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Best Beach Gear to Bring for Water Sports Activities in Asia



Asia boasts water sports across the length and breadth of the continent. Rafting on the rivers of Thailand, surfing the waves of the Phillippines, or stand up paddle boarding off the coast of Bali are just some of the most popular activities you can do. You could even do flying fish or parasailing if you’re really brave! Whatever water sport you practise, you’ll need equipment. For something like swimming, it’ll be nothing more than a swimsuit and some goggles. However, for board sports, you’re likely to need more than the board itself!

In this post, we’ll take a look at some essential gear for doing water sports in Asia. That should help you decide what to bring with you, and what you can leave at home. Let’s check it out. 


Let’s start off with an easy one. Swimming needs a swimsuit and goggles. If you’re somewhere known for rich marine biodiversity, like the Tioman Islands in Malaysia, or Koh Tao in Thailand, then bring a snorkel too. 

One thing to be aware of when swimming is strong currents. It’s always best to swim at beaches which have designated swimming areas and/or lifeguards. 

Stand up paddle boarding

SUP is becoming more and more popular across the world and Asia is no exception. Whether it’s on lakes, rivers, or at the beach, here’s what you need.

Stand up Paddle Board

You can’t SUP without a paddleboard! While you can rent a paddle board (a good option if you’re a beginner), regular paddle boarders could soon start to see rental costs building up. If that’s the case, consider buying your own. iSUPs are great for all-round use and they can easily be transported and inflated on the move. 

If you have a discipline in mind, such as SUP yoga, touring, or surfing, then you can buy purpose built boards for these too. 


You’ll need a paddle too. The best and most flexible option is a height adjustable paddle, which can come in a range of materials. All rounders and beginners should find no trouble using an aluminium paddle, though competitive paddlers may choose a lighter material, such as carbon fibre. 


A PFD is not so much ‘best beach gear’ as essential in some places, such as Hong Kong. A paddle board is considered a water vessel there, so you’ll need a PFD to use yours legally. It’s nothing more than a small device that will keep you afloat if you fall into the water. Get a compact one to fit around your waist and you’ll hardly even notice it! Bring a PDF for your dog as well.


Your leash is another important safety device. Like the PFD, it only springs into action if you fall into the water. This one will keep you tethered to the board so you don’t lose it in rough seas. SUP leashes are longer and thicker than those used for surfing, so make sure not to mix the two up. 


Another popular board sport across Asia, surfing has a few must haves that you can bring from home rather than spending money on renting! 


If you’re flying to Asia, you’ll have to balance the cost of renting a board against how much it costs to transport on the aeroplane. If you have the cash, do it. There’s nothing quite as good as using your own board! 


Remember that your surf leash is shorter but thinner than a SUP leash. It’s important not to mix the two up, as either could snap in the water if tethered to the wrong board. 

Scuba Diving

Asia has some of the world’s most biodiverse waters and the best way to see them is through scuba diving. But what should you pack or rent?


Ever tried opening your eyes in a swimming pool? Hurts, doesn’t it. Imagine that in salt water! Diving without a mask is pretty much unheard of – so get a high quality and comfortable mask to make the most of your scuba session. 


Okay, scuba diving isn’t the only water sport in Asia you could use a wetsuit for. But it is one of the very few where it’s essential year-round. Water temperature drops rapidly once you get out of the sun, so be sure to protect yourself with a wetsuit, or in really cold waters, a drysuit. Both are quite inconvenient to carry around, so consider renting. 


Fins can help you be quicker and more agile as you swim through the water. Choose between open heel and full foot fins – it’s best to get the one you find more comfortable.

Beach Essentials

Even if you’re just chilling out on the beach, there are some items you shouldn’t forget for your trip. Here are a couple of essentials you shouldn’t leave out of your backpack or duffel bag! 


Sunscreen is essential on an Asian beach vacation. Be sure to have a factor that adequately protects your skin and re-apply it regularly. Reef-safe sunscreen is best in the water as it does not damage coral or other marine life. 

An alternative to using sunscreen on your upper body is a rash guard. This water-resistant tee not only stops UV rays but surf rashes too.

Microfibre Towel

Taking a towel to the beach is necessary, but it can be a pain if you have a large beach or bath towel. It’s much better to pack a microfibre towel. They can be folded up into super-small spaces, and the fact that they dry instantly won’t damage or make your other belongings damp.

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Heroic Moments from last T20 World Cups



T20 World Cup

After its announcement, the T20 world cup 2021 is all set to start on October 17 in the United Arab Emirates. As the excitement of cricket lovers is at the top, and they are ready to support their favorite players.

Some moments have made their place in the hearts of millions and made them the most unforgettable moments in the history of the T20 world cup. Here is the list of some heroic moments that have taken over the world:

Yuvraj’s 6 sixes in one over

The first and foremost moment that has a majestic record as the top one in the history of cricket would have to be the match where Indian player Yuvraj Sing hit six sixes in one over.

He did this miracle when he had a verbal altercation with Andrew Flintoff against England in Durban, South Africa.

Dutch’s courage at Lord’s

The Netherlands had made the news when the team defeated England at Lord’s by four wickets in the 2009 tournament opener. The dutch had to chase 163 runs and finished the game with two runs off.

The Netherland’s player Tommy de Growth made a score of 49, saying that they wanted to achieve this win to qualify for the 2011 world cup by defeating a much stronger opponent.

The words of Ian Bishop “Carlos Brathwaite, ‘remember the name'”

Commentator Ian Bishop had said, “Carlos Brathwaite! Carlos Brathwaite – remember the name!

History for the West Indies,” when the player hit four successive sixes while playing an essential inning of 85 runs in 66 balls along with Marlon Samuels. The match made England the winner in 2016 at Eden Gardens.

Pakistan’s Win 

Pakistan had faced many defeats while playing against India, but in 2009, the Pakistani team took the trophy home with an eight-wicket win against Sri Lanka. Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s Ace player, had hit 54 runs on 40 balls. The Sri Lankan team could only make 138 runs while giving six wickets.

Herath, the Sri Lankan Hero

Sri Lanka was the one that gained the title as the champion of the 2014 tournament in Bangladesh. Rangana Herath’s skills made them win in the semi-finals in which they were facing New Zealand.

Herath took five wickets for three runs, and players like Brendon McCullum, Ross Taylor, Jimmy Neesham, Luke Ronchi, and Trent Boult were on. the list who he dismissed

An epic game of Root and Roy

In the year 2016, the South African team and England were against each other on the pitch. The number of runs that had to be chased by England was 229. Sri Lankan players like Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock, and JP Duminy all had made half-centuries. All you have to do is to read fantasy cricket tips before the match starts to give you some extra notes for creating your cricket team.

It was a high score to reach, but England’s players Joe Root who made 83 runs in 44 balls, and Jason Roy, who made 43 runs in 16 deliveries, turned the table around, and England penned the victory with the help of Moeen Ali in the last over.

Virat Kohli’s most significant moment against Australia

In the tournament 0f, 2016 India’s Captain Virat Kohli had made an unbeaten score of 82 runs. This moment is the most powerful moment of the tournament. He made it possible for the team to win in a do-or-die match. This moment made him one of the best players to chase runs making their team win.


As the ICC T20 world cup season is around, the excitement to experience some best moments is also there. People are waiting to support their favorite teams.

While the T20 World Cup 2021 is going to start soon, this article will give you nostalgia for some of the best moments of past world cups. From Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes to Virat Kohli’s runs, the list is full of some heroic moments of some great players. 

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4 Tips For Designing Golf Course Hole Signs




4 Tips For Designing Golf Course Hole Signs

Golf course sign boards have several uses, majorly for promotion. The design of these signs are not known to be flashy. They should be classy, uncomplicated and accessible. The basic idea to get the golf course hole signs designed is a reflection of their purpose. It is good to hire professionals for carrying out a perfect design. But in case you are the designer in charge, make sure the design is simple yet attractive. Here are a few tips that will help you to carry out the whole thing really well.

Focus on viewers experience

With the changing and developing world, dsigns are no more just the pictures on an ad. They are recognition and creation of an experience for the target audience. The moment you plan to design golf course signs, our only motive should be to design experience. Whether you are creating an ad for the sponsors on that sign board or it’s just a navigating sign, customer experience should be your main focus. Your design should be able to draw the attention of the target audience and make them curious for the brand whose name is put on the board.

Do not overwhelm your guests with too much information, too many graphics and a bright layer of color. This might detract the audience. Rather include necessary information so that the event can run smoothly.

Blend into the landscape

When we talk about golf course hole signs, we generally want a design that is out of the box. Well here we definitely need something unique and creative but not a design that has no relevance with the environment. Your design should blend into the landscape so well that it doesn’t seem out of the theme. Work on elements like colors, graphics etc. Colors like blue and green are suitable for such events. You can also include graphics related to grass so that it strikes a great balance. Long story short, create a design that reflects the nature of the venet and still catches everyone’s eye.

A pop of color

The next is a critical design challenge which is also a must have. By including a pop of colors in your design you can make it stand out. Try testing some colors in advance and then add them to your palette. This will help you save time and serve the best. Pop of bright colors like red and yellow are also a great choice for golf course hole signs. Again, do not add too much of anything. You just want enough color that draws the eye.

Golf theme content

When you see people gathering on the golf course, it is because they love the sport. Hence adding additional references on the sign boards will work out really well. Add content related to the theme to emphasize the spirit of the day. But do not do it in a way that overkill’s the whole enthusiasm. Design a golf course hole sign as easy as including a golf ball in the artwork. You can even give your design the shape of a ball. These little things will add up really well to your designs.

Make sure your designs create a holistic experience for the visitors and relevant details as per the guidelines of sponsors.

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lawn bowls scoreboards

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Top 10 Basketball Training Equipment and Aids for Players




Top 10 Basketball Training Equipment and Aids for Players

It’s no secret that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is an intense, highly competitive game with a lot of strategy and skill involved. There are different levels of play — from recreational to professional — and each level has its own set of rules and regulations that players must abide by.

As such, you need to train for these specific games if you want to learn how to shoot farther in basketball! Basketball training equipment can help make your shoot basketball efforts more efficient; it enables you to focus on what matters most: getting better at playing the game itself! In this article, we’ll explore what basketball training equipment is necessary for both beginners and pros alike as well as why they’re important. We’ll also cover 10 items that should be in everyone’s basketball training kit!

What are basketball training equipment and aids?

Basketball training equipment and aids are tools that can help you enhance your performance and make the most out of drills, exercises and games. They aren’t strictly necessary for playing a game but they will definitely give you an edge!

As such, if you’re someone who takes their basketball seriously or is looking to get better at it, this kind of equipment should be in your home gym without question!

Why do you need basketball training equipment and aids?

Here are some of the reasons you need basketball training equipment and aids:

  • They allow you to make a drill harder or easier as needed. For example, if your players can’t do pull ups then they’ll struggle with pushups too. It’s better that only those who can handle it come down for pushups!
  • Some drills require equipment such as cones and rebounder basketball machine which makes them look more professional and less like practice on someone’s driveway. This is useful because young athletes will actually take these seriously but without any kind of indication from surroundings, might not have done so otherwise!

Top basketball training equipment and aids

1. Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball 

This is one of our favorite balls at Shootaway. It’s an indoor ball made with the same material as outdoor balls but with an indoor grip. It’s made for a great bounce and feels like a traditional basketball, not some light-weight sponge ball.

The Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball is our top pick because it has been designed to make playing indoors easier than ever before! This ‘indoor’ ball is perfect for young athletes who are learning how to shoot in tight spaces or play on court surfaces that aren’t large enough for full sized regulation courts!

2. Basketball Dribbling Goggles

The Basketball Dribbling Goggles are an excellent choice for young players who want to develop their dribble move. It comprises of a padded ball holder that fits over the nose and two elastic bands to hold it in place. It allows players to develop their dribbling skills without having a basketball, while improving hand-eye coordination at the same time!

The Dribbling Goggles are great for little ones who need extra help with their dribble move or balance! They’re also perfect for older kids who want to play full games but can’t because they don’t have a ball – this is an excellent way of keeping practice high quality when you aren’t able to easily give them access to one.

D-Man has actually been designed by NBA player trainers (and used during training) so beginners will be developing exactly what professional athletes do all year round!

3. D-Man

The D-Man is a unique basketball training tool that can be used to improve your ball handling skills, agility and body coordination. It consists of a pivoting pole with a D-shaped hoop which you place on the floor. The D-Man is made of sturdy steel and can be used for any age group, whether it’s to assist beginner players or help train professional athletes to get ready for big games!

4. Agility Ladder

The agility ladder is an equipment tool that can be used to improve your foot speed, coordination and agility. It’s a great piece of basketball training equipment for all players! There are many different programs you can follow too such as plyometrics – exercises which involve rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (muscles become stronger, more flexible and efficient).

The agility ladder is made from nylon fabric so it doesn’t cause any harm when running over them wearing shoes or bare feet. A must have if you’re serious about improving footwork on the court!

5. Skipping Rope

Skipping is a great exercise for basketball training. It’s not only good to improve your cardiovascular fitness, but it also helps with coordination and timing too! The skipping rope comes in different weights so you can choose the weight that suits you best.

The ropes are made from PVC which means they’re durable enough to last long if used correctly on hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac. Just be sure you don’t jump onto soft surfaces like grass because this may puncture them causing damage or injury – ouch!

6. Basketball Court Markers

The next piece of equipment you need to consider is the four lines on a basketball court. These are used for all different types of games and drills, even with younger players so it’s important they can be seen clearly!

Be sure not to use chalk because this may cause dust which could harm your lungs if inhaled – especially when playing indoors or in other confined spaces. The ideal alternative choice would be reflective spray paint as long as the weather conditions aren’t too cloudy/rainy etc… If anything, else, try these markers first before resorting to painting them yourself – it should save you time and money!

7. Basketball Shooting Machine

A basketball shooting machine is quite possibly one of the best investments you can make as a player or coach in any of the basketball shooting machine schools. It allows for countless hours to be spent honing your shot, no matter how much time you have available – it’s like having an assistant who never tires!

If you’re looking at investing in this type of equipment then we’d suggest checking out the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine . Not only does it allow players to shoot with both hands (which will help even better when mastering their hook shots) but also has 12 pre-programmed training drills which are suitable for any level/age group and includes many different variations on layups etc…

8. Weighted Basketballs

Weighted basketballs can help with several elements of your game. One of the most common uses is to work on dribbling and passing skills as they force you to handle a moving object that’s much harder than usual. As such, players must be gentler and more accurate when taking care of the ball which requires great amounts of skill!

If this sounds like something, you’d benefit from then why not check out some online? These come in different weights so it’s possible for coaches to choose what would suit their needs best – heavy balls will obviously aid strength but lighter ones are perfect if you’re just looking at improving handling abilities (as we stated previously).

9. Pass Toss Back

Pass Toss Back is a great facility basketball machine and aid that allows you to work on passing skills in an effective way. It features large targets with easy-to-track bright colors which makes this simple stick perfect for young players who are just starting out playing the game!

A good thing about Pass Toss Back is that it works well indoors or outdoors – but if weather conditions aren’t favorable than simply fold down one of its legs, secure them together via a hook and loop fastener strap and use it as a wall pass trainer instead.

10. Dribble Stick

The Dribble Stick is a basketball training equipment and aid that works to improve dribbling skills, ball control as well as quickness. It’s also effective for improving your reaction time.

What makes the Dribble stick so special? Well it has been specially designed with foam handles which allows you to hold onto it comfortably without slipping – not only this but they’re lightweight too!


The list of equipment and aids for basketball players is long, but don’t get discouraged! It just means there are many more opportunities to find the perfect training tool. Once you’ve found what works best for your game style, give it a try with our top 10 items on the market today. 

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Best Boxing Shoes for All Skill Levels



The Top 10 Best Boxing Shoes Under $100 (Buying guide) – ShortBoxing

It’s easy to assume that boxing consists just of punches, jabs, and upper-body maneuvers. While these maneuvers are important in boxing, it is your footwork that sets everything in motion. Having the finest boxing shoes allows you to stay light on your feet while pivoting and moving fluidly.

Boxers of all levels, from amateur to professional, rely heavily on synchronized footwork for most of their technique. And shoes that don’t slow you down are essential for coordinated footwork. When it comes to boxing, proper lower body movement is equally as important as proper upper body movement.

In boxing, proper footwork is essential, and if you can’t move your feet quickly enough, you’ll struggle in the ring and are much more likely to be struck by your opponent. In pure training routines, it’s critical to nail your footwork since it translates directly to what you’ll do in a real fight. Even if you’re only trying to get in shape, good footwork gives your punches greater force, which leads to better training results.

A high-quality pair of shoes is the cornerstone of high-quality boxing training. Solid boxing shoes ensure that training sessions are enjoyable and productive, regardless of your level of expertise. 

Factors to consider when buying boxing shoes

Ability to grip & pivot

It might be the most significant factor to consider while looking for the finest boxing shoe for your needs. Gripping and pivoting are two traits that are the polar opposites of each other.

A good pair of boxing gloves will help you punch harder by transferring force from your lower body to your upper body as you punch through. So, you need to grip, yet doing so reduces the capacity of your shoes to pivot. You must, however, need to pivot since it allows you to be nimbler and out-angle your opponent. Yet boosting your pivoting ability will need you to lower your shoe’s gripping capacity.

While most boxing shoes try to balance grip and pivot, the precise mix of gripping and pivoting is a matter of personal choice. Perhaps grip is more essential to you if you want to concentrate on power. If you want to concentrate on agility, you’d need to look for more pivoting ability in your shoe.

The sole of the shoe

The insole and how your feet feel merely standing in your boxing shoes are the first things to consider. It should be tight but not uncomfortable, and you should not feel unbalanced in any way. Check that your feet are in a normal position; if they are pronating, you should get new boxing shoes.

Second, take the thickness of the outside sole into account. Thinner soles make you feel more connected to the ground, but they also put greater strain on your feet, making them uncomfortable and fatigued. A thicker outer rubber sole will keep your feet comfier, allowing you to punch harder, but you will feel less connected to the ground, resulting in a loss of balance.

The texture of the outside sole is the third factor to consider. While rubber outsoles are found on 99 percent of boxing boots, pay attention to the pattern of those rubber soles. Flat surfaces make it easier to feel the ground, whereas soles with rough and swirly patterns provide additional traction.

Ankle Support – Low, Mid, or High-Tops

It’s not about how stylish or what the style of a shoe is; it’s about the amount of support each style can give not just for your feet, but also for your ankles and knees. Almost every part of your boxing training will include explosive lower-body motions, weight shifting, and quick turns. Unsurprisingly, all of this is taxing on your feet, ankles, and knees.

Fragile joints are easy to sprain and fracture, so you’ll know if you have them. If you’re concerned about injury, a high-top is the way to go. If you’re naturally agile or have strong joints, a low-top shoe will help you maximize your natural agility. If you’re just getting started or aren’t sure, a mid-top will give you the perfect blend.

Thickness & weight

You may choose a thicker, heavier boxing shoe since it provides more support to your feet, ankles, and knees. A lighter boxing shoe, on the other hand, may help you feel nimbler and in sync with the ground under you. It’s all up to you and your own personal preference.


This one’s a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook comfort while choosing a pair of boxing shoes. Remember, the discomfort to your feet will translate to poor performance during training and bouts in the ring. 

The best of the rest

We’ve listed the factors to consider when getting the perfect pair of boxing shoes, we’ll do you another solid and give you our best pick out of all the options online.

Superior Boxing Shoes

As the name suggests, these Starpro boxing shoes provide the perfect balance of agility, balance, and traction, feel the floor whilst delivering powerful punches and dancing around your opponent. 

Thanks to an agile suede upper and a breathable Hydra-Flow mesh inner, your feet remain cool and nimble throughout the fight and rigorous training sessions.

Their lightweight design and unrestrictive fit help you to establish your rhythm in the ring, making them perhaps the greatest boxing shoes for style and comfort. They’re intended to support and supplely stabilize the ankle while retaining freedom of motion, with a front strap that preserves responsiveness in movement. The rubber sole is flexible, sturdy, and gripping, giving you confidence in your footwork when you need to throw those strong punches, making them one of the best fighting shoes available.

Size: 36-48

Color: Black, White 

For more boxing gear to add to your sick new shoes, click here.

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