Bakery Tool- A smart platform to raise funds for cryptocurrency projects

For the people who have been waiting for a platform to raise funds easily for their cryptocurrency projects, their wait is now over! Just like other crowdfunding platforms, Bakery Tools allows people to list their projects on their website to raise funds from the crypto investors and meet their funding goals. This website is fun, interesting, and user-friendly. With its advanced features and affordable prices, Bakery Tools is most likely to become people’s go-to crowdfunding platform for cryptocurrency projects. 

Bakery Tools is a new platform that was recently launched in April 2021. The ideation of the project began in February 2021. The makers of this platform have been working vigorously to provide the users with a place that is “Perfect for Tool Pool Explorer for Binance Smart Chains and Hotspot Projects”. When you open the Bakery Tools website, you see an intriguing interface. Even the people using such a platform for the first time won’t feel lost or confused on the Bakery Tools website. Everything is clearly mentioned and properly explained. People can just sit back and select the right plan for their crowdfunding projects and see the Bakery Tools do all the work for them.

There are three very interesting features of the Bakery Tools platform. The website provides the users with real-time data analysis, which is linked to BSC Bakery and pancakeswap. The makers of this platform also look forward to integrating erc20 DEX in a short period. Another feature that is hard to miss is Multi-Pairs and Pools feature. This feature enables the users to save their favorite trading pairs at the top, where they can be differentiated from less important things. This feature also informs the users when there is a remarkable change in their favorite trading pair or any transactional information. 

Apart from these two features, there is a third feature called the “Hotspot feature”. This feature is quickly becoming users’ favorite. Many people find it challenging to broadcast their private sales. The hotspot feature on the Bakery Tools will provide the users with access to verified projects. These projects will be featured in the ADS section of the platform and will be listed under the Hotspot tab

As mentioned in the beginning, Bakery Tools is an affordable platform. There are three tiers, in which the first tier is completely free for the users. It comes with features like- real-time data and charts, pair explorer, access to the hotspot, and many others. The people looking for advanced features can go for tier 2 and tier 3 that only costs $30 and $40 respectively. 

More information about the Bakery Tools platform is available on their website- 




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