Best Apps for Prank Calls and Pranks

While social media stars pulling off hilarious pranks have never been more popular, fewer people today are trying their own. 

So why aren’t pranks being played anymore amongst us? Simply put, they may not be worth the risk anymore. For example, an innocent prank call where your caller ID gets exposed could have the police arriving at your doorstep. 

Thankfully since prank apps arrived on the scene, playing your practical jokes has made a marvellous comeback. Prank call apps, in particular, have taken the world by storm, guaranteeing users to remain anonymous every time. 

Below we have compiled a shortlist of our best prank call apps and more general prank apps of 2020, explaining their unique features and how they could be superior to playing traditional pranks. 

Let’s begin!

Best prank call apps

Fake Call

Fake call is a prank dial app that lets users schedule incoming calls. The trick here is that they’re fake, and nobody will be on the other line when you answer the phone.

Bogus incoming calls can be made to trick others nearby. For example, if you’re working and desperately need to leave, organize a call and pretend you have an emergency. To further give credence to your prank, you can even assign a fake contact number and name to your caller. 

The app’s SMS feature is also highly versatile, which like its fake call counterpart lets you send incoming messages to yourself. Message content can also be manipulated beforehand and can be saved and used repeatedly. 

Faking calling apps give countless possibilities for pranks as it’s entirely up to the user and their imagination.  


If prank calls don’t happen to be your forte, but you love playing them anyway, then this prescripted prank dial app will do wonders.

The OwnagePranks app offers well over 100 pre-recorded calls (with new ones being added regularly) containing different prank scenarios – a work colleague accusing you of blowing up the toilet at work or a disgruntled taxi driver. 

Since each prank script is unique and applicable to typical everyday situations, you’ll never run out of material to prank your friends. As of now, you’ll receive one free prank call a day. After receiving your credit, pick an appropriate prank script, choose your contact and call. During calls, you’ll be able to listen in and laugh at the hilarious reactions. 

Although an automated call may not sound like much, it does a remarkable job of emulating a real person over the phone. You see, the app’s speech recognition AI can recognize keywords and detect silence, ensuring conversations run smoothly every time.

Best Prank apps

Bee Swatter Prank Game

‘Assumptions are the mother of all mistakes’ is a saying that the Bee Swatter Prank Game takes full advantage off when pranking its victims.

Although the app appears to be another platformer game, it’s a prank app that tricks people into believing they’ve broken your phone.  

The game is simple enough, swat the bee swarms by hitting the screen with your finger, until the level is complete. Just get a friend to play through the game until they’ve reached the final level.

Once the queen bee shows up, the phone will automatically stop and simultaneously make a loud cracking noise. And since the game requires a lot of finger bashing on the screen, your buddy will immediately assume he or she broke your phone. 

Fart Cushion

Flatulence humour may get old for a while with your friends, but it’s definitely stood the test of time and is still highly comical in pop culture today. And while I love placing the odd whoopee cushion under a friends seat, the fart cushion app is something I’d choose over the two every day of the week. 

Extremely similar to a whoopee cushion that needs to be placed sneakily on a person’s seat,  ‘Fart Cushion’ offers more customizable features. The app has inbuilt sensors that can detect proximity, touch and even uses GPS. Users can also change sensor sensitivity, playing play fart sounds once your target is within a certain distance from the phone. 

The app also includes a timer of when fart noises will play, so pranks can be delayed even after your friend sits down. A delayed fart noise will add more believability to the prank, unlike a whoopee cushion which can be recognized immediately.

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