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Backup Generator Installation – Asheville, NC

High-quality backup generators can keep your appliances and devices running even if the power grid goes down. A backup generator installation in Asheville, NC can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have reliable backup power in the event of an emergency. Generator companies in Furnace Repair Asheville, NC use industry-leading products and tools to provide precise installation. If you’re looking for a backup generator in Asheville, NC, look no further!

Backup generator

If you’ve been considering getting a backup generator installed at your home, you’re not alone. There are many companies that offer installation services, but you can count on a company that’s been in business for nearly 50 years. You can count on their expertise and service to provide the best value for your money. And, you can rest assured that their technicians are factory-trained and certified. When you choose a company to install your backup generator, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving top-quality service.

One company that offers backup generator installation in Asheville is 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air. These experts will come to your home to install a backup generator and provide all of the support you need. Their team is here to help you keep your home comfortable during a storm, keeping food and medical equipment from spoiling. They also provide installation services at all levels. To get started on your home backup generator installation, contact 1st Choice Service Group Heating & Air today!

Canter Power

If you’re looking for backup generator installation in Furnace Repair Asheville NC, AC you can count on the professionals at Canter Power Systems. Since 1948, they have served the Triad region as one of the nation’s leading generator installation companies. As a family-owned company, they value commitment to their customers and pride themselves on providing outstanding service and quality products. They are an authorized dealer of generators and offer complete installation services.

Canter Power Systems is the nation’s largest generator installer. With its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company has been providing backup generators for homes and businesses for over 60 years. In fact, they are the exclusive standby generator installation provider of over 400 Home Depot stores across the Southeastern U.S. In addition, they offer a unique convenience guarantee based on the ability to deliver generators on time and within budget.

Transfer switch

When you have a backup generator installed in your home, it is a good idea to invest in a transfer switch. Without one, you may need to run outdoor-rated extension cords from the generator into your home. These cords are prone to be overloaded. In addition, without a transfer switch, you cannot power hardwired electronics or appliances, such as an electric range. Also, a transfer switch will prevent you from backfeeding the grid and potentially causing problems in your power lines and your home.

The price of a transfer switch depends on the type you choose and the size of your generator. A manual switch costs less than a commercial model, while an automatic transfer switch will cost anywhere from $400 to $800. For commercial generators, you can expect to pay upwards of $2000 for a mission-critical model. The best way to save money on the switch is to shop around for the best price.

Service entrance breaker

When a power outage occurs, backup generators are a great way to keep your home powered up. Backup generators have three parts: the generator, the transfer switch, and the service entrance breaker. When activated, the generator provides power to selected areas of your house, including the refrigerator, HVAC Repair Asheville, lighting, and security systems. The transfer switch transfers the power responsibility from your home to the generator, while the service entrance breaker provides overall protection to your circuit breaker.


These electrical systems require a service entrance breaker that is rated to supply all the devices that the breaker serves. A backup generator installation also involves a Generator Transfer Switch, which is installed between your main service panel and meter. These switches are essential components of backup generator installations, as modern homes now have electrical needs far exceeding those of 20-30 years ago. Typically, new single-family homes need a 100-amp service, but some localities require as much as 150.

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