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Best Boxing Shoes for All Skill Levels

It’s easy to assume that boxing consists just of punches, jabs, and upper-body maneuvers. While these maneuvers are important in boxing, it is your footwork that sets everything in motion. Having the finest boxing shoes allows you to stay light on your feet while pivoting and moving fluidly.

Boxers of all levels, from amateur to professional, rely heavily on synchronized footwork for most of their technique. And shoes that don’t slow you down are essential for coordinated footwork. When it comes to boxing, proper lower body movement is equally as important as proper upper body movement.

In boxing, proper footwork is essential, and if you can’t move your feet quickly enough, you’ll struggle in the ring and are much more likely to be struck by your opponent. In pure training routines, it’s critical to nail your footwork since it translates directly to what you’ll do in a real fight. Even if you’re only trying to get in shape, good footwork gives your punches greater force, which leads to better training results.

A high-quality pair of shoes is the cornerstone of high-quality boxing training. Solid boxing shoes ensure that training sessions are enjoyable and productive, regardless of your level of expertise. 

Factors to consider when buying boxing shoes

Ability to grip & pivot

It might be the most significant factor to consider while looking for the finest boxing shoe for your needs. Gripping and pivoting are two traits that are the polar opposites of each other.

A good pair of boxing gloves will help you punch harder by transferring force from your lower body to your upper body as you punch through. So, you need to grip, yet doing so reduces the capacity of your shoes to pivot. You must, however, need to pivot since it allows you to be nimbler and out-angle your opponent. Yet boosting your pivoting ability will need you to lower your shoe’s gripping capacity.

While most boxing shoes try to balance grip and pivot, the precise mix of gripping and pivoting is a matter of personal choice. Perhaps grip is more essential to you if you want to concentrate on power. If you want to concentrate on agility, you’d need to look for more pivoting ability in your shoe.

The sole of the shoe

The insole and how your feet feel merely standing in your boxing shoes are the first things to consider. It should be tight but not uncomfortable, and you should not feel unbalanced in any way. Check that your feet are in a normal position; if they are pronating, you should get new boxing shoes.

Second, take the thickness of the outside sole into account. Thinner soles make you feel more connected to the ground, but they also put greater strain on your feet, making them uncomfortable and fatigued. A thicker outer rubber sole will keep your feet comfier, allowing you to punch harder, but you will feel less connected to the ground, resulting in a loss of balance.

The texture of the outside sole is the third factor to consider. While rubber outsoles are found on 99 percent of boxing boots, pay attention to the pattern of those rubber soles. Flat surfaces make it easier to feel the ground, whereas soles with rough and swirly patterns provide additional traction.

Ankle Support – Low, Mid, or High-Tops

It’s not about how stylish or what the style of a shoe is; it’s about the amount of support each style can give not just for your feet, but also for your ankles and knees. Almost every part of your boxing training will include explosive lower-body motions, weight shifting, and quick turns. Unsurprisingly, all of this is taxing on your feet, ankles, and knees.

Fragile joints are easy to sprain and fracture, so you’ll know if you have them. If you’re concerned about injury, a high-top is the way to go. If you’re naturally agile or have strong joints, a low-top shoe will help you maximize your natural agility. If you’re just getting started or aren’t sure, a mid-top will give you the perfect blend.

Thickness & weight

You may choose a thicker, heavier boxing shoe since it provides more support to your feet, ankles, and knees. A lighter boxing shoe, on the other hand, may help you feel nimbler and in sync with the ground under you. It’s all up to you and your own personal preference.


This one’s a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook comfort while choosing a pair of boxing shoes. Remember, the discomfort to your feet will translate to poor performance during training and bouts in the ring. 

The best of the rest

We’ve listed the factors to consider when getting the perfect pair of boxing shoes, we’ll do you another solid and give you our best pick out of all the options online.

Superior Boxing Shoes

As the name suggests, these Starpro boxing shoes provide the perfect balance of agility, balance, and traction, feel the floor whilst delivering powerful punches and dancing around your opponent. 

Thanks to an agile suede upper and a breathable Hydra-Flow mesh inner, your feet remain cool and nimble throughout the fight and rigorous training sessions.

Their lightweight design and unrestrictive fit help you to establish your rhythm in the ring, making them perhaps the greatest boxing shoes for style and comfort. They’re intended to support and supplely stabilize the ankle while retaining freedom of motion, with a front strap that preserves responsiveness in movement. The rubber sole is flexible, sturdy, and gripping, giving you confidence in your footwork when you need to throw those strong punches, making them one of the best fighting shoes available.

Size: 36-48

Color: Black, White 

For more boxing gear to add to your sick new shoes, click here.

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