Beach tents

Beach tents to protect your children

A wide range of beach tents is now available. You have a better choice than ever before, so you should definitely be able to find a solution that suits your needs.


Many of us enjoy spending more and more time on the beach with our family and friends, both in the UK and abroad. However, although we do not want to compromise on the maximum use of the beach and the good weather when we get it, we should consider the potentially harmful effects of the sun.

Especially if you have young children, you should be able to provide them with shelter, and of course, the shade they need while travelling to the beach. Fortunately, a wide range of UV tents is now available, offering you and your family sun protection (not to mention shelter if the weather gets worse!).

When you come to buy a family tent for UV beach, you should check all the information related to the sun protection factor that it offers.


In addition to acting as a beach sun shelter, many of these tents also duplicate as a sleeping shelter. This flexibility gives you convenience along with the protection you need, and many of the sun shelters on the market are also easy to assemble as well as edit. of course.

Another advantage of using a UV beach shelter is that your children can enjoy their time on the beach without reaching for insect parts, as many of the shelters are also designed to protect those from the bay.


The range of materials and designs used to make today’s UV tents and shelters is seriously impressive. Apart from performing their sun protection duties effectively, many of them are surprisingly easy to access and provide significant amounts of protective space in them.

The ingenious structural designs that you will find displayed in a modern beach shelter, will achieve a nice balance between the shelter and the ventilation so that your comfort will be perfectly preserved. Some UV beach tents have built-in facilities, such as sand pockets, so that you can prevent the shelter from blowing if there is little wind on the beach.


If you are in the market for a UV beach tent, it is worth checking not only how big it is when it is open, but also how big it is when packed. Many of the available shelters are created with straps for easier carrying back and forth from the beach, great convenience especially if you have children, along with all their various beach toys, etc.

Beach tents are almost always made of polyester. Some provide waterproof fibreglass floors, window grilles, velcro fasteners and so on. Most have sandbag pockets for storing knives, and sizes vary to suit the needs of customers. They are generally as expensive as camping tents, but because they provide strong UV protection, the price tends to rise higher.

Manufacturers these days have additionally come up with younger beach tents, which are pop-ups made of colourful synthetic material. Designed for children, they provide the perfect blend of shelter and entertainment. They have, in recent years, proved to be the perfect playgrounds where children can actually have a gala time with their own sand dunes and others while staying away from the harmful sun rays.

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