best 5 apps for booking online appointment

There are many different types of online appointment scheduling software available on the market, but which ones are the best?

There are a lot of different features that make up a good appointment scheduling software. Some of them include: ease of use, reliability, customer support, and compatibility with other systems.

There are many different types of appointment scheduling software available on the market. It can be hard to find the best one for your particular needs.

The first thing to consider is what kind of features you need in your appointment scheduling software. Do you need a lot of features or would something simple do?

Do you need the ability to have multiple users with different levels of permissions? Does it matter if it’s web-based or not? What about mobile compatibility?

How important is customer service and support? Would you like a company that has been around for a long time and has proven their reliability over time or are you looking for something new and innovative that might be cheaper in the long run?

Here are some popular appointment scheduling apps that might work well for your business:

1.Zoho Bookings

is the online system created to help you schedule your appointments. The different features this easy-to-use scheduler provides, help improve your booking process and cut down on double bookings and time wasting meetings. You can bid goodbye to these hassles when you use Zoho Bookings.
The company has a team of 50+ people across India, Philippines and the US. It is backed by investors like Venture Catalysts, Kothari Capital Partners and the Agora Group.Currently Zoho Bookings has over 400 clients on board, including companies like Tesla Motors, Uber Technologies and BMW Financial Services

2.Qik Chat

Have you ever wondered why some teams have a much higher conversion rate than others? It may be because they are putting more effort into tracking their prospects, and that’s the key to having successful sales conversations.
 Post a challenge- Connect with qualified people who want to win- Close deals, form partnerships and establish new relationshipsIt’s never been easier to connect with businesses and grow your business.


was founded by Nemesh Singh in 2006. They’re from Bhopal, India, and have most of their workforce there. In their free plan they have Square payment and Reserve with Google. .What is their revenue model?They charge credit card fees as fees.

Appointy is a powerful tool for small businesses because it lets you schedule appointments online, send automated reminders, and serves as a central hub for all your online business ventures.and Google calendar, accept online prepayments, create deals & discounts and much more.  

Appointy supports over 100 verticals. No matter what the size of your business, we have a plan designed specifically for you. Find out why over 150,000 businesses around the world trust Appointy. Our basic plan is free for you forever. Register now!


Picktime is an online appointment booking platform. It can help you make decisions on business related processes such as staff management, meetings and reservations.

Make better business decisions

Picktime was created to make decisions about business processes easier. With more than 100,000 registered users, Picktime is helping people make better decisions on their day to day business processes.

Picktime is also a social networking platform that connects people in the same industry. It offers chat rooms where users can find advice and guidance from other professionals.

In an interview, CEO and Founder of Picktime, Matt Yusupov describes what separates Picktime from other

Professionals can utilize the platform to share booking links with clients, send email or text reminders, and reschedule appointments using a drag-and-drop interface.

provides appointment scheduling software tools and they’ve developed paid plans with a great deal of functionality. It’s an Austin based company and they release updates every few weeks. is the perfect solution for service based businesses and can take care of pretty much everything to do with accepting appointments, collecting feedback, and sending reminders!

Both service providers and clients. .Spending too much time on tasks that are not generating revenue?”The two hours a week you spend setting up appointments could make a big difference in how much you earn.”

“It’s a balancing act between the time we spend on tasks that make money and those that don’t.

software includes tools for scheduling appointments, time tracking, and accounting of revenue. In addition to its business application, user-generated reviews indicate that the software works well as a personal appointment scheduler as well. differentiates itself from competitor.

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