Beach tents

Beach tents to protect your kids

A huge range of beach tents is now available. You have better choices than ever before, so you must be able to find the solution that suits your needs.


Many of us are enjoying spending more time on the beach with our family and friends in the UK and abroad. However, when we do not want to compromise on the use of beaches and good weather, we need to think about the potentially harmful effects of the sun.

Especially if you have small children, you need to shelter them during the trip to the beach and of course shade them. Fortunately, a wide range of UV tents is now available, which protects you and your family from the sun’s rays (don’t mention the shelter if the weather turns bad!).

When it comes to shopping for a family UV beach tent, you should check any information regarding the sun protection factor provided by you.


In addition to the beach serving as a shelter from the sun, many of these tents also double as a sleeping shelter. This flexibility gives you the advantage together with the protection you need and it is also easy to assemble many of the UV sun shelters on the market, as well as of course tidy.

Another advantage of using a UV beach shelter is that your kids can enjoy their time on the beach so they don’t jump on insects, as many shelters are also designed to keep them in the bay.


The range of materials and designs that are built according to today’s UV tents and shelters is seriously impressive. In addition to effectively performing their sun shelter responsibilities, many of them are surprisingly easy to access and provide ample shelter space between them.

The simple structural designs you will see in a modern beach shelter will maintain a beautiful balance between the shelter and the ventilation so that your comfort is perfectly preserved. Some UV beach tents have built-in facilities such as sand pockets so you can prevent the shelter from blowing up if it gets a little too much air on the beach.


If you are in the market for a UV beach tent, it should be checked not only what size it is when it is open, but also what size it takes when it is packed. Many shelters are made with straps to carry back and forth from the beach, especially if you have kids, a great advantage with their various beach toys, etc.

Depending on your budget, you will be able to get a UV shelter solution to suit your needs. A good UV beach tent will allow you and your family to enjoy the time spent on the beach to the maximum and ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable.

Beach tent

Available in a variety of colors, beach tents are owned by tourists and do not have to be carried on vacations. Although most of these tents are extremely light and transportable, they can be rented on location.

Not very different from ordinary camping tents, beach tents are for people who like to spend quality time on the beautiful beach, watching the waves of the crashing sea on the Bay Beach.

Enjoying a holiday with a tent on the beach is a relatively recent phenomenon. However, the tentmakers did not take long to add to the original variety.  Some beaches are designed as a cabana, others may resemble bird wings. Some are known as beach huts, which is a nice mix of beach cabana and beach umbrellas.

Beach tents are almost always made of polyester. Some fiberglass provides waterproof floors, mesh windows, velcro-fastened flaps, etc. Most knock-knuckles have sand pockets for storage and sizes vary according to buyers ’needs. However, since large families do not usually engage in beach vacations in beach tents, most beach tents are either small or medium in size. These are mostly as expensive as camping tents but since they provide strong UV protection, prices continue to rise further.

 For kids, these provide a perfect mix of shelter and fun. In recent years, they have proven to be the perfect playground where kids can actually spend a colorful time with their own sandcastle et al while away from the sun’s harmful rays.

The way we can safely conclude is that beach tents give the beach vacation a wild and adventurous turn. They are probably suitable for bohemians who want to have a good time with the sand and sea beyond the conventions.

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