Best blogging platforms in 2021

Blogging is one of the most critical and active sources through which you can share your knowledge about your niche and earn decent money. But there are wide varieties and sites which have different criteria. Choosing any one of the blogging sites may be a burden to decide. So, to ease your search and let you know about the top blogging sites, we have brought a list of the Best Blogging Platforms in 2021.

How to Decide a Blogging Site?

You may be new to this blogging stuff, or maybe a newbie. So, it is better first to see how you should choose a blogging site.

1. Traffic

The primary purpose of a blog is to attract an audience, which in technical blogging terms is called traffic. The more the traffic, the more is the amount credited to your bank. The free sites have a restriction on the number of traffic interactions.  Any site you use but optimise your website by implementing SEO. SEO Shark has explained in detail about SEO mistakes and their solutions. You can check their original site.

2. Investment

The different sites have different rates. A free one also can work for you if you need little traffic, but you should purchase a blogging site to maximize ripe benefits.

3. Designs and Customization

If you are currently not ready for investment, you can use the free options on some sites, but the free sites offer you a limited customization option on the page. Whereas in a paid one, you can experiment and customize the site as per your mood and niche.

Best Blogging sites 2021

Now, here are the best blogging sites you should consider to base your blog and opinions on.


It is regarded as the best blogging platform on the internet. Most of the big names in the blogging industries are glued to WordPress for hosting their sites. It offers you complete control of your site and has options to add membership, an online store, and other features.

You can use it for free as software as well as invest to get a registered domain name.


WordPress may be the best in the business, but also has its reputation. was the first blogging platform, which helped many bloggers get into the industry since its development in 1999. Blogger’s most significant advantage is its simple interface, and hence it is used by guys who have a passion for blogging but are not tech-savvy. You must also know that is owned and operated by the most significant tech giant Google. So you’ll never face any security issues.

3. Medium

The blogging mentioned above platforms and is demanded mainly by the typical bloggers related to different niches like health, tech, gadgets, automobile, etc. Still, Medium is a platform that welcomes non bloggers. This is why professionals like journalists, authors, and business professions have a community on Medium. Also, in my personal opinion, Medium’s interface is very classy and can be operated very quickly on the phone and desktops.

You can publish yourself for free, but it restricts reading if you have access to the paid option.

So here we have explained the Best Blogging Platforms in 2021 and also a few tips you should keep in mind while choosing a blogging site.

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