this is the perfect drill for you. You can easily use it. It won’t cause extra strain on your joints, wrists, and hands. 

This drill can provide you up to 21-newton meters of torque and 700 RPM. It is the cheapest drill on this list. However, the quality of this drill is very good. You will also get 28 accessories with this drill. These accessories will include nut drivers and twist drill bits. You can use it for doing small household projects. 

This drill is perfect for drilling and driving. It features two different speed settings for the users. This drill can offer you 1350 RPMs which is enough to do most of the task. It comes with 3 different brush heads and multiple drill bits. You can use brush heads to remove dirt from things like walls, floors, and hubcaps. However, it won’t damage your appliances, surfaces, and car. 

This is a very lightweight drill that will help you in maneuvering in tight corners. It will help you in reaching difficult angles also. This is probably the most portable drill available in the market. It is perfect for home projects. If you want to do heavy-duty tasks, then you should look for more powerful drills. 


These are the best cordless drills available in the market. You can buy them for doing your household projects. Some of these cordless drills will also help you in doing commercial projects. 

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