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How to Write 5 Paragraph Essays – Five Steps to Essay Writing Success

Writing a successful essay requires you to follow an effective strategy. Making an accurate structure, using useful information, and writing as per the instructor’s guidelines can help you come out with flying colours.

You don’t need to be concerned as essay writing is an exciting job when you do it right. You just need to focus on the right line to get things done smoothly. It won’t be a tedious thing to tackle if you build interest and follow the right track.

There could be several ways through which you can achieve the purpose of efficient academic writing. However, you can follow a few specific approaches to write a 5 paragraph essay like never before. If you write as per the guidelines of an expert online essay writer, you won’t have to face disappointment. A well-written essay can ensure better grades.

Steps to Essay Writing Success

  1. Topic Selection

Skip this first step if you have already been assigned a subject. In most cases, mentors assign essay topics to students.

On the other hand, a teacher may ask you to choose a topic yourself. If that’s the case, then you will have to make the perfect selection. Don’t worry, choosing the correct topic shouldn’t take several hours of research.

Before picking up a topic, make sure you can find enough material to support your thesis subject. You should have plenty of ideas available to write a well-connected yet diverse piece of writing.

How to Choose a Subject for Different Types of Essays?

Considering the essay type is of great significance when it comes to making the right topic selection. You should be familiar with prominent categories of essays so that you can opt for the right subject.

Persuasive Essay

In a persuasive essay, you have to argue a perspective effectively. Make sure you have enough understanding of a subject before finalizing it for your persuasive essay. Never choose a topic through which you can’t persuade readers.

The core purpose of this sort of essay should be to persuade readers. Provide strong reasoning to make your statement sound impressive. Try picking a topic that has both positive and negative sides to discuss. This will help you create a strong write-up.

Compare / Contrast Essay

This sort of essay commonly includes differences and similarities between two concepts. Whenever you have been asked to write a compare or contrast essay, make sure to select a topic that has more than a few similarities and differences.

The topic you choose should be interesting to read and cater to the requirements of modern readers. Never end up selecting something uninteresting as no one would like to spend their time on boring stuff.

Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay requires you to explain how a specific task should be done or why something could be helpful under certain situations. Whenever you get an explanatory essay assignment, always select a topic that you have a good understanding of.

You can’t explain something that you even don’t know about. Having a good grasp is essential so that you can explain everything efficiently.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is also called a narrative or personal essay. The core purpose of writing such a document is to tell a story. If you want to convince readers, then you will have to choose a narrative that can grab attention and keep readers engaged till the end.

In short, the topic you select should be the one that you are familiar with. So that you can write more effectively and achieve the purpose of your essay writing assignment.

  1. Research Before You Write

Not all students have a complete understanding of a topic. There must be several other aspects that you need to know before start writing. Don’t just rely on the knowledge that you already possess, go ahead and explore different dimensions.

Today, students have quick access to manifold helpful resources. You should not have any problem while finding relevant information either using the college library or the internet. Try to rely on trustworthy resources so that you can avoid collecting false information for your essay.

Jot down all the ideas that you come to know about while performing the research task. They don’t have to write in an organized manner. Just note down anything that you think can work to make the essay better.

  1. Choose Thesis of Your Essay

It’s the main point of your essay. A thesis is usually a one-sentence statement describing the core purpose. The complete essay revolves around it. That’s why it has to be effective and strong enough to hook in readers from the start. 

If you can grab a reader’s attention in the beginning, you can make them read the entire essay without losing interest. Choosing the perfect thesis statement also depends upon the type of essay that you write.

  1. Develop a 5 Paragraph Structure

You can’t write a flawless 5 paragraph essay without making a good structure. You can drive the car fast when the road is clear. Similarly, you can write without problems when you have a clear roadmap. Hope you get what I am trying to say here.

Generally, most essays have a similar structure. Once you learn to build an outline, you won’t have to face difficulties while writing such assignments in the future. For a 5 paragraph essay, you can follow the below outline:

  • Write an introductory paragraph to introduce readers to the topic
  • Write the first paragraph in the body to discuss the core concept of your essay.
  • Write the second body paragraph and include information to support the thesis statement.
  • Write third body paragraph to include third significant idea.
  • In the end, write a compelling conclusion to conclude everything discussed above nicely. Make sure you keep things well connected coherently. Don’t try to write new concepts in the final paragraph as it doesn’t make sense. Just conclude your essay appropriately.
  1. Write Your Essay

Having a structure ready helps you write an essay without wasting time. It saves you a lot of time and energy. Your mind can work systematically without getting worried about what to write next. 

The introduction is where you introduce the topic. Make it sound attractive by including prominent facts, stats, and figures. Remember, this is the section of your essay where you can either engage or disengage your readers.

In regards to the body paragraphs, you have to keep them slightly distinct from each other. Don’t repeat the same thing in all three paragraphs. Use supporting evidence, justifications, and examples.

Make the perfect use of transition verbs to make your essay look clear and well-connected. In the conclusion, try to accomplish everything you mentioned above. You can call it a summary of your essay. Make it in line with the thesis statement and the rest of the essay.

You can ensure essay writing success by following the above five steps. You might find it a little tough for the first time, but things should get better with your next essay writing assignment. 

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