Beauty of Plant Growing: How to grow cannabis as a houseplant

Cannabis cultivation at home is practiced today by most of the growers from Western countries and commercial seed producers. An essential advantage of indoor growing is the ability to create the right conditions for the growth of bushes and fully control them. This makes the results predictable and allows you to unlock the potential of the variety’s yield by 100%. In this article, we will answer the question of how to grow cannabis as a houseplant and at the same time get a high-quality harvest.

Beautiful shades of the plant

Cannabis is probably the most common but, at the same time, the most controversial drug. While many people often oppose it, stating that it is a so-called “initial drug” that increases the likelihood that a person will start taking more dangerous drugs, advocates note its healing properties and highlight stunning shades of cannabis:

  • Pink. Cones, leaves, or trichomes can acquire this shade. After drying and processing, the color becomes a little noticeable.
  • Black (or rather a dark blue). It looks awe-inspiring. Black cannabis is worth trying to grow at least once to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the plant.
  • Blue. This shade is acquired not by leaves but by cones, more precisely by the plant’s trichomes. As a result, the bushes seem to be covered with frost, shimmering in the sun like precious stones.
  • Green. A natural and natural color that “suits” any plant.

Rest assured, many people grow cannabis not for profit or personal use but for the beauty of the plant itself and the incredible emotions from these shades.

Preparation for cannabis cultivation in Indore

The initial stage of preparation for growing cannabis at home as a houseplant is choosing a place for a grove. The simplest and least expensive options are growing on an insulated balcony or a windowsill. In this case, you do not need to allocate a particular space for cultivating, buying equipment and lamps because most of the light plants will receive through the window. But this method of home growing has its drawbacks: Most often, there is not enough natural sun, and the grower still has to use additional grow lights so that the plant can grow naturally. Moreover, plants on the balcony or windowsill attract the eyes of curious neighbors, which is unacceptable for many growers.

One of the effective options for home growing is the cultivation of cannabis in a groundless way in hydroponic installations. With this method, all the plants necessary to develop the substance are obtained directly from the nutrient solution. If the rules and conditions of the grove are observed, the hydroponic method allows you to get significant yields. But this method requires experience and special equipment. Mistakes are unforgivable here.

Growing cannabis in a grow box

With soil-based home growing, the best option is a grow box – a special box for growing cannabis at home. Lamps, thermoregulation systems, supply, exhaust ventilation, and other equipment are installed inside the grow box. This creates a unique microclimate favorable for plants.

You can buy a ready-made grow box with placed equipment for growing cannabis at home. Such options are convenient but differ at a reasonably high cost.  Here it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • The size. It will depend on the free space in the room and the number of plants. In a grow box with an area of 1m2, it is best to grow 3-4 bushes. The height of the grow box will depend on the cannabis variety. For the correct calculation, add to the estimated height of the plants a margin for the distance between the lamps and the top of the cannabis. This value will depend on the lamps used – their type and power.
  • Tightness. Grow light should not penetrate inside or go outside, and the microclimate indicators should be maintained in a stable state. The growbox must have sealed joints and a tightly closed door.
  • Internal coating. It should reflect light and serve as insulation. If the air temperature in the house does not fall below +20 ° C, then it is not necessary to insulate the grow box.
  • Fire safety. This point is vital since many electrical appliances are used in the grow box, and at the same time, regular watering of cannabis is carried out. All wires must be carefully insulated and located further from the irrigation zones. It is better to find equipment with an automatic shutdown system for lighting and ventilation.

How to take care of cannabis at home?

  • Temperature regime: optimal temperature indicators depend on the stage of the life cycle of the bush and the characteristics of the variety’s genetics.
  • Light mode. Experienced growers believe that it is best to set one light mode throughout the life of the bushes. The best modes are considered to be 18/6 or 20/4. The 24/0 mode is theoretically also possible, but it will not give plants time to rest, which may not affect their development in the best way.
  • Humidity. It is better to maintain humidity at the level of 50-60%, and during the flowering period, its level should be reduced to avoid rotting buds. The ideal humidity level on the color is 45-55%.
  • Topdressing. At the vegetation stage, the need for plants for nitrogen fertilizers is high, and during the transition to flowering, bushes need more phosphorus. In addition, at each step of the life cycle, plants need small amounts of potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, and other trace elements. An excellent solution is the purchase of fertilizer complexes, which include means for flowering. They contain all the necessary substances, and Grover only needs to follow the instructions. Safe growth and flowering stimulants and environmentally friendly additives for pre-flowering, which can be used in the last ten days before harvest, give a good effect.
  • Watering. Tap water at room temperature, which has been standing for a day, is suitable for irrigation. Watering is necessary as the soil dries up. One of the best ways to find out if the bushes need watering is to dip your finger into the ground. If the soil is dry at a depth of about 2 cm, the plants need watering.

In conclusion

Growing cannabis as a houseplant is beautiful and much easier than it seems. Observing the rules of production, using modern fertilizers and equipment, even inexperienced growers will be able to get a fragrant and mighty harvest. At the same time, growers will be 100% sure of the high quality of cannabis, which will not contain nitrates from fertilizers.

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