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Best Apps for Prank Calls and Pranks



While social media stars pulling off hilarious pranks have never been more popular, fewer people today are trying their own. 

So why aren’t pranks being played anymore amongst us? Simply put, they may not be worth the risk anymore. For example, an innocent prank call where your caller ID gets exposed could have the police arriving at your doorstep. 

Thankfully since prank apps arrived on the scene, playing your practical jokes has made a marvellous comeback. Prank call apps, in particular, have taken the world by storm, guaranteeing users to remain anonymous every time. 

Below we have compiled a shortlist of our best prank call apps and more general prank apps of 2020, explaining their unique features and how they could be superior to playing traditional pranks. 

Let’s begin!

Best prank call apps

Fake Call

Fake call is a prank dial app that lets users schedule incoming calls. The trick here is that they’re fake, and nobody will be on the other line when you answer the phone.

Bogus incoming calls can be made to trick others nearby. For example, if you’re working and desperately need to leave, organize a call and pretend you have an emergency. To further give credence to your prank, you can even assign a fake contact number and name to your caller. 

The app’s SMS feature is also highly versatile, which like its fake call counterpart lets you send incoming messages to yourself. Message content can also be manipulated beforehand and can be saved and used repeatedly. 

Faking calling apps give countless possibilities for pranks as it’s entirely up to the user and their imagination.  


If prank calls don’t happen to be your forte, but you love playing them anyway, then this prescripted prank dial app will do wonders.

The OwnagePranks app offers well over 100 pre-recorded calls (with new ones being added regularly) containing different prank scenarios – a work colleague accusing you of blowing up the toilet at work or a disgruntled taxi driver. 

Since each prank script is unique and applicable to typical everyday situations, you’ll never run out of material to prank your friends. As of now, you’ll receive one free prank call a day. After receiving your credit, pick an appropriate prank script, choose your contact and call. During calls, you’ll be able to listen in and laugh at the hilarious reactions. 

Although an automated call may not sound like much, it does a remarkable job of emulating a real person over the phone. You see, the app’s speech recognition AI can recognize keywords and detect silence, ensuring conversations run smoothly every time.

Best Prank apps

Bee Swatter Prank Game

‘Assumptions are the mother of all mistakes’ is a saying that the Bee Swatter Prank Game takes full advantage off when pranking its victims.

Although the app appears to be another platformer game, it’s a prank app that tricks people into believing they’ve broken your phone.  

The game is simple enough, swat the bee swarms by hitting the screen with your finger, until the level is complete. Just get a friend to play through the game until they’ve reached the final level.

Once the queen bee shows up, the phone will automatically stop and simultaneously make a loud cracking noise. And since the game requires a lot of finger bashing on the screen, your buddy will immediately assume he or she broke your phone. 

Fart Cushion

Flatulence humour may get old for a while with your friends, but it’s definitely stood the test of time and is still highly comical in pop culture today. And while I love placing the odd whoopee cushion under a friends seat, the fart cushion app is something I’d choose over the two every day of the week. 

Extremely similar to a whoopee cushion that needs to be placed sneakily on a person’s seat,  ‘Fart Cushion’ offers more customizable features. The app has inbuilt sensors that can detect proximity, touch and even uses GPS. Users can also change sensor sensitivity, playing play fart sounds once your target is within a certain distance from the phone. 

The app also includes a timer of when fart noises will play, so pranks can be delayed even after your friend sits down. A delayed fart noise will add more believability to the prank, unlike a whoopee cushion which can be recognized immediately.

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Forensic Computer Analyst – Providing Solutions Worthwhile



Forensic Computer


Forensic computer analyst (FCA) is a term used to describe a professional responsible for performing computer forensic analysis. FCA professionals have years of experience in assistance at any stage of an investigation or litigation. They are experts in data recovery, forensic testing and analysis, and data destruction. Their experts have a strong understanding of computer forensic investigation methodologies, allowing them to quickly and accurately complete complex investigations. They are responsible for retrieving data from digital systems and analyzing it to obtain clues that may lead to the capture of a criminal or terrorist suspect. Forensic analysts are also used in prosecutions to help mount a case against a perpetrator. They provide solutions to problems that can help prosecutors and defendants win cases.

Forensic Computer Analyst as your trusted and reliable computer forensics experts

A forensic computer analyst (FCA) is an expert in analyzing digital data to determine whether it is from a crime or an accident. This experience allows FCA to quickly identify and fix problems with computer systems, which can lead to arrests and prosecutions. FCA’s skills also allow them to investigate crimes that may have occurred on thousands of computers across the globe. One of the most important decisions you make regarding your computer forensic investigations is who to trust as your forensic computer analyst. Forensic computer analysts are experts in analyzing digital evidence and have the skills and experience to help you solve Crimes Against Computer Technology cases. They are also highly reliable and can quickly provide the information you need to prosecute your case. They are also highly experienced in recovering evidence from digital devices. FCA’s expertise is essential for guilty or innocent defendants, prosecutors, investigators, and law enforcement officers who need to access and analyze digital evidence.

Benefits of Working with Forensic Computer Analyst

Forensic computer analysts are vital to investigations and prosecutions. They use powerful computers to help identify and analyze data from physical evidence. In some cases, forensic computer analysts work closely with police officers to help solve crimes. They can also be used in other forensic settings, such as the analysis of digital images and videos. The benefits of working with a forensic computer analyst are vast.

By gathering and analyzing data from digital evidence, FCA can help investigators piece together a crime scene, identify potential suspects, and build a case against them. In addition to its investigative value, FCA also has protection implications. Forensic experts can help protect vital evidence from being destroyed or damaged during an investigation and help identify potential victims or witnesses.

They use various tools and techniques to analyze computer files and data. These analysts can help identify hidden evidence, document the course of events, and provide clues that can lead to the arrest of criminals. They are an essential part of any detective department and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.


Forensic computer analyst provides worthwhile solutions, as they offer a unique perspective on the case in question. This perspective can be extremely helpful in solving Mysteries, providing valuable evidence to support prosecutions and exonerating defendants.

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LANARS is a leading MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT company that offers a comprehensive suite of services for businesses of all sizes. They have a team of experienced developers who can handle all aspects of custom mobile app development, from creativity and design to development and launch. They specialize in developing native iOS and Android and cross-platform and Flutter apps. No matter your requirements, we can help you create a high-quality, scalable, and user-friendly mobile app that meets your specific needs. LANARS provides iOS and Android development services that integrate motion services, fingerprint scanning, and camera API. This makes it possible for developers to develop smartwatches, smartphones, and innovative TVs applications. With LANARS’ help, developers can create applications that are safe and secure as well as easy to use.


Why Choose LANARS for your Mobile App Development?

Regarding mobile app development, you want to choose a company with a lot of experience that can create high-quality apps. LANARS has years of experience in the field and has successfully created apps for both iOS and Android. The company has a team of skilled developers who can create custom apps according to your specifications. In addition, LANARS offers affordable prices and is always willing to work with you to ensure that you are happy with the final product. There are many reasons to choose LANARS for your mobile app development needs. First, they have a team of experienced and talented developers who can create high-quality apps. Second, they use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your app is up-to-date and runs smoothly. Third, they offer competitive pricing that is tailored to your budget. Fourth, they have a proven track record of delivering successful apps.


Who should use the services of LANARS for MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT?

LANARS is a leading MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT company known for handling all the stages of custom mobile application development. From developing a basic mobile app to creating a high-end platform, LANARS covers it all. This makes the company one of the most reliable in the industry and ensures that your project will be completed on time and with the best quality.

The services of LANARS are perfect for businesses of all sizes that are looking to develop a mobile app. Whether you need a simple app for your business or a complex app with multiple features, LANARS has the experience and expertise to get the job done. They will work with you to understand your needs and develop a custom solution that meets your specific requirements. So if you’re looking for MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT services, LANARS is an excellent option.

Anyone who needs help with developing a mobile app should consider LANARS. The company has a lot of experience in the field, and they can help you create an app that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, their customer service is excellent, so you can be sure that you’ll be taken care of throughout the process.



LANARS is an excellent platform that handles all stages of custom mobile application development. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to create an intelligent and efficient mobile app.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business




Artificial Intelligence

In the past, businesses primarily used AI for research and development, marketing, and customer service. However, the impact of AI can be seen significantly in different businesses. It is now used in many applications, including supply chain management, finance, and HR. This shift is due to the declining cost of computing power and factors mentioned in the graph below.

Following are some of the impacts of AI on businesses.

Adding Labels to Text

As businesses increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to automate various tasks, text annotation has become an important tool for training and deploying AI models. Text annotation is adding labels or tags to pieces of text, which can help machines “learn” and perform functions such as sentiment analysis or topic classification.

One everyday use of AI is data annotation outsourcing. It is when businesses use AI to automatically label data sets so that one can use them for training machine learning models. It can be expensive and time-consuming if done manually, but it can be cost-effective when outsourced.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is one of the most impactful applications of artificial intelligence in business. It enables organizations to automate tasks and processes that previously required human intervention, such as customer service, data entry, and transcription.

This technology is particularly valuable in healthcare, where accurate and timely documentation is essential. Companies can use it to improve the accuracy of voice-based search engines and virtual assistants.

Despite its many benefits, speech recognition is not without its challenges. The most significant challenge is that it requires high accuracy to be effective. It can be difficult to achieve, particularly in noisy environments or when accents are involved. By outsourcing the data annotation, this problem can be resolved.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing businesses across industries. One of the most impactful applications of AI is in the field of 3D point cloud annotation. Point cloud annotation is a process of labeling 3D data points so you can use them for training machine learning models. This process is essential for many applications, such as autonomous driving, object detection, and recognition.

Traditional methods of point cloud annotation are time-consuming and require expert knowledge. However, with AI-powered point cloud annotation tools, businesses can automate the process and get more accurate results in a fraction of the time.

There are many different types of 3D point cloud annotation tools available on the market, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Businesses must carefully select the right tool for their specific needs.

Using video annotation services, you can use the annotated 3D point clouds to train machine learning models that you can deploy in various business applications.

Rapid Pace of Innovation

With Artificial Intelligence, businesses can develop new products and services much faster and more efficiently.

One area where AI has a significant impact is video annotation services. This technology can automatically add labels and tags to video content, making it easier to search and organize. It is conduciцй3ve for businesses with an extensive video library, such as news organizations or video-sharing platforms.


As businesses continue to adopt AI at a rapid pace, the impact of this technology will only continue to grow. Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses’ operations and opening up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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AI tools for podcasts and video content creators



Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated over the years, and now with the Metaverse setting up a digital world powered by AI and blockchain technology, the possibilities of AI integrations have increased. Taking a step back, AI has become more accessible and ready to use at the system level in organizations and for business purposes. One of those levels is for speech production, where AI experts are working tirelessly to mimic the human response rate, type, and tone to replace human interaction with AI speech bots. 

Why is AI useful for speech production?

It automates responses according to the data it is fed. This takes away a lot of duplication that humans otherwise have to do for queries that repeat. 

Simon Brisk is the CEO of Click Intelligence, a B2B digital marketing agency that has been beta testing with AI technology.

According to Simon, AI is slowly making room in the blogging industry with its own benefits and optimizations. “As the name suggests, I integrate AI and Machine learning technology to optimize the marketing campaigns at Click Intelligence. Recently I’ve also been researching on the potential of speech bots to interact with clients and I’m excited to learn what’s upcoming”.

Best AI products for podcasts and videos for non-professionals

AI tools have made it easier for people to express themselves creatively without getting certified for technical expertise. For example, bloggers now only have to write down their script and can use AI speech tools and video making tools to narrate and create their content – ready for posting! Here are some of the best AI tools for podcasts and video makers: 


One of the most efficient tools for developing content videos is GliaCloud – super easy to use for making videos from just text! It converts the text into a video that goes with the script and can be edited according to requirements. This tool is a favourite among digital advertisers, bloggers, and video content creators who can now just feed their script to GliaCloud and get a ready-made video.


Invideo also equips people to feed in text and generate videos for their blogs. It has over 5000 templates to choose from and lets you edit, choose the music track, and add transitions in the video to personalize it. For people who are more used to using Adobe Premiere Pro, Invideo is the right video-generating tool for them because of the numerous editing options. For beginners, GliaCloud is the best option because of it’s basic user interface. 


Specifically for podcasters, descript is an AI powered tool that that optimizes the quality and content of a podcast. It takes care of the audio quality, speed, scheduling, and the background noise seamlessly. The tool also transcribes the podcast automatically and aligns it with your voiceover.  Using the AI based optimization settings, you can also tweak your voice to make it sound more appealing to the audience, so they stay tuned! It’s a very popular tool among podcasters who run their content through Descript before posting it on large platforms.

What can users expect in the future in this area?

There are still some hiccups from AI technology when it comes to interpreting text with context. People still have to check and edit the videos created by the AI tools because some phrases are taken without context, or some figures of speech are taken literally. That’s where human intervention is still necessary because a figure of speech gone wrong can deliver the wrong message from podcasters who are essentially influencers in today’s entertainment market.

There’s also the risk of AI going sentient – something that the world is yet to come to terms with. Recently, Google did give us a sentient AI scare when one of the employees claimed to have been in conversation with a 7-year-old child which turned out to be an AI bot. This claim was declared false by the authorities at Google, but essentially that’s the kind of perfection in AI speech that inventors are looking for without compromising the safety of humans. 

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Gen Z Marketing: Fastest-Growing Audience Demographic



Each generation has earned the title of a trailblazer. Right now, the world is looking towards Generation Z – those born between 1997 and 2012 and who are rapidly entering the workforce – as a forerunner of predominant traits and perceptions that will characterize the years ahead.

In this post, we delve into the latest study on “dot com kids” from LinkedIn and others, designed to highlight what today’s marketing experts have to know to help explain and engage our brand new clients and coworkers.

One might mistake Gen Zers for Millennials 2.0: a generation rechristened for advertising purposes. However, only 23% of Millennial consumers believe they were comparable to Gen Z in terms of their age. Here, we look at Gen Zers’ daily habits, values, and preferences and how to apply this knowledge. Let’s get to know them.

Who Is Gen Z and Why Marketers Should Know Them

Gen Zers range in age from 9 to 24. The largest generation in history, Generation Z, has emerged as the extremely fast section of online shoppers and will soon overtake them. While this expansion is essential, Gen Z’s characteristics make a difference to trend-spotting marketing companies, which represent wider shift patterns in society and clients as a whole. According to a study, by 2025, Gen Z workers will account for 27% of the workforce. To get along with these newcomers, brands must begin building relationships with Gen Zers now.

Understanding Gen Z’s Digital Habits

Gen Zers, like millennials before them, are digitally ahead of the curve. Unlike many “older” millennials, Gen Z is the first global generation born with a digital connection. This explains their preference for social media platforms such as Linkedin. Shaun Connell, a US entrepreneur, thinks of Gen Z as “A socially-savvy generation,” and “Members of Gen Z are inspired by trending products and experiences that focus on novelty and diversity.”

The majority of Gen Zers (71%) spend more than an hour per day on social media, and 63% visit LinkedIn more than once per week. According to other research, Gen Z spends nearly an hour more per day on social media than the average millennial.

Gen Z isn’t merely connected, they’re hyperconnected: 74% of Gen Zers say they spend their free time online, and 66% report using multiple connected devices simultaneously. The same research shows Gen Z to be smartphone-centric, with nearly three-quarters using their smartphone more often than computers or other devices.

Which Traits and Values Best Define Gen Z?

Gen Z, aka “Zoomers,” are the most mobile generation in another sense, surpassing millennials as the most on-the-move cohort. They’ve emerged as the most mobile segment of the workforce as well. Since the pandemic began, people have been moving around the country; the migration rate has increased by 23% in the U.S. 

Which is to say, Gen Z is career-motivated. In addition to their willingness to change scenery during a pandemic, Gen Z is aware that they’ll need to put in the work to achieve their goals: 77% believe they will need to work harder compared to those in past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional career.

Gen Z is aware of other areas as well. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed by LinkedIn said they value knowing what is happening around them and being in control. Gen Zers crave stability – nearly three-quarters value career success (73%) and financial security (72%). Gen Z also displays increasing regard for eco-consciousness and social equality, putting added pressure on companies to demonstrate their contribution to fighting widespread issues.

Gen Zers, especially those on LinkedIn, have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. They’re interested in economics, finance, investments, and business—one out of five studied in a business-related field.

Gen Z Engagement Trends

The way Gen Z learns is also distinct. Whereas previous generations concentrated on soft skills and preferred to learn during the week, Gen Z prefers to improve their hard skills and is willing to learn on weekends.

On LinkedIn, Gen Z interaction (as measured by the total amount of meetings) is 2.7x higher than it was at the start of 2020, which is consistent with YoY trends. Gen Z’s preferred content reflects their passion for technology and proficiencies. Front-end website development, development tools, excel sheets, market research, and business analytics are all part of the package consist the most popular topics.

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