Basic Protocols of Links and Uploading On F95Zone!

Virtualized adult gaming communities are an exceedingly exhilarating aspect of the online gaming industry. However, F95Zone is the mere leading platform amongst every adult gaming community for tons of reasons. First, the environment of most of the online adult gaming communities is not clean at all. 

However, F95Zone is equipped with ample moderators who put their best effort into sustaining the website’s user-friendliness. The general rules of this adult gaming community demonstrate that you have to respect fellow users on the website. 

To emphasize a clean and user-friendly environment on the website, there are several protocols and rules for almost every aspect of the website. Here are some of the basic protocols subjected with links and uploading on F95Zone; let’s look. 

Rules for Links 

  1. Avoid utilizing any type of referral link or advertisement purposes. 
  2. Elude sharing links subjected to malware and malware. 
  3. Links must be devoid of any type of private key. 
  4. Before posting any link, you are necessitated to create and share three posts on the website.
  5. Share links commencing approved file hosts merely. 

General Uploading Rules 

  1. Before uploading any file commencing a mediating party, extract viruses from the file. 
  2. In case of uploading an image, consider uploading straight to the website’s server and elude the utilization of any third-party application.
  3. While uploading tags with the game, you should ensure that tags are utterly relevant to the game. Users must avoid attaching irrelevant tags. 
  4. Files encrypted with passcodes are prohibited on F95Zone. 
  5. Users must avoid associating a torrent file with a thread as it is against the rules of the F95Zone community. 
  6. Every possible spot and restriction must be directly attached to OP. 

Standardized Rules of F95Zone 

Moderators of F95Zone have correspondingly laid down some basic ground rules; some of these rules are mentioned below.

  1. Moderators of this adult gaming community assert every user to respect their fellow users. Undeniably a healthy discussion is allowed on the website, but you cannot disrespect or hurt the sentiments of any user. F95Zone community puts the best foot forward to circumvent bullying, trolling, and racism on the website. As such, acts demotivate the targeted active community on the website, and they avoid posting content in the community.
  2. F95Zone has prohibited political and religious discussion as every user on the website is having a different onion. Therefore, discussing such a topic can hurt the sentiments of various users on the website. 
  3. F95Zone is undoubtedly an adult gaming community where initiates conversation on any topic. All the more, you can access sensual content free of cost. These features have portrayed an utterly adult image in front of the users. Regardless of all these facts, F95Zone is still not a dating website. Also, you are not allowed to flirt and offer romantic proposals to other users of the website. 
  4. Undoubtedly F95Zone is a multilingual website, but it underlies the English language, so if users post content in a different language, they must provide the English translation of that explicit content.
  5. Rather than just respecting fellow users of the website, users must respect the decision of moderators, staff, and other crew members. The staff of F95Zone supervises your posts, threads, and links before deleting them, and once the staff members have eliminated your content, there is no going back. 
  6. Users are not allowed to mitigate likes and reviews with external traffic as it declines the reach of deserving candidates. 


F95Zone is an appealing adult content-sharing community. To embrace your experience on the website, you must follow these ground rules laid by the website in almost every aspect. If you prohibit violating these protocols defined by the website, you will enjoy every aspect of the website.

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