Best Alcohol and Cigar Pairings

Best Alcohol and Cigar Pairings

Cigars and aclohol has been paired together often. When you select  alcohol to match your, you should go with the flavors and check them with weights. The following are some of the best drinks to match with your cigar.


In spirits, Bourbon and Scotch are the best products with the complexity and flavor to be paired with a cigar. The quality of a single mat, derived from the smoked peat used in filtering the spirit, is a perfect match for combining with a cigar.

The small Bourbon spirit is bottled at a higher level, which gives a full flavor with full-bodied cigars.

Coffee drinks

They are different types of coffee; Irish cream is probably the best. It generally tests the best and will increase your cigar experience when they are both paired.

In addition to that, when using Bailey, it is delicious naturally, and no need to add sugar.


It is a traditional brew partner for a cigar. Port has excellent sweetness and alcoholic power, which gives a fascinating experience when paired with smoke.

Younger vintage ports are popular because they stand up for spicy smoke. Tawny port is another type of brew, but none vintage one. It also has a good experience when paired with a cigar because it has some good characteristics.


Even during traditional times, Rum and cigar were paired and came from a similar geographical area. An example of this is that people from the United States who are making cigars also make Rum.

So these two give an excellent pair to each other. On the cigar, the cigar makers make it correct and can fit any of the drinks. Rum is known to be cheap and can sometimes ruin the best cigar.

However, when you consider buying the Rum carefully, it can give the best pair of cigars.


Martinis nowadays come in different tastes, but its advantage is that they have one familiar taste that they all contain alcohol which gives a perfect match for a cigar.

With that, it is advisable to have a taste with different types until you find which one satisfies you.

Kahlua drinks

They go great with cigars; in terms of coffee, there are many variations such as the mudslide, Nityy Irishman, and Black Russian. Black Russion is a good choice, and contains Vodka, Kahlua, and cream.


It is a traditional drink to have with a cigar. In the old days, they were drunk after meals, so they are always linked together and give a perfect pair. There is no other best drink to take after a meal compared to Cognac.

When one buys Cognac, pay keen attention to age. VS(Very Special) is among the lowest category and can ruin your combination with a cigar.

(VSOP) Very Special Old Pale is in the middle category, indicating aging at least four and a half years. Medium cigars go pretty well with this age, Cognac.


Wine is an excellent choice for cigar pairing, red, sweet, dry, or white. The lower level of alcohol can give good taste in terms of balance.

Examples of this are that white wine works well with light cigars. Red wines work well with medium cigars; sweet wines are paired with cigars that are fruity, while dry wines are paired with deeper flavors like leather. Old wines work perfectly with full-bodied cigars, while young wines work perfectly with younger cigars.


It is a type of spirit with different variations; it can be given directly or served with ice. While still considering the aging process, it can be done with a medium-full aged bodied cigar.


Drinks and cigars give the best experience, and it is a must-try for anyone who is fond of cigar and drinks.

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