Avita Laptop

Avita Laptop – Value for Money Laptop with SSD

Avita Laptop is a Hong Kong Based Company owned by Nexstgo. Avita Laptop was Launched in 2016. 

Avita Laptops come with Value for Money (Affordable Price), SSD storage, 4GB/8GB/16GB DDR4 RAM, Unique Design, 2 Years Warranty, Long Battery, New Features, and Pre Installed Windows 10 Home, etc…,

Avita Laptop Best for All Business, Students, Travelers, Coder, Gaming, and Editing, etc.., 

Avita Laptop Provides International Warranty and it has expanded to more than 40 Country Right now (i.e. India, US, China, Hong Kong, UK, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ireland, etc.,)

Avita Laptop has more than 5 models – Magus, Essential, Pura, Liber, Admiror.

Avita Laptop Magus

Avita Magus Model – a 2 in 1 laptop we can use as a tablet and Laptop. It has also a touch screen. It comes with 4GB/64GB SSD, Intel Celeron Dual-Core, etc… Price is 10k INR to 18k INR. this laptop best for Browsing, YouTube, Online Study, OTT platform, Entertainment, etc..,

Avita Magus Laptop

Avita Laptop Essential

Avita Essential is an Avita Model, this model best for Beginners, Starter, Browsing, Entertainment, Normal Works, Online Study, etc.., it comes with Intel Celeron, 4GB/128GB SSD, etc.., Price is 15k to 20k INR.

Avita Essential Laptop

Avita Laptop Pura

Avita Pura Model – the powerful laptops for new students or beginners it comes with 4GB/8GB DDR4 RAM and i3/Ryzen 3-3200u/Ryzen 5-3500u/AMD A9 with Graphics…, This Model Best For Online Study, Editing, Browsing, Business, Beginners, Project, etc.., it comes with 20k to 40k INR. 

Avita Pura Laptops

Avita Laptop Liber

Avita Liber Model Laptops are such powerful laptops it comes with i5, i7, Ryzen 7-3700u, and 8GB DDR4 RAM. This model is best for high working like Gaming, High Editing, Business, Office, etc.., Price is 34k to 65k INR.

Avita Liber Laptops

Avita Laptop Admiror

Avita Admiror model – a unique design and advanced slim laptop comes with i5 8th Gen, 8GB/256GB SSD. This Laptop Best For Travelers, College Students, office, etc..,

Avita Admiror laptop

Avita Clarus Model

This Model is famous in The US and European countries. Clarus models best Browsing, Online Classes, OTT platform, Browsing, etc.., price is $300 to $400.

Avita Clarus Laptops

Avita Laptop Specs

Avita laptop is most popular for best budget segment specs – Avita laptop top specs list

Storage128GB/256GB/512/1TB SSD 
Storage TypeSSD only
Battery Backup5 – 10 Hours
Warranty24 Months Internationally 
Display14 Inches FHD

Visit the official Website AvitaLaptop.com there are all Avita Laptops and Models Available. You can click on Avita Laptop.

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