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Best Beach Gear to Bring for Water Sports Activities in Asia



Asia boasts water sports across the length and breadth of the continent. Rafting on the rivers of Thailand, surfing the waves of the Phillippines, or stand up paddle boarding off the coast of Bali are just some of the most popular activities you can do. You could even do flying fish or parasailing if you’re really brave! Whatever water sport you practise, you’ll need equipment. For something like swimming, it’ll be nothing more than a swimsuit and some goggles. However, for board sports, you’re likely to need more than the board itself!

In this post, we’ll take a look at some essential gear for doing water sports in Asia. That should help you decide what to bring with you, and what you can leave at home. Let’s check it out. 


Let’s start off with an easy one. Swimming needs a swimsuit and goggles. If you’re somewhere known for rich marine biodiversity, like the Tioman Islands in Malaysia, or Koh Tao in Thailand, then bring a snorkel too. 

One thing to be aware of when swimming is strong currents. It’s always best to swim at beaches which have designated swimming areas and/or lifeguards. 

Stand up paddle boarding

SUP is becoming more and more popular across the world and Asia is no exception. Whether it’s on lakes, rivers, or at the beach, here’s what you need.

Stand up Paddle Board

You can’t SUP without a paddleboard! While you can rent a paddle board (a good option if you’re a beginner), regular paddle boarders could soon start to see rental costs building up. If that’s the case, consider buying your own. iSUPs are great for all-round use and they can easily be transported and inflated on the move. 

If you have a discipline in mind, such as SUP yoga, touring, or surfing, then you can buy purpose built boards for these too. 


You’ll need a paddle too. The best and most flexible option is a height adjustable paddle, which can come in a range of materials. All rounders and beginners should find no trouble using an aluminium paddle, though competitive paddlers may choose a lighter material, such as carbon fibre. 


A PFD is not so much ‘best beach gear’ as essential in some places, such as Hong Kong. A paddle board is considered a water vessel there, so you’ll need a PFD to use yours legally. It’s nothing more than a small device that will keep you afloat if you fall into the water. Get a compact one to fit around your waist and you’ll hardly even notice it! Bring a PDF for your dog as well.


Your leash is another important safety device. Like the PFD, it only springs into action if you fall into the water. This one will keep you tethered to the board so you don’t lose it in rough seas. SUP leashes are longer and thicker than those used for surfing, so make sure not to mix the two up. 


Another popular board sport across Asia, surfing has a few must haves that you can bring from home rather than spending money on renting! 


If you’re flying to Asia, you’ll have to balance the cost of renting a board against how much it costs to transport on the aeroplane. If you have the cash, do it. There’s nothing quite as good as using your own board! 


Remember that your surf leash is shorter but thinner than a SUP leash. It’s important not to mix the two up, as either could snap in the water if tethered to the wrong board. 

Scuba Diving

Asia has some of the world’s most biodiverse waters and the best way to see them is through scuba diving. But what should you pack or rent?


Ever tried opening your eyes in a swimming pool? Hurts, doesn’t it. Imagine that in salt water! Diving without a mask is pretty much unheard of – so get a high quality and comfortable mask to make the most of your scuba session. 


Okay, scuba diving isn’t the only water sport in Asia you could use a wetsuit for. But it is one of the very few where it’s essential year-round. Water temperature drops rapidly once you get out of the sun, so be sure to protect yourself with a wetsuit, or in really cold waters, a drysuit. Both are quite inconvenient to carry around, so consider renting. 


Fins can help you be quicker and more agile as you swim through the water. Choose between open heel and full foot fins – it’s best to get the one you find more comfortable.

Beach Essentials

Even if you’re just chilling out on the beach, there are some items you shouldn’t forget for your trip. Here are a couple of essentials you shouldn’t leave out of your backpack or duffel bag! 


Sunscreen is essential on an Asian beach vacation. Be sure to have a factor that adequately protects your skin and re-apply it regularly. Reef-safe sunscreen is best in the water as it does not damage coral or other marine life. 

An alternative to using sunscreen on your upper body is a rash guard. This water-resistant tee not only stops UV rays but surf rashes too.

Microfibre Towel

Taking a towel to the beach is necessary, but it can be a pain if you have a large beach or bath towel. It’s much better to pack a microfibre towel. They can be folded up into super-small spaces, and the fact that they dry instantly won’t damage or make your other belongings damp.

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What is Tron, and Where to Buy It?




You create content on traditional social media platforms but are hardly compensated fairly for it. In fact, the typical platform monetises your data without your knowledge and only pays you a fraction of their earnings. If you are a focused content creator who wants to be compensated for your efforts, this model may not sit well with you.

Tron was created to solve this problem. It is a blockchain with a twist, one that works in your favour. In this article, let’s see what Tron is and how it can revolutionise social media for the greater good.

What is Tron?

There are hundreds of blockchains and cryptos out there. In the past year, you may have seen relatively new ones join the pack. Tron is one such blockchain. If you are a crypto fan, you may have read about Justin Sun, a well-known individual who was a part of Ripple. A few years ago, Sun departed Ripple and went on to create his own crypto-related project. He called it Tron, a blockchain.

But Tron is very different from other blockchains. It is a blockchain that addresses a niche. This niche is content creation and consumption on social media. Tron is a decentralised entertainment and content-sharing platform. In other words, it is a next-gen social media platform where you can create and share content with users across the world. That’s not all. The best part about Tron’s operating system is that it not only gives you control over your content and how you share it with others but also compensates you as a content creator.

Tron pays you for your content in Tronix, the blockchain’s basic unit of accounts. Also referred to as TRX, which is its ticker symbol, the cryptocurrency gives you access to certain other features of Tron. TRX was trading at $0.06562 on 27th March 2021. The highest price of TRX was recorded at $0.30 in January 2018. On converting Tron to INR, the value of 1 TRX is Rs 4.75.

How Does Tron Work?

As mentioned, Tron’s network is decentralised; meaning, its operating system is not controlled by a central authority. Creators can create content and put it out on Tron for consumption by viewers. Since there’s no mediating social media platform on the network, viewers can directly reward content creators using TRX. This means that content creators receive fair compensation without having to share it with a mediator.

Benefits of Tron

Tron is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers an array of benefits to both investors and content creators. Here are some:

1. Tron enables content creators to control how they create and share content across the globe. It eliminates mediator social media platforms and allows users to reward content creators for their efforts directly.

2. On the Tron network, creators can create their own tokens or coins underpinned by TRX and use them within their decentralised applications.

3.TRX is a store of value. Thus, you can trade them for other currencies or use them as an investment.

4.TRX’s transaction value is very low. It is as if they are close to being non-existent. TRX transactions on the network itself have no fees. However, you can incur some fees when purchasing TRX on an exchange.

5. The network rewards you with ‘Tron Power’ for locking away your tokens. This not only gives you a higher status on the network but also provides voting rights that you can use over decisions made on the network. The longer you lock away your tokens, the more Tron Power you receive.

6. Transactions on the Tron network are rapid. It supports up to 2,000 feeless transactions per second. In contrast, Ethereum supports 25 transactions, whereas Bitcoin can only handle 3 to 6 transactions. Clearly, Tron has the potential to revolutionise online media.

7. Tron allows you to create dApps—decentralised applications—on the network. In turn, dApp lets you offer content within them and monetise the same by accepting digital assets in exchange.

Where Can You Buy Tron?

While you can buy Tron on any crypto app in India, consider trading TRX on CoinSwitch, which enables the process with just 4 hassle-free steps. CoinSwitch features a unified platform that has tied up with the best crypto exchanges in the world, including HiBTC, Binance, and OKEx. Therefore, CoinSwitch allows you to trade TRX at the best rates without having to visit multiple exchanges.

Further, the platform, which is a leading crypto app in India, also features an in-built conversion calculator that supports over 45,000 trading pairs. Thanks to this, you can get the exact Tron to INR conversion rate in an instant. What’s more, CoinSwitch charges zero fees for the first 1,00,000 users during pre-launch. Thanks to this, you can trade, deposit, and withdraw TRX for free for the first 100 days.

Disclaimer: Anything expressed here directly or indirectly is not investment advice. We ask you to do your own research before investing.

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Importance of Fantasy Cricket during IPL Season



The IPL T20 tournament is perhaps the biggest cricket event in India. Cricket freaks wait for this season to commence every year. Even if you are too fond of cricket, you would love to watch the matches. It’s become IPL provides unlimited entertainment, excitement and now even lets cricket fans participate in the game virtually! 

If you are willing to participate in the IPL fantasy league, you can quickly register into any of the fantasy cricket apps and join millions of other users. If you are wondering why you should play Fantasy cricket virtually, reading the reasons mentioned below would convince you. 

  • Let’s create your fantasy cricket team! 

 In the fantasy cricket apps, you would get virtual versions of every player who participates in the IPL match. You can select up to 11 players in your team as per your choice. In reality, you might never be able to own a cricket team. However, through the fantasy cricket league, you can live your dream. With the fantasy cricket apps, users get the chance to build their team comprising their favourite players. 

  • You can make a lot of money

Probably this is the most important reason after all. Who would miss the opportunity to earn some extra money in today’s world? Fantasy cricket League not only brings you the golden opportunity to create your team, but win exciting prizes too! 

Players of your team will fetch you points based on their performances. The team with the highest points will receive prizes accordingly. The money usually gets transferred to your bank account safely. 

  • You can amplify the excitement of the IPL tournament

IPL is one of our most awaited cricket events for various reasons. Its unpredictability, festive spirit, a string of boundaries further increase people’s excitement in IPL. When you participate in the game virtually through any fantasy cricket app, you can experience the unpredictability of the game personally! 

  • Prove to everyone that you know best

Have you come across those annoying people who claim to know everything about cricket? If you are tired of hearing their pretensions, here is a golden opportunity to shut their mouths. Register into a fantasy cricket app, pick your favourite players into your team, follow the tips and strategies and show everyone who the actual IPL pandit is! 

  • Keep up with the sport

If you a true cricket lover, you will constantly keep yourself updated with the game. No matter its introduction of new rules or new faces or implementation of strict regulations, cricket lovers would love to be familiar with every little change happening. So if you are a cricket lover, you must grab this amazing opportunity that IPL is offering. Participating in cricket on virtual platforms is a new opportunity that IPL has currently provided to people. So research, know-how fantasy cricket works, create your team on a fixed budget, and see if you can win exciting awards! 

Fun, entertaining, exciting, and a chance to win real cash- these are enough to motivate anyone to participate in fantasy cricket. So what are you waiting for! Register now in any of the fantasy cricket apps and get a chance to win cash prizes and rewards on this IPL season.  

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Paragliding in Antalya



For adventurous travelers, paragliding in Antalya is one of the best things to do in Antalya. By signing up for this extreme activity, you can easily see wild side of Antalya which will impress you a lot. In the sky, gliding around with your professional pilot who is in charge of controlling the equipment and flight and observing mesmerizing landscape with bird-eye view will give you both safe and thrilling memories…

Excited already? Now, if you are ready to learn program details then!

Breathtaking Flight in the Sky

If you’re planning for having a thrilling vacation in Antalya, you should definitely experience paragliding in Antalya. Perhaps you’ll have the most breathtaking experience of your life!

First, you’ll be taken to the flight area by transfer service of the tour supplier –if they have, though. (We know who has this service: jump to the last paragraph if you can’t wait for learning!) Then, you’ll meet the professional and licensed pilots who will give you all information you need. Learning the procedures and how well things are managed will help you relaxing…

Then, you and your instructor-pilot will get the equipment. After wearing them and completing the double-check session, you will be ready to paraglide!

Jump Now!

To paraglide, you’ll have a quick run and… jump off the cliff! Just don’t faint and miss the opportunity of viewing true beauty of Antalya…

For approximately 20 minutes, you’ll watch the fields, houses, shining Mediterranean Sea and lush jungles under your feet. They’ll get bigger while you are getting closer to the ground. Before landing off, make sure opening your eyes widely and remembering every detail!

The End of Session

After landing, you’ll say goodbye to your pilot, buy the photos and videos they recorded during the flight if you want, and taken by the transfer service again back to your hotel.

In a nutshell, your day will be totally dazzling!

Who Can Join In?

People who don’t have:

  • any cardiac or breathing problems,
  • any disabilities -because you have to run to take off before jumping,
  • and whose age is between 16 and 50, and weight is between 25 and 120 kg can join in paragliding session.

Generally, participant is expected to be a healthy person.

The Best Paragliding in Antalya Program

Now let us introduce you the travel agency from which you can get the best paragliding program in Antalya:

Excursion Market’s paragliding in Antalya activity is the best one by far, especially by providing transfer service from Antalya hotels, having a professional and friendly team and of course, offering cheap prices… In short, we suggest checking their content and booking the program!

Enjoy your day!

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Top 5 popular E-sports games



Top 5 popular E-sports games

1. “Dungeon and Warrior”

“Dungeon and Warriors” is a free role-playing 2D game developed by Korean online game company NEOPLE. It was published by Samsung Electronics and officially released in South Korea in August 2005. China is distributed by Tencent Games. The เกมส์Esport is a 2D scroll-style horizontal version of the fighting and clearing online game, which inherits a large number of features of many home machine and arcade 2D fighting games. Focusing on the growth of task-guided characters, combined with dungeons, PVP, and PVE as supplements, it has the same equipment and level changes as other online games, and has a total of more than 500 equipment items. Each character has 8 props and equipment positions. In the game, up to 4 players can be allowed to team up to challenge the level, as well as 4 vs 4 PK.

2. “Glory of the King”

“King of Glory” is a MOBA mobile game developed and run by Tencent Games and operated on Android and IOS platforms. It was officially tested on Android and IOS platforms on November 26, 2015. The pre-game name is “Hero Battle Traces, “Alliance of Kings”. The European and American versions of “Arena Of Valor” and “King of Glory” will be released on the Nintendo Switch platform in 2018. The game is a dota-like mobile game. The gameplay is based on competitive battles. Players can engage in 1V1, 3V3, 5V5 and other methods of PVP battles. They can also participate in the game’s adventure mode and enter the PVE mode to satisfy After the conditions, you can participate in game qualifying and so on.

3. “League of Legends”

“League of Legends” is a hero battle MOBA competitive online game developed by Riot Games and operated by Tencent Games in mainland China. There are hundreds of individual heroes in the game, and has a ranking system, rune system and other characteristic development systems. “League of Legends” is also committed to promoting the development of global e-sports. In addition to linking various divisions to develop professional leagues and building an e-sports system, it also holds “Mid-Season Championships”, “Global Finals”, and “All Star All-Star Games” every year. The three world-class events have won the love of hundreds of millions of players and formed their own unique e-sports culture.

4. “Warcraft 3”

“Warcraft” is a real-time strategy stand-alone game produced by Blizzard Entertainment in the United States. Reign of Chaos (original version) was released in July 2002. The latest official expansion is “Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne”. Players can choose to control four races in “Warcraft 3”. Among them, Human and Orc have appeared in the predecessor “Warcraft 2 Kuroshio”, and the other two are new races, namely Night Elf (NightElf) and Undead (Undead).

5. “Counter Strike”

“Counter Strike” is a shooting series game developed by Valve in the summer of 1999. The founders are Jess Cliff and “Goose Man” Li Ming. They later entered Valve with the game. The early stage of the game was a game module of the game “Half-Life”, and later it became an independent game. “Counter-Strike” divides players into two teams: the “Counter-Strike” camp and the “Terrorist” camp. Each team must fight multiple rounds on a map. The way to win the round is to achieve the goal required by the map, or to completely eliminate the enemy player. There are 6 modes in the game, “Explosive Mode”, “Hostage Rescue Mode”, “Assassination Mode”, “Escape Mode”, and “Arsenal Mode” was added in the later period. Among them, “Counter Strike: Operation Zero” has plot missions.

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Best Quality Barcelona Jersey



Best Quality Barcelona Jersey


Are you looking for the best quality Barcelona jersey at a low cost? We provide you the best quality jersey at a reasonable price. People would like what they wear. So, a jersey is a very important element to show love for your club. You can show your emotion and love for your loving club. Jersey will help you very much. Our product is very cheap, but we ensure the best quality as well. So, you don’t need to worry about your cheap budget and the best quality. We provide jerseys and matching shorts according to your choice. Keep reading this article and learn more information about our special services, and the quality of our services.

Barcelona Jersey:

If you take our service, you will get guarantee the best price with excellent quality. We can provide you the best jersey online. You can buy your desired jersey online within a short time. There are various sizes of jerseys. They are small, medium, large, and extra-large. You can buy your suitable jersey from them. Please don’t worry about your jersey size. Just mention your size, we provide the exact size for you. The jersey will be fit for your body. We offer you a name and number printing option. You can get the customized design from us. We offer you a customization facility also. You will get your jersey within two days. If you feel hesitation, you can return the jersey. We will customize the jersey according to your need. If you have any special demand from us, you have to tell us just. When you mention your specific need, we will provide you and send your desired jersey. You can choose the size, color, design, name and number print, and fonts. We give you some instructions for washing your jersey with the product. You will get these instructions with your parcel. When you get the parcel, you have to follow these instructions carefully. If you follow the washing instruction, the print will get long-lasting existence.

You will get Barcelona away football jersey and shorts, Barcelona jersey away season premium, long sleeve football jersey, Home football jersey and shorts, Barcelona home jersey 20 21 season premium, Barcelona pro match jersey, Barcelona pro match second jersey, Barcelona pro match third jersey, etc. We have available colors, fonts, designs for you. You can collect your jersey at a low cost. If you want to show love for your favorite player, you can get a picture print of your favorite player. We can print the picture; you have to just mention in the note. We have an awesome graphic team. This team will give you the real character of your favorite hero. We make our products with soft cotton and fabrics. So, the jersey is very soft and comfortable to wear. You will get high-quality HD printing and 100% bio-washed of gold-standard quality from us.


If you want to premium quality Barcelona jersey buy your low budget, we are the best option for you. Buying standard size, color, fronts, designs will be easy for you. If you get the outstanding jersey, you should click here websiteand contact us.

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