Benefits and Features of Fantasy Gaming

India is so passionate about playing or watching matches and the amount of love for it is endless. Gaming has a separate fan base. Fantasy gaming has come up as an entertainment source. There are various platforms where one can use their knowledge and their prediction skills to make money. Fantasy gaming is now the most enjoyed and played mode of gaming. Moreover, people can use their knowledge and earn while playing their favorite games. One can play any game on these apps and websites like cricket, football, baseball, kabaddi, handball, hockey, etc. 

It is really thrilling to see that people are interested in playing fantasy baseball and the real game coming into action with very little effort. People today are attracted to fantasy gaming. Game lovers can play any game and encounter the real thrill of fantasy gaming on any device either computer or mobile. Fantasy gaming through these apps has been taken to another step. Now, one can play any game of their choice with these apps. Fantasy cricket allows users to encounter a wide range of formats and is allowed to use any appropriate device according to their convenience. Following are some of the benefits of fantasy games-

  • Download easily- these apps are super easy for downloading. These websites ask for your contact details and you have to provide them with it. The app will be downloaded with the help of the link given. The apps are downloaded when you click the given link. As you download the app through a website, it is scanned for use. And next, they just ask you for registration.
  • Watch the matches live- These sports apps also help you to watch the matches live and also shows you the number of matches that have already been completed or played before that. One can also see the matches that are next in line so that you play those matches in the future. All the stats and the scores are visible to the users.
  • Practice- one can also play the matches for practice as they do not know much about them. For someone new, can practice how to play the games and also predict the performances. And, if one is well aware of the rules and would like to start earning some money then, then one can start the other paid matches. The matches can be of more money or less.
  • Select your team- to start with the game one needs to join the provided game league and pick up the required team members that include outfielders, infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. Then you choose your star players who will score more than the rest of the team. It lets you experience to be a winner with the whole team that you selected.
  • Get a thrilling experience- fantasy gaming would never disappoint you. It feels like you belong with the team. It is an amazing experience. 
  • Make money- it allows you to make money just staying at home. The gaming allows you to add on some points into your account, one just needs to know about the rules and tips. Hence, it is a better use of time to earn money.

There are few rules to follow while playing fantasy games and earn money through it. One must know all the rules for a better experience. The rules are-

  • The very first rule in playing fantasy baseball is to form a squad of 9 players. There must be at least 2 outfielders and it must not exceed more than 5. In case of infielders as well there must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5. In the case of both pitcher and catcher, the maximum that is allowed is 1. One has to manage the 9 within these specified limits. The gems that are allowed for the initial game is 1000 gems and all the players have to be managed in this budget only.
  • It must be duly noted that the players for the squad are to be selected from both the teams that are actually competing in the real game. In no way, all the players can belong to one team. There is a limit to which the maximum number of players can be selected from one team. A maximum of 6 players can be selected from one team.
  • Once the squad is formed, now, one has to select the star player and the captain of the team. This is an important decision as it will affect your overall score. This is because the star play receives 2 times the scored point whereas the captain gets 1.5 times the scored point. Hence one after lot of thinking must select the star player and the captain.
  • There are certain things one needs to be clear of. One must not get confused about how the scoring is done. The one who is at the base i.e. because of which the run is scored will be awarded the runs batted in. No points will be scored for completing the base if is not the batter that is one strike. A pitcher is given for one innings pitched for he/ she records. In a fantasy game 1 IP (inning pitched) = 1 point, 2 IP= 2 point, and so on.
  • If the player is replaced by another player before the starting of the match, the player who is being replaced will get the score.
  • The bonus for winning is given to the team players actually winning in the real game. In case of a tie, none of the players are awarded any bonus winning point.
  • Once the winner is declared, no adjustments will be entertained as the data is reliable and is from several sources. Points are subjected to change when the result in the match is waited for review.

Fantasy baseball is very easy, safe, and secure. These apps provide very attractive options to win reward points and also assure the fantastic and thrilling experience of gaming. It is easy to earn money through this app as one just has to predict the way his player or the team will play. All the transactions are real safe. The applications are secured and provide legal ways to involve in fantasy gaming, especially in India, where the people have such a craze for sports. The user is free to play free or paid. The apps are secure as the money gets directly transferred to the respective accounts without worrying.

If you want to experience the thrill of playing games without putting any physical efforts, you must visit Playerzpot. It will surely give you a simple and wonderful experience.

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