Finding An Accommodation Closer To Your Workplace

Benefits Of Finding An Accommodation Closer To Your Workplace In Coimbatore

If there is one wish that we would ever ask a Genie to grant us, it would be the ability to pack in extra hours in a day. Considering, the dreams we want to achieve, the lifestyle we aspire to and the experiences we want to gather, just 24 hours is too short a day.

As we aren’t finding a Genie any time soon, we can only look at ways to minimize the time we waste during the day on frivolous things (monitoring and running around your house help, getting stuck in commute, arguing with a rigid colleague etc), so we can put the remaining hours to better use. Choosing a managed accommodation can definitely solve the first couple of concerns in this list, at least. Professionally managed accommodation operators offer an all-inclusive lifestyle solution so everything from maintaining the residence to accessing services like food, laundry, housekeeping, internet etc. are handled by them end-to-end, sparing you the hassle of completing daily chores. Also, their presence across most prime locations in the city means you are likely to save time, energy and money on commute.

On the other hand, you might think that a more affordable rental option (albeit farther from work) will make it easier to sustain life in the city. Trust us, any money that you will be saving will cost you its equivalent in time and commute expenses. So, here are some reasons why you should pick a PG in Coimbatore near your workplace:

  • It saves a lot of time

Who really wants to travel vast distances everyday to reach one’s place of work or study? Or get stuck in traffic and late for a meeting? Or end up reaching office tired and frustrated – your morning ruined? Living in a PG in Coimbatore close by your work environment is one of the simplest solutions that will give you a lot of peace of mind as well. Anytime you save can be utilized for better purposes. And maybe, you can even turn your daily commute into a healthy walk or cycling routine, if its close enough.

You can count on managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living to help tide through the situation.

  • You can save on commute expenses

Transportation costs can really skyrocket, especially if you are commuting in bigger cities and through private modes of transport like cabs. And if you happen to get stuck in a traffic jam, that only makes the situation worse. While public transportation can be easier on the pocket, it is not the most time-friendly option. Commuting by your own vehicle does allow you greater flexibility than depending on any third-party transport services, but the cost of fuel and upkeep is a tedious expense. Additionally, it does nothing to help you save time. Again, we vote for picking a branded, new-age accommodation close to your workplace and getting the most benefit in saving money.

  • It makes your lifestyle flexible

Left an important file back home? Have an emergency and need to just hop back home for a bit? Having to work late at night?  If you have a home close by the office, you don’t need to stress about convenience and safety, whatever time of the day you are going back. All this flexibility can be used creatively to live a better and more fulfilling life. 

So keep delays, stresses of packed public commute, traffic jams and unnecessary pressure at bay just by taking the small but important step of choosing to stay in a PG in Coimbatore that is close to your workplace.  You will thank us for all the spare time you can enjoy.

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