Benefits Of A Recliner Sofa

Benefits Of A Recliner Sofa In The Living Room

Various types of sofas or chairs are used in the living room, a popular one being the recliner sofa, also known by secondary names like a super chair, armchair or Chaise lounge. Besides being visually attractive and comfy simultaneously, the use of recliner sofas in the living room offer various other benefits. The benefits vary with the type of recliner sofa being used. Wakefit offers various types of recliner sofas on its online shopping portal, each having its own set of features and styles.

Types of Recliner Sofas:

Based on the utility of the consumer and their additional features, the recliner sofas can be classified into various types, which are listed below:

  1. Manual Recliner: This is the most popular recliner available when you search for a recliner sofa set online. Evident by its name, the manual recliner sofa uses a lever placed at its side to recline. This type is the cheapest among the lot but may require some strength by the user to operate it smoothly. A manual recliner is best suited for a single seater recliner sofa.
  1. Electric Recliner: This is the most common recliner sofa being used these days and is preferable as it requires only a push of a button to electrically recline the sofa as per the user’s comfort level and needs.
  1. Massaging recliner: This is the type which is commonly seen demonstrated in the malls. As its name suggests, it replaces the need for a masseuse by combining its reclining features with a smooth massage. The massaging recliner is ideal for the living room to combine leisure with relaxation. It is available in both manual and electric forms.
  1. Massaging rise and recliner: With its added benefits, this variant of the massaging recliner offers a more luxurious time in the living room. It is definitely more expensive than other models. Still, it allows you to recline into your favourite position and enjoy a soothing full-body massage, all at the touch of a button. Because it has an added feature of ‘rise’, one can uplift themselves from the recliner with little or no effort.
  1. Electric rise and recliner: Minus the massage, this recliner offers a rise and recline option and is among the top recliners’ models. It is a preferred choice by most consumers because it combines the reclining action and an additional feature that allows you to tilt and raise the chair that will enable you to get up easily. Even with its higher cost, this type is most preferable for users with low mobility.

Benefits of Recliners in the Living Room:

Undoubtedly, a recliner sofa set offers a high level of comfort to anyone using it. However, its usage has some really good benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Offers stress and pain relief: Stress is an unwanted guest in our life, and managing stress effectively is important to maintain our physical and mental health. Working long hours at the office, driving to and from work and performing daily household chores are reasons enough to break us down with stress. Most of these activities result in chronic back and neck pain. To help alleviate this stress to some degree, a massage recliner chair for living room can be used. It is usually equipped with a heating pad that gently soothes your back pain. Recliners are designed specially to help alleviate back pain or muscle strain caused due to pregnancy or work-related tasks and are worth an investment.
  1. Improves blood circulation: Many people experience edema in their legs and feet and swollen joints due to poor blood circulation in their bodies. This often happens due to standing or sitting for long periods of time. Gravity obstructs our blood flow and causes various symptoms. As recliners uplift your lower body, they allow better blood circulation to these areas and reduce these symptoms.
  1. Alleviating joint pains: Recliners are the best seating option for those who have arthritis or swollen joints. They are helpful to correct the joints’ angle and redirect the muscles in a downward direction. Since they mitigate joint pains to some extent, a huge segment of recliners fall under the medical equipment category. For those experiencing weight issues and joint pains, there are recliners with a rise to help them get up and sit down easily.
  1. Entertainment recliners: A whole segment of recliners cater specifically to those setting up their entertainment zone in their living room. These offer storage compartments to store snacks, books, and remote controls.
  1. Improve mobility: Since recliners mitigate joint pains and reduce stiffness of joints, they can improve mobility in people of old age or those who are obese and find difficulty in walking after sitting for prolonged periods.

Overall, it’s safe to say that an investment in a good recliner would be useful and worth it. Regardless of age and gender, there are recliners suited for all.

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