Ballistic Body Armor: Learn the Importance!

With the increased levels of criminal activities these days, no one is safe. You never know when the crime hit the streets, and the next thing you experience is your home being attacked. That is why it has become important to not only safeguard your home but also invest in physical protection.

With the crime lurking in streets, you can be targeted any time, but if you have already taken the home defence into consideration with some personal protection, then you are good to go. 

Although you might believe that body armor is a thing of law enforcement, military and security guards, then you must enhance your knowledge and do some research. Anyone can make a purchase when it comes to body armor. Mastodon Armor offers all types of body armor including a variety of styles, sizes and shapes providing protection at varying levels. If you believe that body armor is highly expensive, then you are wrong. You can choose your product at a couple of hundred dollars. I completely believe that a few dollars are nothing as compared to your precious life.

What is Ballistic Body Armor?

Before you hit the market to purchase one, here are some of the things you must know about ballistic body armor. Body armor is not something that started in the 21st century. People had been protecting themselves from thousands of years with the usage of body shields, metal armor, leather cowhide and many more. Although with time, body protection shields have evolved into something that belongs to modern time- bulletproof vests, ceramic ballistic side plates, a ballistic helmet and so on.

It is sensible to wear body vests to protect yourself and your family members when the defaulters are firing the bullets. If you have hired security guards for the same, buy them the required ballistic body armor so that they can shield themselves while saving you.

Besides, ballistic body armor is not limited to a body vest; there are a variety of options to choose from. Have a look!

1) Internal and External Combat plates- Internal Combat plates come with cushion lining to keep the body comfortable during the moment and simultaneously protecting it from rifle rounds. Whereas external combat plates are of two types-

  • Stand-alone plates- They offer protection from the rifle rounds.
  • Multi-piece plates- They offer not only safety but also provide additional space like gear pouches, maxim holders and so on.

2) Headgear- Not only your body but your head needs to be protected from the fired bullets. Therefore, invest in a ballistic helmet.

3) Bulletproof vests- Concealed vests can protect your body from bullet shells, knives, sharp object, debris and shard of glass. If you’d like to raise the level of protection you have, you can also choose to wear ceramic body armor which is one of the best materials for bullet protection.

What features to Consider When Buying Ballistic Body Armor?

Although the body armor you would purchase will offer protection, yet buying the wrong size or style can cause discomfort. So, look for the one that fits well and makes you comfortable while you are in it. Secondly, notice if you can move well while wearing it. Mobility is an essential factor when you are hiding, moving and taking action against enemies.

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