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Best Beach Gear to Bring for Water Sports Activities in Asia



Asia boasts water sports across the length and breadth of the continent. Rafting on the rivers of Thailand, surfing the waves of the Phillippines, or stand up paddle boarding off the coast of Bali are just some of the most popular activities you can do. You could even do flying fish or parasailing if you’re really brave! Whatever water sport you practise, you’ll need equipment. For something like swimming, it’ll be nothing more than a swimsuit and some goggles. However, for board sports, you’re likely to need more than the board itself!

In this post, we’ll take a look at some essential gear for doing water sports in Asia. That should help you decide what to bring with you, and what you can leave at home. Let’s check it out. 


Let’s start off with an easy one. Swimming needs a swimsuit and goggles. If you’re somewhere known for rich marine biodiversity, like the Tioman Islands in Malaysia, or Koh Tao in Thailand, then bring a snorkel too. 

One thing to be aware of when swimming is strong currents. It’s always best to swim at beaches which have designated swimming areas and/or lifeguards. 

Stand up paddle boarding

SUP is becoming more and more popular across the world and Asia is no exception. Whether it’s on lakes, rivers, or at the beach, here’s what you need.

Stand up Paddle Board

You can’t SUP without a paddleboard! While you can rent a paddle board (a good option if you’re a beginner), regular paddle boarders could soon start to see rental costs building up. If that’s the case, consider buying your own. iSUPs are great for all-round use and they can easily be transported and inflated on the move. 

If you have a discipline in mind, such as SUP yoga, touring, or surfing, then you can buy purpose built boards for these too. 


You’ll need a paddle too. The best and most flexible option is a height adjustable paddle, which can come in a range of materials. All rounders and beginners should find no trouble using an aluminium paddle, though competitive paddlers may choose a lighter material, such as carbon fibre. 


A PFD is not so much ‘best beach gear’ as essential in some places, such as Hong Kong. A paddle board is considered a water vessel there, so you’ll need a PFD to use yours legally. It’s nothing more than a small device that will keep you afloat if you fall into the water. Get a compact one to fit around your waist and you’ll hardly even notice it! Bring a PDF for your dog as well.


Your leash is another important safety device. Like the PFD, it only springs into action if you fall into the water. This one will keep you tethered to the board so you don’t lose it in rough seas. SUP leashes are longer and thicker than those used for surfing, so make sure not to mix the two up. 


Another popular board sport across Asia, surfing has a few must haves that you can bring from home rather than spending money on renting! 


If you’re flying to Asia, you’ll have to balance the cost of renting a board against how much it costs to transport on the aeroplane. If you have the cash, do it. There’s nothing quite as good as using your own board! 


Remember that your surf leash is shorter but thinner than a SUP leash. It’s important not to mix the two up, as either could snap in the water if tethered to the wrong board. 

Scuba Diving

Asia has some of the world’s most biodiverse waters and the best way to see them is through scuba diving. But what should you pack or rent?


Ever tried opening your eyes in a swimming pool? Hurts, doesn’t it. Imagine that in salt water! Diving without a mask is pretty much unheard of – so get a high quality and comfortable mask to make the most of your scuba session. 


Okay, scuba diving isn’t the only water sport in Asia you could use a wetsuit for. But it is one of the very few where it’s essential year-round. Water temperature drops rapidly once you get out of the sun, so be sure to protect yourself with a wetsuit, or in really cold waters, a drysuit. Both are quite inconvenient to carry around, so consider renting. 


Fins can help you be quicker and more agile as you swim through the water. Choose between open heel and full foot fins – it’s best to get the one you find more comfortable.

Beach Essentials

Even if you’re just chilling out on the beach, there are some items you shouldn’t forget for your trip. Here are a couple of essentials you shouldn’t leave out of your backpack or duffel bag! 


Sunscreen is essential on an Asian beach vacation. Be sure to have a factor that adequately protects your skin and re-apply it regularly. Reef-safe sunscreen is best in the water as it does not damage coral or other marine life. 

An alternative to using sunscreen on your upper body is a rash guard. This water-resistant tee not only stops UV rays but surf rashes too.

Microfibre Towel

Taking a towel to the beach is necessary, but it can be a pain if you have a large beach or bath towel. It’s much better to pack a microfibre towel. They can be folded up into super-small spaces, and the fact that they dry instantly won’t damage or make your other belongings damp.

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Why the COMBAR™ Pro™ from ACLIM8 is an indispensable E-tool




The ACLIM8 COMBAR™ Pro is one E-tool every soldier in the U.S. military will soon wish they had. 

In 2018 ACLIM8 launched the COMBAR Pro™, a 5-in-1 elite adventure tool that contains a folding axe, a folding shovel, a hammer pad, a drop point knife and a saw with an interchangeable reciprocating blade. Made from premium materials, it is durable, ergonomically designed and extremely lightweight. The COMBAR™ Pro can easily be carried in a holster or stored in a high-end storage case also manufactured by ACLIM8. As an E-tool, the COMBAR™ offers five essential outdoors and adventure tools in a composite system.

ACLIM8 founders Yaniv Bar and Udi Cohen sought to design one very durable tool to use in different outdoor environments and situations, and using their experience as former Israeli Special Forces officers, they and their team of expert adventurers, engineers, metallurgists and industrial and graphic designers set out to develop an elite adventure tool different from anything on the market. They succeeded. the COMBAR™ Pro sets itself apart from other adventure E-tools on the market, as its Red Dot Design Award Shows.

ACLIM8’s inspiration for the COMBAR™

Yaniv Bar and Udi Cohen drew their inspiration for the COMBAR™ from the original Trowel Bayonet used the in U.S. Army before the birth of the more commonly known folding military E-tool. In 1868-69, the U.S. Army experimented with a novel digging tool they called the Trowel Bayonet. It was originally designed as a trenching tool, but it also came in handy as a weapon in close combat. 700 units were distributed to various infantry companies in the U.S Army and the tool received overwhelmingly positive feedback during field testing. A larger, heavier version of the Trowel Bayonet was then developed and was once again noted to be an extremely efficient tool in the trenches of World War I.   

Throughout the design and production of the COMBAR™, Yaniv Bar and Udi Cohen knew that one of the core strengths of the COMBAR™ had to be its digging capabilities. It took ten generations of prototypes and 3 years of research and experimentation before the COMBAR™ Pro was field tested as a garden-trowel. Everyone was surprised by the performance of the COMBAR Pro™, especially the effectiveness of the spade and the pure versatility and functionality of the COMBAR™ as a survival, adventure and E-tool. 

The COMBAR™ is the perfect E-tool

With a life-time warranty for all ACLIM8 products and not a single return for their entire sales of 2019, the reliability and durability of the COMBAR™ Pro speaks for itself.

For more information on product details or purchasing procedures, you can visit the official website of the ACLIM8 COMBAR™.  

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Which UFC women stars have the most knockouts per division?



There are four UFC divisions for the women to compete in and some have dominated a division or two

The UFC has several divisions for the men but there are only four for the women. That isn’t a dig at the women by any means as there have been some incredible clashes between some of the best in the world.

The Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight and Strawweight divisions all have amazing champions and there have been some amazing knockouts in them too.

Amanda Nunes is one of the greats in the UFC and she figures on the list of female athletes with the most knockouts but there are a couple of surprise names in the other divisions.

Most knockouts in the UFC women’s divisions 

1) Featherweight – 2 

Cris Cyborg is a legend in the MMA world and even though she isn’t part of the UFC, she still holds the record for most knockouts in the Featherweight division.

The Brazilian is the only MMA star (male or female) to become a Grand Slam champion and win titles across the big MMA promotions.

While Cyborg is 35, she is still going strong but her UFC record could be in jeopardy since she left the promotion.  

2) Bantamweight – 6 

Nunes is a legend in the UFC and the Brazilian is one of the biggest names in the promotion. Her winnings have been fantastic and Amanda Nunes has a net worth of $5million, but that is just half the story.

Nunes has six knockouts in her UFC Bantamweight career and she keeps on providing the goods. The Lioness, as Nunes is called, holds the UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight titles and is the first woman to achieve that in the UFC. 

3) Flyweight – 2 

This is a tale of two stars in the UFC. Valentina Shevchenko is the current Flyweight champion and The Bullet is undefeated since winning the title a while back.

She has a couple of knockout wins in the division but the other person on the list is Maycee Barber. The Maycee Barber’s Net Worth might not be as huge as Shevchenko’s, but the youngster already has a couple of knockouts in the division.

Barber has just one loss in her MMA career and while she isn’t close to the Flyweight title at the moment, she could end up challenging Shevchenko in a year or two. 

4) Strawweight – 3

Jessica Andrade is as tough as they come and the former UFC Women’s Strawweight champion holds the record of most knockouts in the division.

The Brazilian won the title against Rose Namajunas but lost the same to Zhang Weili. Andrade then shifted to the Flyweight division and won her debut against Katlyn Chookagian.

The Brazilian is now ranked #1 in the Flyweight division, and she could get a title fight against Shevchenko.

That would be a blockbuster battle as both Shevchenko and Andrade are two of the best in the UFC. 

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Best Basketball Shoes for Guards-2020




Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Who is a Basketball Guard?

The position of Point Guard or PG is known as ‘One’, which is usually occupied by the best passers and ball handlers in the team. The special qualities that a good point guard needs to possess are short-range diving and good passing skill.

On top of that, PG position holders can also play a big role in creating shots for themselves and creating opportunities for the team as well.

For all that to make happen, Basketball Shoes guards in a game need to sport both gameplay skill and a good physique.

And that’s where the essence of a top-notch basketball shoe comes in for them.

Buyer’s Guide for buying Basketball Shoes for Guards

While you are up for getting the next basketball shoes for guards, it’s very easy and often to get blown away with the appealing outlook and even the shiny advertisements of the brands.

But as you’ve gone through the best picks in this list and their technical details, let’s hone up your purchase with our comprehensive buyer’s guide-

  • The Soles

Sole is not one single part of a shoe. There is the top sole, midsole, and upper sole. In case you want to achieve sheer traction and durability in your basketball, you’ve to make sure that the sole is made of good material.

The usual standard of the industry is to make soles out of 100% rubber. If you want to go all the way, you can look for that as well.

  • The Lacing

There are a number of choices in terms of lacing in your basketball shoe. Some of them come with the good with multi-thread lacing, while some unique models sport one-strap systems instead of lacings.

However, you need to check for such a lacing system that won’t drive you to adjust the lacing over and over. If not so, it’s really going to kill your performance as a basketball guard.

  • The Traction and Swiftness

These two qualities of a basketball shoe are something that a basketball guard needs more than any other position. But unfortunately, these are not the direct result of any particular feature of the shoe.

You have to ensure a good fit, a good sole with traction, and a good lacing system as well to get over with the danger zone.

  • The Cushioning

Comfort and breathability are the two topmost things that a basketball player looks for in the shoe. Therefore, the cushioning system is the foremost thing that matters in this case.

Usually, brands like Nike and Adidas sport their own custom cushioning system in their premium basketball shoes. In case you find it appropriate, you can choose the best from there.

If you have a wet-two, you might be looking for a dual cushioning instead of a single one.

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How to Master a Rope Course




How to Master a Rope Course

If you want to build morale or create a new understanding of teamwork, you can engage in various activities such as board meetings, life cycles, and helping hands programs. However, if you are looking for a very active team-building, you are in the right place. There is something incredibly mysterious about challenging people to go past their fears and to find trust in the process. It helps individuals get that confident swing in their walk. Lift their heads a little taller and subconsciously choose not to worry over small issues.

What is a rope course?

A rope course is a challenging course aimed at building teamwork and personal development. It consists of both high and low elements for a person to make their way. Low elements are created underground or just above, such as balancing the ground, while the higher elements take place on utility poles or In trees. The significant difference between the two is that the high elements need a belay for safety. Rope courses can be found both indoors and outdoors.

How to Master a Rope Course

1. Come prepared

Mastering a rope course requires you to start at home. The first step is for you to prepare the right attire. You will need to wear comfortable clothing that you don’t worry about getting muddy and stained. You are also required to wear light closed-toed shoes, tie back long hair, and you should not come in any loose clothing. Besides, this is no place to adorn your favorite jewelry as they might get in the way. As you weave through the ropes, you should be as comfortable as possible so remember to come in the proper dressing.

2. Carry a bug repellent

Most rope courses occur in wooded areas while others occur in urban and desert locations. If you are going for an outdoor rope course, you will need something to keep the annoying bugs at bay. Shooing away insects as you navigate your way several feet above the air.

3. Get enough rest the night before

Getting enough rest can help make or destroy your day. So don’t let the anxiety keep you up all night. Relax and have enough rest the evening before the day because the course requires a lot of energy.

4. Physical fitness

A rope course is more of a team-building process that you can enjoy at your own pace. It would be best if you considered engaging in some light exercises such as standing on one leg to improve your balance. Some walking, jogging, and light cardio are excellent as you will have your feet moving around. The truth about rope courses is that it’s mostly just about your legs, so get some light leg exercise prior.

5. Start small

The rope course comes in several increasingly challenging obstacles, where each is more thrilling and exciting than the previous. You will work your way through the rope courses progressively. As you go, you will learn the ropes literally to help you handle the obstacle and equip you with the necessary knowledge for later courses.

6. Watch and learn

Before you engage in any course, take some time to learn from other climbers as they navigate the rope course. There are also guides available to offer you any necessary assistance at any point. Various walking trails allow you to watch others as you may learn a few tricks to help you tackle the problem.

7. Have fun

The most important part about taking the rope course is to have fun. So don’t stress out but relax and let loose. You are never alone as your fellow climbers, and the guides are there at every step to help you along the way.

Benefits of a rope course

Participating in a rope course has numerous benefits. The following are some of the good that can come from the course.

  • Personal growth– It helps deal with the fear of learning new skills, which brings on a lot of pride when one meets the targeted limits.
  • Team building– solving puzzles and problems together fosters trust and teamwork among the staff.
  • It’s also a great way to interact and learn about everyone’s strengths.


A rope course is a great challenge that gets people away from their comfort zones. More importantly, it’s a fun activity that helps build teamwork. The challenges allow people to make mistakes, and it also allows the group to get a chance to get each other through the pitfalls and fears.

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No matter how many computer games are introduced, some people would still not let go of traditional sports, whether they are board games or physical sports. Sports are healthy for the mind and body so it is important the people indulge in it. The packaging of sports boxes matters a lot as it will attract potential customers towards the sport.

When people come to a sports shop, they can see a lot of components and gear for different sports. They need to make a choice. Most of the time, people who are buying for the first time would make this choice based on the boxes that the gear comes in. there are many ways in which you can make the sports card boxes much more attractive to the customers.

Print the Game Play

One of the smartest ways to attract people into buying sports from your brand is to print the gameplay on the sports boxes. There are some people who might be buying that sport for the first time. When they see that the playing method is printed on the box, they will definitely buy from your company. Make sure that the methodology has been printed in an interesting way on the box so that the customers do not feel like they are just reading a user manual.

Also, this makes a great gift. For example, if a customer wants to buy a sports gift for a child, they would try to go for a company that is offering the most convenience. If you have presented the gameplay on the box in an interesting way, this would make your sports boxes a wonderful gift.

Interesting Facts on the Box

Another way to make your box attractive to the customer is to print interesting facts about the sport on the box. Everyone would like to read those facts and they would most probably end up buying the sports boxes from your company. If you want your company to be successful, you have to make sure that you are doing something different from every other sports brand in the market. By presenting sports-related facts to your customers in an interesting way, you will be attracting a lot of potential buyers.

‘Your Name’ Sport Boxes

You can offer the option of customizing the boxes with the buyer’s name. For example, if someone wants to buy a soccer sports box, you could refer them to custom boxes with the buyer’s name. Sometimes, sports boxes also have jerseys and t-shirts. They could also be customized for the players.

Collaborate with Players

This might be a costlier method but it will surely help increase your sales. Collaborate with famous players of the sports boxes that you are making. For example, you could collaborate with baseball players and get the balls signed by them. Then, put these balls in the sports card boxes. People would definitely buy these boxes. A lot of companies do this.

There was a time when Pepsi sold bottles with signatures of popular artists in Asia. This was a great marketing tactic and their sales grew. You can do the same with your sports business and it will surely attract a lot of customers to your company.

Themed Sport Boxes

If you want to sell your product in thousands, it is best to customize the boxes. If you make sports boxes that are Ben 10 themed or Pokémon-themed, these will be very popular among the younger lot. Similarly, you can base the theme of your box on any popular franchise such as the Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. People love collecting things like this and your sports box games will sell like hotcakes if you customize them right.

How to Choose the Best Sports Boxes for Business?

Some companies actually change their packaging from time to time to experiment. This helps them see which kinds of boxes are the best for business. Customers might respond better to some packaging than others. When you have determined which packaging your customers love the most, you can place a bulk wholesale order from any sports boxes Australia suppliers.

Before you customize the boxes for any franchise, make sure that there are no copyright issues. If there are any copyright claims, your company might end up in trouble. Moreover, you should explore different options before settling for one kind of sports box.

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