Bedtime stories- How they go far beyond simple engagement

Ever wondered about the simple bedtime story? Well they are not just about simply engaging with your child and helping him/her drift off to sleep with a good story that entertains/amuses/delights him/her. Bedtime stories go far beyond the rules of plain engagement or entertainment as far as children are concerned. The power of storytelling cannot be underestimated. This is behind the sheer popularity of storytelling for kids these days. More and more children are taking part in sessions dedicated to fun and engaging kids stories or English story sessions while even being encouraged to create and tell their own stories to their peers and tutors. 

A good online storytelling or digital storytelling program from Yellow Class may work wonders in this regard. Coming back to the wonders of bedtime stories, there are several aspects that you should make a note of in this regard. Reading to children is always positive when it comes to their future development. The reading level of a child is also an indicator of future success. As a result, the joys and wonders of reading can be inculcated by parents from an early age courtesy of bedroom stories. Here are some direct benefits that you should be aware of: 

  • Bedtime stories enrich language development of children. They help in enhancing language skills for children including listening and comprehension along with overall literacy levels. 
  • Bedtime stories play a huge role in fostering the growth of your child’s imaginative powers and also builds an appreciation for stories. Studies have indicated that when preschool children are told stories by their parents, areas of their brains were activated, which take care of narrative comprehension and mental imagery. Children start using their imagination more and more as you start reading to them. 
  • Reading out to your child will help in creating a better outlet for empathy. The children get a chance to think better about various characters and their feelings while learning to use words for describing these feelings that are tough otherwise. This helps them control behavior when they face challenging feelings such as sadness or anger. 
  • Bedtime stories go a long way towards sowing the seeds of better vocabulary in children. Those who are read to on a regular basis will naturally have a better grasp of various words as compared to their peers. 
  • Bedtime stories also encourage better conversations and higher engagement. It will help children relate better to the world outside while keeping them engaged and more attentive in turn. 
  • Bedtime stories are also a great way to have more fun with your child. Storytelling sessions can bring oodles of joy into the lives of kids and their parents alike. You can experiment with several voices and even act out the narrative if you wish! 

The manifold benefits of bedtime stories should be highlighted especially in today’s digital age when everything is anyway handed out or visible for children on a platter.

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