Benefits of skills testing applicants to filter and find the best candidates

In these competitive times, proactive recruiters utilise a variety of tools to ensure that the hiring process is smooth and their candidates the best in the market. As a result, skills testing software and recruitment CRM software systems have proven to be extremely valuable for recruiters. 

Many staffing agencies are accustomed to using good recruitment CRM software solutions. However, only a few may be familiar with the advantages that come from applying skills assessment tests during the pre-employment stage.

Those who do integrate skills testing software and skills tests as part of their recruiting process enjoy a better calibre of shortlisted candidates. They also have a lead over their rivals who do not make use of these tests.

Here is an explanation of how skills testing is beneficial to recruiters.

There are diverse types of tests provided by the software vendors – literacy and numeracy skills tests or MS Office or Accounting skills test or Psychometric assessments. Recruiters can select any of the tests that are appropriate for the role they are filling. The tests are also available from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced levels so recruiters can decide on which level is suitable for their candidate group and send the proper one.

1. Helps quickly separate the better applications.

While receiving many applications is great, recruiters can find it challenging to sort through all the CVs and cover letters to create a shortlist. It is not only time-consuming, but it can be taxing to decide on suitable candidates from a range of similar applications. But skills testing software is a valuable recruiting tool.

Recruiters can use skills assessment tests to evaluate all the applicants and measure their skills. This helps them recognise which candidate has the required ability and experience. Since the tests can be conducted online and quickly, it is especially helpful for recruiters.

2. Provides tangible evidence of candidate quality.

What skills testing software does is provide test results that can be presented to hiring companies are proof of a candidate’s skills. This plays a key role in helping both recruiter and company make practical and informed hiring decisions.

The skills test results clearly show the individual’s performance. At the same time, the results are also able to show how the candidate performed among their peers. This provides recruiters and companies with a good look at each of the applicant’s strengths and potential.

3. Useful for high volume hiring.

Mass hiring can be tricky for unprepared recruiters. They need to ensure that all the candidates they put forward are suitable for the role and similar in terms of skills and experience. If they have hundreds of applications, they might find this quite overwhelming.

But using skills assessment tests prove to be valuable in this regard, too. The same test assesses all the candidates equally. It is helpful in quickly showing which of the candidates are suitable for the role. It reduces the time that would otherwise be spent on filtering all the applicants.

4. Improves efficiency through online skills testing service.

Online skills testing makes the work of recruiters much more efficient. It immediately removes the issue of arranging the logistics of carrying out the test. Recruiters only need to select the appropriate tests and send them via email to the candidates.

This makes the entire process extremely efficient and convenient for all parties involved. Candidates can take the test from anywhere – as long as they have a computer device and an internet connection. Recruiters do not have to spend days arranging a suitable time and venue for the examination. And the assessment results are directly available for viewing after the candidates complete the test.

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