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Before launching your promotion



Launching a promotion is simple … Launching a profitable promotion is quite another thing! I worked for 13 years at a large management software publisher, and we used to run promotions on a quarterly basis. It was the “promo” all the time, with different names each time depending on the themes, the events.

However, after years we had seen limits to this system:

  • Resellers and distributors kept a “fridge” , that is to say they waited for promotions to order.
  • Most promotions did not bring in anything, at best they served to promote low visibility product lines.
  • As we were in “permanent” promotion with often renewals, the resellers did not believe us any more when we said “buy, it is the end of the promotion in 1 week…”
  • The public prices were systematically not applied with the promotions, which made the tariffs lose credibility. The customers had learned that they could always get a bershka promo code from promosearcher.
  • The distributors also understood our imperatives of quarterly commercial closings, with increasingly important promotions at the end of the semester to achieve the objectives.

This is why we decided to rationalize the management of special promotions: if there were still promotions, they had to be the subject of a profitability study upstream, with a more drastic selection.

Here is a checklist with some essential elements to validate before you start:

Define the objectives and target of the promotion

It is essential to know what you want to do before launching your promotion. It can be to highlight a new product, to give visibility to a product that is having difficulty getting out, it can be to run out of stocks before the availability of a new offer, to quickly generate cash to achieve goals. Sales, offer a special offer to a distributor.

You can also target the recruitment of new prospects, go hunting on the land of competitors (competitive takeover offers…), sell more to existing customers, and push a new offer to customers and prospects.

Identify which are the sources of business or the “nuggets” that you can exploit for your promotions you can do this by studying your portfolio of products and services, to find out what you could use. This can be bonuses, services, financing offers, additional products, and products to be destocked. It is also very interesting to go and ask the sales people for their opinions, because they have direct feedback from customers on what has asked them, and what is working or not in terms of incentives.

Define the mechanics of promotion, with its limits

If in your head a promotion is simple, it is not obvious that it is easy for everyone. The expression “it goes without saying it, but it gets better by saying it ” is even more true. This is why it is essential to write and detail the promotion with: the target, the duration (start and end), the conditions of application, the type of products, the exclusion elements, the bershka promo code applied, the method of calculation, the process for taking it into account the promo in the CRM / ERP, the creation of promo codes …

This will also allow you to validate a little upstream that your promotion can be managed by your information system, which is sometimes not the case (ex: apply a discount on old products with a different marketing method, do a price which only applies to new customers and not to existing customers.

Make a mini business plan to make sure the promotion will pay off

This phase is essential in order to validate that the promotion is really worth launching. For example, if you make a 25% reduction on the sale price of a product, your promotion must generate at least 25% more turnover, which is not easy without having some assurance that the promotional device will be effective enough to generate more sales. For this you do a simple calculation: the turnover currently achieved by the product, the cost of the promotion mechanism, and finally the sales simulations with the impact on the result. It is often the occasion to realize that “price reduction” type promotions are generally not very profitable, and that it is better to add product, offer service, communicate on an offer… Make a mini “brief” to explain your promotion, the target, the conditions, deployment and mechanism, sales support, validation and proofreading


This brief will be used both internally (eg: train salespeople), as well as in marketing (produce promotional materials) and distributors. In addition to the brief (the internal document), you will have to provide promotional material which will be distributed externally

Perform a promotion balance sheet to calculate profitability

The goal is to check the impact of your promotion (eg: list the number of promo codes generated and the turnover achieved, minus the cost of the promotion) in order to extend, stop or modify it.

Indeed, it is by learning from your mistakes that you can improve and progress. Similarly, sometimes we are a little surprised by the results compared to what we imagined. Finally, the obligation to report at the end of the promotion means that you have to choose your promotions wisely, because it takes time!

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Speech Analytics Software and CRM Integration




Speech Analytics Software

Many businesses expect that once they adopt a speech analytics solution, it will integrate with all of their other applications, including their CRM system. Many CRM systems can be integrated with speech analytics technology, but there are significant distinctions between the two platforms and how they are used that must be understood.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is, at its core, a technology that automates the procedure of monitoring client interactions. Speech analytics, which is delivered as an enterprise software solution, pulls information from client conversations that might otherwise be lost.

Speech analytics software is frequently used to identify things like the purpose for the call, the products mentioned, and the caller’s mood. If speech analytics technologies are applied properly, software can analyse terms spoken by customers to swiftly determine their needs, wants, and expectations, as well as areas in which the organisation can improve.

Speech analytics software can help a company act on previously unusable data from client service calls and acquire insights about customers that would otherwise only be found in volunteering surveys. The findings can be applied to better customer experience, measure the impact of sales and marketing campaigns, and pinpoint any contact centre operational concerns, among other things.

Working of Speech Analytics Software

During a service desk contact, real-time speech software solutions can be used to deliver programmed responses based on past calls regarding similar concerns or to warn management when a situation needs to be escalated according to the caller’s tone or intonation.

The transcription of calls into searchable, usable data is a common starting point for post-call speech analytics. The results are categorized and accessible through a query engine, and dashboards and statistics can be created to enable users to drill into and filter outcomes. As a quality assurance technique, post-contact technologies can also allow agents and supervisors to route calls to specific personnel for further study in order to solve recurring issues.

CRM Integration

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a strategic tool that firms in a variety of industries should use to understand better who their customers are and how they interact with them. Yet, if you want to get the most out of CRM, you need to make sure it’s linked with the rest of your software stack.

The smooth connection between your CRM software and third-party applications is known as CRM integration. These linkages result in automated actions that enhance the usefulness of your product and eliminate the need to switch between platforms.

Integration of Speech Analytics Software with CRM

There are distinctions between the kinds of information provided by a CRM and a speech analytics platform. A speech analytics software looks for patterns and trends in many calls. Speech analytics technology isn’t intended to help with a single person’s situation or call recording.

Likewise, a CRM system aids help desk personnel in their daily tasks. It is critical for a manager or upper-level employee to manage insights and then share them with the team in order to maximise the benefits of a speech analytics technology investment.

CRM software and speech analytics software are both essential business tools. As a result, incorporating CRM into speech analytics technologies is extremely advantageous.

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Regulatory Compliance Management Software for Healthcare Organizations




Regulatory Compliance Management Software for Healthcare Organizations

Compliance management software is a tool that tracks, monitors, and audits whether corporate processes are in compliance with applicable laws, organisational policies, and consumer and business partner expectations. Shortfalls and inconsistencies are eliminated through aligning policies, guidelines, regulations, and restrictions. Workflows, self-assessments, audits, regulatory change management, regulatory interaction, and issue management are all included in the compliance process.

The Regulatory Compliance Solution keeps you up to date on the intricate web of regulatory duties that govern your organisation while also creating procedures, processes, and policies to ensure that you stay in compliance. The compliance solution helps you to increase operational efficiencies and empower diverse lines of business to demonstrate a culture of trust and integrity while meeting stakeholder expectations.

Of course, a corporate compliance programme encompasses much more than software, and certain industries may not even require software to meet compliance standards. Large enterprises and healthcare organisations, on the other hand, benefit from a software-assisted approach to compliance challenges.

Types of Software that Help with Compliance Management

There are three types of compliance management software commercially available:

  • All-purpose compliance management platforms provide generic compliance management capabilities across sectors.
  • Businesses in severely regulated industries might use industry-specific technologies to meet specific regulatory and commercial obligations.
  • GRC platforms contain generic compliance management capabilities as well as a larger set of risk management and corporate governance capabilities.

Healthcare Compliance Software

Healthcare compliance software guarantees that hospitals follow established hospital compliance guidelines and that compliance processes are revised as rules change. It assists practises and hospitals of all sizes in avoiding compliance violation fines, reducing the expenses and resources spent on maintaining compliance, and training all workers to assure compliance. Compliance officers and managers in health care businesses are the most common users of healthcare compliance software.

Healthcare compliance software aids in the implementation and maintenance of a compliance programme, with the goal of reducing fraud and abuse, improving the delivery and quality of health care services, and lowering total health care costs.

Qualities of a Software to serve Healthcare Compliance

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Healthcare Compliance category:

  • Any changes in industry and/or governmental regulation and practise should be monitored, tracked, and updated.
  • Make it easier to appoint compliance officers and committees.
  • Develop compliance-specific policies and processes, as well as conduct standards.
  • Facilitate communication by keeping channels of communication open.
  • Encourage the use of appropriate and timely compliance training and education.
  • Set up, track, and respond to compliance violations that are discovered.
  • Internal monitoring, auditing, and measurement initiatives should be supported or offered.

While there is no all-in-one tool that can cover all facets of a practise, organisations can benefit from having the flexibility to pick and select the compliance solution that best suits their needs. The regulatory compliance management software for healthcare organizations, regardless of solution, keeps firms up to speed with industry regulations, assists them in identifying significant risk areas, and prepares them for audits of current compliance procedures. 

Compliance management software is a tool that tracks, monitors, and audits whether corporate processes are in compliance with applicable laws, organisational policies, and consumer and business partner expectations. Shortfalls and inconsistencies are eliminated through aligning policies, guidelines, regulations, and restrictions. Workflows, self-assessments, audits, regulatory change management, regulatory interaction, and issue management are all included in the compliance process.

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Watcheeco: The Best Live Streaming Platform 2021



Whether you are streaming musicology celebrations, conferences, sporting games, or different kinds of events, streams have become a famous add-on at events in recent years. 

Why? For beginners, live streaming applications reduce FOMO (fear of missing out) between attendees who couldn’t visit your event by providing them the opportunity to join in your event virtually from everywhere in the world. 

But also, more importantly, in the time of Covid, they have become essential to managing composite events. In blend with intense health screening, these services will focus on the reaction to live events while allowing you to connect with enthusiasts and fascinate fans that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Live talent commerce applications are increasing quickly and proceed to explore and grow as a vital revenue generator. And today, we are here with the upcoming app Watcheeco.

What is Live Streaming? 

Live streaming is a kind of online video streaming that records and advertises media to an online public in real-time. Video live streaming, typically related to streaming, varies from pre-composed videos as they cannot be altered, edited, and reviewed. 

Streaming a way to transmit the data when any user is watching the video. It can help users to watch the video formatting file without downloading it to their pc or mobile. Video Conferencing software like Watcheeco, Google Hangout meet, Skye, Facetime will be good examples of live streaming in the real world.

Why Live Stream your event?

With 66 percent of event experts recording videos as the primary part of their marketing plan, live streaming events give planners a unique chance to reach a broader public, increase attendee engagement, improve their social media accounts, and cut selling prices. 

Live streams can help you to increase your user experience as users can watch videos directly without any downloading panic and watch your event frequently.

During this pandemic live streaming is the best option to conduct your event rather than offline. It’s also very beneficial to your users. 

Here we introduce you to the best live streaming platform Watcheeco that will be helpful to grow your business. Read the following details to know more about this platform:

Watcheeco: Introduction

Watcheeco is a forthcoming live-streaming application. Hence, as the famous live-streaming app like Bigo live is essentially for gaming and entertainment, Watcheeco is more for learning ordinary things. 

They have different categories like Radio, Mukbang, Music, Education, Arts, Programming, Finance.

All of these classes will have Live-streamers that can show their abilities, talents, and expertise, and the spectators have the chance to learn all those live. 

If the watchers like the content and the knowledge, they support the streamer with cash or buy more in-depth training or services in this app.

Final Words

The app has several advantages to both the streamer and the spectator. The streamer can train and share their knowledge; they additionally can win through the cash things sent and the store shopping.
For the viewers, they can study for free and have the opportunity to interactively ask the streamer regarding their services before they buy anything from the store.
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UX Mistakes to Avoid On Your Website Buttons




UX Mistakes to Avoid On Your Website Buttons

When you make a website, there could be some design errors. To ensure that there are no mistakes while designing a website, you should list everything that has to be done, do a cross-check, and go through all the details after you have created the website. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or client’s website. 

Website buttons are commonly seen on forms, homepages of websites, toolbars, and dialog boxes. These buttons are often used to select actions on a website like submitting, deleting, and cancelling. Buttons inspire visitors to take specific actions and interact with the website owner or brand. You can see buttons on the websites where users can fill a form and give their details for further communication. 

To create functional and attractive buttons, you should pay enough attention to button UX design. In this article, you will discover the common UX mistakes that have to be avoided on website buttons. 

5 Common UX Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website Buttons

Have you ever visited a website and felt that some changes could make the website better? Nobody creates mistakes knowingly; most of the time, mistakes happen because of carelessness. Users can often be confused when they see unnecessary buttons, so you should be careful when designing a website. There are some of the most common UI/UX mistakes that UI/UX designers make when creating web buttons, such as:

A reset button

Web designers often include a reset button on the left side of the website. You can see this button on websites with surveys and forms. During most instances, users would get frustrated because of filling forms multiple times (they can click a reset button by mistake instead of Submit.) 

  1. Website button design

Often web designers make mistakes creating small and faded buttons. You need to remember that buttons should be prominent so that everyone can see them. They should have striking colors so that everyone can notice the buttons and not press them mistakenly. Having vivid colors for buttons will ensure that even people with poor eyesight can see them. The buttons for going ahead should be on the right, and for going back should be on the left. Also, take into account that buttons on mobile screens look smaller, so you should make it convenient for users to type them correctly.

Many buttons

When there are many buttons, it can often confuse users. Keep the number of buttons limited. Use big buttons for the critical actions; for the other options, use relatively small buttons. Many buttons on a website look unattractive and often make the user think twice before clicking on a button or even revisiting a website.

Ugly buttons

Sometimes the buttons have animations and other special effects, which can make your site look amateur. Creating animated buttons is no longer in the trend; it was trending a couple of years before. Clean and precise buttons will look better on your website, and users will have a favorable opinion about it.

Misleading button labels 

When you make a website button, you need to be creative while labeling it. For example, it isn’t recommended to name all the buttons as Next or Submit. It’s good to think out of the box and create unique and understandable labels for people. You can also place icons on buttons or use images as buttons.


By now, you know the common errors found while making website buttons. To ensure that these common mistakes are not on your website, go through your web design carefully and make all the necessary changes before publishing a website. The more attractive your website looks, the more people visit it. Having a website is like creating your identity online, so you should give it a lot of attention. 

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WINK Streaming Announces Genetec Security Center SDK Passthrough



WINK Streaming

WINK Streaming is one of the great and well-reputed organizations serving worldwide due to the latest information and updates. If we talk about the latest content delivery network again, WINK streaming is a leading platform free of cost.

 Apart from the news only, it provides its services in a digital era where everyone needs information rather than only a seamless integration. Recently, WINK Streaming announced the Genetec Security Center SDK Passthrough. SDK, when working with Forge it mapped to the genetic SDK pass-through.

Security Center Video Sharing is more than a blessing for all those involved in supporting camera controls, including PTZ, which is one of the life-changing protocols. So, if you want to make the large scale of deployments and all other types of encoding programs in WINK Forge, this is an excellent idea for you.

Genetic Security Centers are supported everywhere now, which is an actual benefit of the public camera and this public era. Users can now update the systems anytime when they wish. They can even manage the expired security cameras. This new SDK Passthrough system offers the security center capable video wall, Security center NVR functionality, and security center mobile app functionality. 

How does it work?

It works on the principle of changing the information between one way and bio directional configuration. Hence, if there is any new configuration in the market, the new setting will be helpful in WINK forge, which will pass out and enhance customers’ attention anytime. Due to this working, it’s straightforward to synchronize, with additional camera control and PTZ support. You can manually update the system anytime when you need it automatically or through the custom update system. 

SoundCloud Video Sharing- How it Encodes?

Its working is effortless, which delivers a high quality of the system and provides new and updated information specifically. So, if you research a system that manually delivers the complete information anytime, then WINK forge is the top platform in this case. With end to end-user encryption, it provides incredible services globally without any resistance. No matter your problem and how much energy it requires to offer the maximum benefits, this is always here to provide outstanding services anytime. For more information, you can check the link given above.

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Final Summary

Here is a summary of the above discussion and in-depth analysis. As a free upgrade, this enhanced functionality is available to all WINK Forge users. Updating can be done manually or through an automated update system. A customer’s license can be upgraded by contacting their sales representative or accessing the customer access portal. It is dead easy to update or modify according to need.

In short, WINK forge is an efficient platform that offers maximum benefits to users and high-quality security camera systems. You can use these encoding cameras anywhere when you need them. Moreover, if you need any additional information, you are welcome to ask anytime. Fill in the comment box or drop us a Gmail.

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