Primarily people have found of looking at other countries’ dramas, and if you are a viewer of Chinese dramas, you are in the right place. Chinese series are full of emotions. These series are distinctive from typical dramas.

You can find diversity in Chinese dramas. Suppose in just one series you have a chance to see lots of your favorite features. So in this article, we talk about the famous best Chinese TV series. We explain to you step by step about every drama story and its characters.

 So by just concentrating you can get knowledge about the story of Chinese series. So keep reading this article because there is given unique and correct information of Chinese drama series รวมซีรีส์.

List of best Chinese TV series

There are given the following best tv series list.

1.    Lost in 1949
2.    Bloody romance
3.    The kings’ women
4.    Here to heart
5.    Nirvana in fire

Let’s now explain them one by one.

1)   Lost in 1949

The story of this Chinese series based on love, anxiety, mystery, and action. It was initially released in is an exciting and attractive story for those who like suspense and discover ideas in series. This series is held in communist china.

Lost in 1949 described the story of those two persons who fall in love by chance. Both these persons are very loyal to their country, and ready to give everything in its love .both these people make a plan for the enemy of their countryman, and women .women is the agent of communist people.

The story gets an exciting turn when this communist agent woman accidentally exchanges her briefcase with the man currently getting out of prison. And in searching for its essential documents, he gets to know about different kinds of people. And the story brings more charm and suspense as both these people are involved in each other.

2)   Bloody Romance

Bloody romance’s biography depends upon romance, adventure, and vision. It is originated from a novel of a similar name, a bloody affair. It is a story of women that learn to survive in critical conditions. She becomes more powerful with the increasing troubles in her life. He knows how to live in a dangerous world. And after her survival, she becomes a cold-blooded woman.

So if you like the stories of suspense, adventures, and romance, then this Chinese tv-series is the best option for you.

3)   The king’s women

The tale of kings women relates to historical issues, love, and wuxia. This Chinese series was released in 2017—this story is based on the granddaughter of the military commander. The kings’ women actually in love from her childhood.

And suddenly, she is departed from her love. Both these people become addict to each other. And never wants to lives separately. The story gets a fantastic scene when both these lovers meet after a long time, in the wedding ceremony of ying zheng.

It is a love triangle series, but the back of this drama is based on history. So if you like this type of story, then the king’s woman is the right choice for you.

4)   Here to heart

Here to hear is released in 2018 and gain popularity from its first episode. Tale of here to heart a present romance and psychodrama. Its story is taken from the novel The Warm chord.

Its theme is focused on the teenage couple’s love, which is very intense and immortal for their passion. But they are accidentally separated from each other. But their love has gets no end even after separation.

So if you love series of love, revenge, and pain, then here to heart does not disappoint you.

5)   Nirvana in fire

Nirvana in fire is based on a story of disloyalty that’s become the reasons for the deaths of army soldiers. These Chinese series were released in 2015. The report characterized politics, historical scenes. It is on the history of china when it is divided into two parts Northern and Southern sides.

The series becomes interesting when it comes to knowing about the disloyalty of a person for their country. Its theme is based on searching truthfulness, .so if you like these kinds of stories, then definitely Nirvana in fire is the best Chinese TV series for you.


In this article, we discuss the stories of the best Chinese TV series. These are series are full of romance, charm, and interesting facts, which attract viewers. This article covers the central theme of the best TV series effortlessly and excitingly. We hope you like this article.

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