Benefits of Veterinary Compounding

Pets are an important part of the family, and keeping a check on their health is extremely important. They cannot speak how they feel, which is why being their owner, you must take them to the veterinarian regularly. They can suffer from health issues like infections, cancers, skin rashes and even diabetes and to treat them timely medication is a must. But, feeding medicines to pets is a tough job. Pets create fuss just like kids when given medicine. This is where veterinary compounding helps.

Veterinary compounded medicines are special medicines that are created by trained compounding pharmacists. These medicines only contain a specified amount of ingredients as suggested by the vet and hence are more effective. Moreover, it is recommended to never mix drugs without consulting with the veterinarian as the tolerance level of every patient (pet) is different.

Probing further, let us discuss some advantages of veterinary compounding.

Flavors can be added to compounded medicines – This is the most basic reason for which pet owners consider giving their pets the compounded medicine. Many pets don’t eat medicine because of it being distasteful. But, to improve their health, they need to eat the medicine, and it can be done by getting the medicine compounded with the flavors they love. Thanks to the advancement in pharmacy industry that favorite flavors of your pets can be added in the medication. Flavor choices include beef, fruit, tuna, and animal-safe chocolate.

More than one dosage can be compounded in one medicine – Another major benefit of switching to veterinary compounded medication is that different doses can be combined in one single tablet. Thus, you don’t have to struggle much to make your pet consume different medicines. Compounding pharmacists on the prescription of vets can combine two to three doses in a single pill.

Easy administration – If you have a four-legged friend in the home, then you must understand how difficult it is to medicate the pets. Dogs and cats run away when they see medicine that is not good in taste. You have to run after them here and there just to give them a few drops of medicine. Because of this reason, your pet will not get the dose they need to be fine, and their health may worsen. If you are madly in love with your pet, then the situation may become stressful for you. But, if you use veterinary compounding pharmacy, then it will become easy for you to administer your pet.

Compounded medicine has less dosage of drugs – If your furry friend is suffering from several health problems, then you may have to feed it with several medicines that can lead to over dosage. This, in the long run, can lead to major side effects. But, if you switch to a compounding pharmacy, you can prevent your pet from the side effects of over dosage. A trusted and reputable compounding pharmacist in collaboration with your pet’s vet can mix all the medicines in one dose that can protect it from unwanted health concerns in future.

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