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Benefits of Easy to Use Windows Live Movie Maker

Although people, by and large, think that where the technology is mighty, the better would be its function. They forget that high-end technology, and in this case, the top-rated movie makers, are good only when you consider professional and commercial movies.

For average users taking too many features into their hands may spell cumbersome and develop unnecessary issues. Here, it is better to go first with the primary top-level software like windows live movie maker than for high-end complex stuff.

Surprisingly, the Windows Movie Maker is still in form, although Window has officially stopped supporting it. But demand for the same has not subsided. Average users, including professionals, love the easy-to-install and edit software with just about everything for the excellent posting of videos on social media.

It is downright easy and fast to download the software from a reliable and authentic website like here Topwin-Movie-Maker.Com so that you can start with your audios and videos without wasting time.

Movie Software Designed for Windows

The Movie Maker comes with the package found with Windows format and therefore is compatible and designed to run on Windows.

It is an easy-to-use software and quite powerful for video creation and editing. It works well with the latest Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The older version of the software works well with XP and Vista.

The windows live movie maker contains several features: effects, transitions, titles, credits, timeline narration, audio track, and Auto Movie. If you need new effects and transitions, this can be done too, while for existing effects, you get them modified with the help of XML code.

You will find that the Movie Maker is perfect for applying primary effects to audio tracks such as fade-in and fade-out, as most average users would like. It means you can export your audio file instead of the video file.

Standalone Installation Packages

When you are downloading from the above website, you have no fear of malware as the software is pre-scanned with Avast and AVG anti-virus software. All setup packages are standalone packages, and this means you need not download files via the internet during the installation process.

Again, it is straightforward and fast to install the software on your desktop or laptop. The latest versions of windows live movie maker has a crucial feature called Stabilization and can be found in the Edit Menu.

Users can easily edit out slight camera shakes and any wobbling that may happen during a shootout. There is a low and high version for correcting minor to significant shaking. Further, you get a range of transition options like slides, wipes, curls, patterns, and reveals.

In the case of visual effects, you may choose from various effects, and with the help of Edge Detection, you can make your videos look like an animated sketch.

However, you cannot adjust the intensity of the effects once you have chosen a particular effect. Hence, plan and then decide while choosing the right kind of effect. The Movie Maker is indeed pretty good for average users. 

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