Be Aware of These Important Things about New Heated Cigarette Product

Recently a new type of tobacco product that is, IQOS has been granted permission to sell in the US amid concerns about the controversy related to e-cigarettes.   

IQOS has been designed to heat the tobacco without actually burning it or creating any smoke. In Japan, this product has become quite popular since it was launched in the year 2016. Now, these heated tobacco products can be found in many other countries too.

Now in the USA one can buy this new product from their website, which is based on technology developed in Switzerland.  

There are reviews available from the data obtained from 11 studies where 2,600 people had participated. Those people who have switched from smoking cigarettes to this new heated tobacco product had very low exposure levels to harmful chemicals as compared to those who continue to smoke. However, toxins were at higher levels than those who completely stopped using tobacco.

FDA has allowed the sale of this product in the USA market. IQOS is a certain electronic device, however, the FDA has put it under the category of cigarette, and hence this product will be subjected to the same restrictions that exist for traditional cigarettes. 

The following are 6 important things that you must be aware of about IQOS.

  1. The technology used for IQOS is different from e-cigarettes

In principle, these products are much different from e-cigarettes as they use real tobacco rather than any flavoured e-liquid found in e-cigarettes. Here, the user will be able to experience what a cigarette smoker can, without inhaling any combusted tobacco.

  1. FDA has not yet approved this device

So far FDA has approved the sale of this product in the market in the USA like any other tobacco product but has not approved it as a safer product. Instead of declaring this product as a less harmful product, FDA has given pre-market approval.  

  1. IQOS has not yet been proved to be safer as compared to cigarettes

Although the manufacturing companies claim this product as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, however, so far no clinching evidence is available to support this claim. Even the data produced by a certain manufacturer could not justify it.

  1. IQOS may be liked by youth

According to the market research report, this new product is a technology-driven product and hence it will appeal more among the youth. Even e-cigarettes were also popular among the youth population and many non-smokers also started using them. 

  1. The menthol tobacco cartridges going to be sold, perhaps encouraging the Marlboro brand

This new product is having a menthol flavour that is quite popular among the youth. This product will be marketed with the Marlboro brand and as a result, certainly, this brand is going to get a little more exposure in the market.

  1. These items are nothing but part of the response of industries to increased regulation

All these new heated tobacco products seem to be nothing but an effort by various tobacco companies for maintaining and expanding their customer base within the scenario where there is low social acceptability for smoking and declining consumption of cigarette.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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