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Best College Student Laptops to Choose in 2020



Student Laptops

If you are a college student, then laptops are as essential for you as textbooks for remote learning or for completing your assignments on time. But with the availability of so many choices, it might become difficult for you to choose the best model.

When you are looking for the best college student laptops, make sure that affordability is not the only thing that you should focus upon. Choose the one that has faster CPU performance and longer battery life. Also, your laptop must have plentiful local storage space so that you can seamlessly run several web applications on it.

To ease your task, take a look at our recommendations for the best college student laptops that perfectly suits your requirements:

  1. Asus VivoBook S15 (S533)

What makes this VivoBook S15 stand out from the rest is its textured metal chassis designed with diamond-cut edges. Its thin bezel NanoEdge display will offer you an immersive viewing experience. Overall, this is an excellent value for price product.

Pros: Seems stylish and available in multiple color options. Comes with features like a microSD slot, fingerprint reader and has long battery life. Its features are responsible for delivering succinct performance.

Cons: Comes with a single component configuration.

  1. Apple MacBook Air [2020]

If you are a macOS fan and searching for the best college student laptops, then you must primarily look for this Apple MacBook Air 2020 as it comes with a comparatively lower price and redesigned keyboard. This model features a stunning 13.3-inch retina display embedded with True Tone technology.

Pros: It comes with a backlit Magic keyboard and Touches ID, fast SSD storage, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, and stereo speakers with wider stereo sound. It also features the Tenth-generation Intel Core i3 processor. This lightweight device is available in multiple color options.

Cons: No touch screen, no support for WiFi 6, limited port selection.

  1. Dell Inspiron 14 7000 (7490)

Being made up of a thin and light magnesium alloy enclosure; this product is our top pick in terms of ultraportable. This model is an enviable blend of screen size, portability, and performance. Dell Inspiron 14 features the latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors.

Pros: This 14-inch laptop comes with 13-inch chassis and extended battery life. It also features the new 802.11 A wireless protocol, better known as WiFi 6. Its CPU being equipped with Intel ‘Comet Lake’ is efficient and powerful.

Cons: Its touchpad is a bit noisy. The display screen could have been better.

  1. HP Envy xx360 13 [2020]

Looking for a laptop for writing my paper or completing assignments? Then this should be your best buy. This thoughtfully designed laptop comes with high definition micro-edge display and powerful AMD Ryzen processor. It is an excellent 2-in-1 convertible laptop available at a reasonable price.

Pros: This thin and lightweight model comes with a dedicated mute button in the dual array digital microphone and an unhackable camera shutter. It delivers above-average performance. Supports fast battery charge and has precision Touchpad Support.

Cons: The touchpad is a bit cramped.

  1. Lenovo Yoga C940

This is another excellent 2-in-1 laptop for those who are looking for the best college student laptops. This Yoga series laptop from Lenovo comes with an ultra-portable chassis and a unique hinge that multiplies as a soundbar speaker. With a display of 4K and 1080p, the images are vibrant, crisp, and bright.

Pros: Comes with premium, subtle design improvements and delivers beautiful 4k display. There are an included stylus and a fingerprint sensor. Its extra accessories include a webcam cover. The model delivers fast performance.

Cons: The Ultra High Definition display drains the battery. Battery life is below-average.

These are some of the best college student laptops of 2020 that you can easily opt for. The laptop models that we have recommended here have been tried and tested through an extensive benchmark to determine its performance in the real-world. So, you can easily rely upon our recommendations and choose the best laptop for your professional essay writing, one among the list that best suits your requirements.

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Injured in a Maritime Accident? Why You Might Need an Offshore Injury Lawyer



injury lawyer

Despite advancing safety regulations, the rate of injury to offshore workers has increased by 21% in the past two years.

There’s no denying that offshore drilling and offshore fishing are lucrative industries. However, because of the environment and working conditions, they do carry a high amount of risk.

Were you recently injured in a maritime accident? Are you wondering if you should hire an offshore injury lawyer?

Keep reading to learn more about offshore accident lawyers, common injuries, and how to know when you need professional legal help.

What Does an Offshore Injury Lawyer Do?

What makes an offshore injury lawyer unique? Is it just a fancy name for a personal injury lawyer or a workers comp attorney?

Not exactly. The first thing you need to know is that the same laws (and rights) that apply on land are different at sea.

Maritime law, also called admiralty law, is a unique set of rules that’s completely different than other disability laws. These laws were designed to govern private maritime businesses (such as oil rigs or fishing), as well as accidents or offenses that occur on the open water.

An offshore accident lawyer has a thorough knowledge of these specific laws. Because they’re so intricate and unrelated to land-based law, most attorneys simply don’t have the know-how to successfully navigate maritime law.

Hiring a maritime accident lawyer ensures you’ve got someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of admiralty law, acts, and regulation. For a more in-depth look, you can read about this offshore injury lawyer and learn more about how they help clients who have been injured on the water.

What Are Some Common Offshore Accidents?

Oil rigs, ships, and other offshore environments are inherently risky settings. The most common accidents occur in one of these ways:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Falling objects
  • Slippery decks
  • Flammable materials
  • Corroded walkways or stairs
  • Manufacturing defects

In addition, some accidents occur through negligence, improper training, or lack of supervision. If your work area wasn’t clear of dangerous debris or some of your equipment wasn’t in safe working order, you have a viable claim for your injury.

The same is true if you were injured due to inadequate safety gear or you weren’t given enough time for rest or breaks.

What Are Some Common Injuries for Oil Rig Workers?

Most offshore injuries occur from slips, trips, falls, or falling items. Obviously, this can result in an array of different injuries, but the most common ones include:

  • Burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Crush injuries

Interestingly, 81% of offshore injuries affect the limbs, rather than the back, neck, or head. Still, injury to any of these areas can have devastating, long-term consequences.

Burns, for example, can leave behind life-ling physical and emotional scars. Spinal cord injuries can leave a worker partially or permanently disabled, without the loss of one or more limbs or even confined to a wheelchair.

Brain injuries can leave a worker with permanent cognitive impairment and neurological problems. Eye injury can affect the worker’s vision or even result in blindness. Crush injuries can cause irreparable damage to bones, joints, and ligaments, perhaps even resulting in the loss of a limb.

Even if your injuries weren’t severe enough to cause permanent damage, it could affect your ability to return to and safely perform your job. These are all factors you need to consider if you’re thinking of contacting an attorney.  

When Might I Need an Offshore Accident Lawyer?

Simply put, any seaman injured on a ship or another offshore facility is legally entitled to compensation for their medical and living expenses during their recovery. Maritime law requires this provision, known as “maintenance and cure,” to be paid to the worker by the employer and/or the employer’s insurance company.

Here’s the catch: Many employers and insurers only attempt to pay a fraction of what a worker is rightfully owed. Worse still, some deny an injury claim and refuse to pay anything at all.

To avoid damaging their profit margin (and their reputation), some employers will dispute a legitimate injury claim. They might even go a step farther and retaliate against the injured worker, getting him or her “blacklisted” from other maritime jobs.

Even if your employer isn’t playing dirty, the settlement offer you get is likely to be much less than you deserve. Insurance companies don’t want to pay a penny more than they have to, so lowball settlements are the norm. They often fail to factor in the very real costs of lost wages, future medical expenses, and emotional pain and suffering.

To summarize, you should speak with an offshore accident lawyer if:

  • Your injuries were severe
  • You’re suffering from partial or permanent disability
  • Your employer disputes or denies your claim
  • You receive a lowball settlement offer
  • You’re the victim of blacklisting or another form of discrimination
  • You were injured at a harbor or dock and you’re not sure of your rights

Most offshore injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay anything upfront. This can be a lifesaver if you’re currently out of work and worried about your financial resources.

Contact a Maritime Accident Lawyer Today

So, what do you think? Now that you’re more familiar with offshore accident lawyers and common worker injuries, is it time for you to seek legal advice?

Even if your injuries weren’t catastrophic, it’s never a bad idea to get counsel from a legal professional. Many injury lawyers offer free consultations to workers who have suffered injuries like yours.

It’s always better to be informed than caught unaware. Contact an offshore injury lawyer near you to discuss your case and ensure you clearly understand your rights.

Did you find this article helpful? Be sure to browse the rest of our site for more great content.

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How To not Forget A Birth Day



birth day

Its a fact of life that either your own life gets in the way, which makes you occupied and simply distracted from remembering — or the machine you’ve got in place is far from fool proof. Not only is that really embarrassing for you when you do remember, do you send a belated card just apologies, or simply try not to mention it at all, but in addition, it can be very hurtful for the individual that has been forgotten — they will find an unfair awareness you don’t care. Who wants to be the one that forgets? I would much rather be the one who can be relied on to recall, even its not anything very special that I really do — its only that I truly think its worth making the effort to make these I love feel special on their special day. Its a priority for me personally. I’m not perfect — in fact I have been known to overlook one or two dates– but overall, I have learned how to make sure that I’m the least stressed potential throughout the year, by having the ideal present/card at the ideal moment. So — I thought I’d share how I use, and see if it can help you too.


First thing I did once I thought about a method for me personally would be to evaluate exactly what I used and that which might fit also. I understood that when I needed to look someplace else for birthdays for example I truly think that adding to everything you do would be your neglect secure means to get things done and this, for many individuals, is their journal. EVERYTHING inside that I must remember. Down to allocating traveling time to appointments, and composing in the day prior to what I want to have got prepared for this, there is no final minute scramble — thus incorporating in birthdays and dates into my journal was a no brainer. They needed to be in there, and also having a reminder that a Couple of Days earlier as well to provide time to get present/card purchasing — and then I had been convinced I would not forget them. But although I want it in my journal, I need to make sure I understand what the dates are at the first position, and thats where a record comes in! You can find quotes related to birthdays here.


I exercised this, for me, composing all of the names down on the dates in question annually proved to be a rewarding time cost if it meant I never forgot a birthday. Yes, it takes time and may be considered as a nuisance — but what after all you spend more time should you overlook someones special day, in case you need to run around getting a gift and paying for fast postage, and fretting about in the event that you’ve offended them etc…. .  Titles on the ideal dates in my journal. I do it I do not shout, I simply do it usually between Christmas and New season whilst watching a fantastic programme on TV! It takes about 20 minutes — but its there — and is the reminder I want. Special dates would be the First Thing gets added into my diary annually.

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6 Signs That Suggest Programming Isn’t For You



Truth be told, not everyone is cut out to be a programmer or a developer. That doesn’t mean that not everybody can learn to code, plenty will really enjoy it. Here we’re talking about programming as a profession and whether such a career would suit you. According to many of my friends and distinguished professionals who enjoy the workflow and challenges of programming, even talented students with the highest degree and collection of accolades in programming may not turn out to be a good programmer. Why, you ask? Because there are certain traits that indicate early signs that you may not be fit for a programming job. 

In reality, there’s more to programming than just the act of coding. The programming individuals need to have a knack in seeing the bigger picture clearly before others even begin to assimilate their thoughts together. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the traits that an individual may have to deal through if they choose programming jobs.

1. Hustling at Work Isn’t Really Your Thing 

Change is the only constant in the development world. And that starts with ‘inconsistent and irregularly long work hours’. Even before considering a development job, you need to know that pouring extra hours of hard work is a given. And that means there’s no fixed timing for your work. Be it for looming deadlines or working for your own pet project, or even working as a freelancer, coding teams often get into a ‘crunch time’ and are unbothered if they have to stay there continuously. Then there are certain programming problems that are going to be latched into your brain even when you’re away, trying to call it a day. There are many developers who struggle with finding the right work-life balance. Dynamic work timings may have you letting go of other obligations you have at home. Therefore, if you are ready to start your development career, you need to be ready to hustle.  

2. You Can’t (Or Don’t Like To) Fly Solo

Programmers need to be self-driven, and be constantly looking to upskill themselves. The software industry is constantly changing, and an active mind is necessary to ensure one’s career doesn’t become stagnant. All great programmers need to be able to consistently renew their motivation. For this, you need to set your own goals, be on constant lookout for growth, and keep loving what you do. If you feel that learning something new every day might be too time consuming, then you may not enjoy becoming a programmer. 

Programming has the perception of being quite a solitary career. This isn’t necessarily true, many programmers are part of a team, the idea of being solitary is more about the actual work being quite focused and quiet rather than needing constant discussion. Although, programmers who aren’t working for a development company can find themselves feeling lonely from time to time. To counter this, many freelance programmers are now moving to coworking spaces. Coworking spaces both allow programmers to work in solitude, but still have access to social opportunity, the coworking experience might be what you’re looking for! 

3. You Aren’t Left AND Right-Brained

Programming is more about fixing than creating, and therefore, programmers need to tailor their minds to solve specific problems. That requires a huge dollop of creativity, a generous helping of logical reasoning, a large amount of understanding for Quantitative elimination (mathematical aptitude), and yes, the most important—lots of patience.

While the latter may be necessary for plenty of careers, the former skills are only found in programmers. For example: Does a red flag fly in your brain every time someone asks you to write a small test code or come up with the right approach to solve logical riddles? Well, since the development world is a multi-faceted one that each requires solving complex and variable systems in several stages such as: testing individual modules, debugging and algorithm development. 

For all this, you’ll need a strong understanding of mathematical concepts, trigonometric functions and factorials. This process becomes rewarding for programmers who love their work. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy these rewards or doesn’t find inspiration this way, you might find professional programming tedious.

4. You Hate Team Meetings and Planning

It’s a common myth that developers go to work, grab steaming mugs of coffee, only to sit throughout the day in front of the computer with hands weaving code magically over the keyboard. This just isn’t true. As a programmer, you need to spend a lot of time planning and charting out potential projects and algorithms for your code that will become relevant later in the development process.

Regular meetings are a necessary part of the development process, you need to be willing to listen and contribute to meetings and to make your teams programming more efficient, and understand the role your code plays in the development scenario. Programmers work in close-knit teams that are like-minded and collaborative in nature. Therefore, if you are more into working in the smaller parts and let someone else take the driver’s seat for you, the life of a programmer isn’t meant for you. 

5. You Believe Programming is Your Ticket To Being Rich Quick

Once programming careers were thought of as a lucrative industry that makes people professional millionaires overnight. While there have been a few cases here and there (like the overnight rise in popularity of ‘Flappy Bird‘), there have been many individuals who went straight into the perfect brainstorming sessions in front of a computer for 10-12 hours a day, just for money! Here’s the dealbreaker: If you’re in it for money, it won’t be long before you are frustrated with your work and leave the industry altogether. Even successful people who claim they only program for monetary returns, deep down they love programming and software development in general. Don’t believe us? Well, here are a few testimonials from Indie game developers (much like FlappyBird) who open up about their experiences.

                                             Image Credits: Verge

6. You Aren’t a Good Listener

Clear communication is crucial to the development of software, be it ideas about development between you and your teammates, or even showing a required update to a client. You need to be able to see solutions from others’ perspectives, because theirs might be better!  

Listening to clients is a big part of a freelance programmers role. The better you can listen, the more accurate your submitted work is. If you’re not being asked to constantly change things, you’ll quickly become one of the most sought after freelancers. Why? Because each change needed means more time and therefore more money spent by the client. Of course, this is partially dependent on how well a client can communicate their ideas, but being able to understand non-technical clients is part of a freelancers job. 


Programming can be a pretty difficult skill to acquire, but it’s something that most people can do with commitment. In fact, it’s pretty similar to learning a new real-world language. If you share a natural curiosity towards learning new programming languages, and you love being around like-minded logical thinkers, programming is probably for you. 

If you are looking for a job as an android app development team, the team at CodeClouds is always looking for talented individuals to join our team! 

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Best Type of Wax for Your Car




Your car is one of your most prized properties, maybe even second to the value of your home or apartment. Waxing that baby is so very important and keeps the value up in the vehicle. Paint jobs are very expensive and protecting your paint is vital over the years. Shine armor will do the job and do it the best. Ceramic coat is the number one way to take care of your vehicle and keep that machine looking its best at all times. A proper ceramic coat product is necessary and does defend your car outdoors from damage caused by ultraviolet light damage. Additionally this will make cleaning the vehicle less complicated and will drive up the shine and gloss to your vehicle. There are extra records on ceramic coats and on how much better it is than basic automobile wax.  

Ceramic coating is a liquid protectant made of polymer. This product is wonderful and it does not need to be continuously applied and reapplied because it works so well. It also makes cleansing your vehicle easier and increases a real nice glossy look on the vehicle exterior over time. The more you use it the more shine and gleam the vehicle will show. It also creates a protective coat that will have water and grim rolling right off the hood, roof, trunk and panels of your car without a doubt. Wax is just not as good for your car because it wears off so fast and easily. And who wants to deal with waxing a vehicle all the time and or taking it to a detailer to wax is very costly. The results of ceramic coating are not short term which is why it is so great a process. Long lasting, sustainable results are what everyone wants in life and with their car. A good ceramic coat will give you better, lasting results than wax.

Ceramic coating will not stop your vehicle from getting dings and dents and it does not stop anyone from having to occasionally wash their car. It will just simply mean you will not have to wash your ride as often. Do it yourself ceramic coating kits will cost a fraction of paying a service to do it. The professionals are making mad bank doing it and really you can just do it yourself with products from Shine Armor. Car dealerships make more than enough money and they do not need thousands of dollars more of your money. For a process that can be done at home in your spare time to clean and ceramic coat your car to protect the paint. 

Washing the vehicle every two weeks is a fabulous way to keep it clean and in tip top appearance, especially if you want your paint to gleam and get the most out of the coating. During the summer months it may require more as the uv lights of the sun can dull down the finish. The coating will have your vehicle looking newer than ever! 

Everyone will truly think your car is right off the new car lot and not even know it is used. The effects and benefits of ceramic coating will have everyone envious. It is wonderful for your vehicle’s paint and will make your vehicle look so pretty. All while decreasing the maintenance needed to keep up the appearance of the look of new. A new car is loved by everyone, even if they say it is not and having a car that looks new most of the time will be so enjoyable. 

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Why Roof Maintenance Is A Must




A roof is one of the most crucial parts of your house that protects you from extreme weather conditions and other such elements your house is exposed to. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important in order to ensure good health of your roof and prevent any roof related problems.

Basically a maintained roof increases the life of the roof and makes it last long. And it is left unattended for a long period of time it will begin to deteriorate and soon will become completely damaged. A healthy roof requires timely inspection and required treatment in order to keep it in a good condition.

Below given are some reasons as to why roof maintenance is a must :

Increased life :

  • One of the most significant benefits of ensuring proper maintenance of your roof is that it leads to increased life expectancy of your roof. Our roof tends to go through a lot every day and it acts as a defense against extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it has to be maintained so as to make sure of its good condition.
  • If you leave your roof unattended for a long period of time, it will start to deteriorate with time and soon will become completely damaged. And changing a whole roof will lead to heavy expenditures whereas maintenance expenditures are very little in front of this.
  • So, keep your roof maintained and call for timely inspections so that you can remain well aware about the condition of your roof and ensure necessary repairs on time without causing any delays.

Cuts down the replacement costs :

  • Regular roof maintenance cuts down the replacement costs because a properly maintained roof ensures good health of a roof and increases its life span as well.
  • If you do not pay attention to your roof it will soon begin to deteriorate and will get completely damaged one day. Replacing the whole roof can be very expensive but the maintenance costs are much lesser than that.
  • Even the smallest of problems like small leaks in your roof can turn into a big one if ignored and will eventually lead to huge replacement expenditures. But regular maintenance saves you money thereby ensuring good health and condition of your roof.

 Enhances the appeal of your house :

  • Roof is an important part of your house and enhances the appeal of your house, therefore, it has to be maintained well in order to make your house look good.
  • You obviously want your house to appear good from both outside as well inside. But people tend to ignore the roof and pay less attention to it which ultimately leads to deterioration of the roof. And then they unnecessarily have to indulge in huge replacement costs.
  • A roof basically covers your head and its maintenance has to be on top of the list. If you organize timely roof inspections and take proper care of it, then your roof will remain in a good condition and will enhance the appeal of your house.
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