Aviation Collectors

Aviation Collectors

Collection relates to hobby that can lead you to successful business. Some people have hobby to collect the stamps of different times. Some collect the coins of past times. Same goes with the aviation lovers who love to gather airplane parts. To save their passion of collecting airplane parts, there are many retailers who are serving for years with honesty to serve their customers valuable pieces of airplane.

Extreme Aviation Collectors

1.260 separate airline uniforms are owned by Cliff Muskiet from airlines around the world. For more than 30 years, Muskiet has been gathering uniforms. As a boy, he was given his first uniform by his mother’s neighbor, who was a stewardess. He hopes to make his collection (like this Bangkok Air number) into a book for a coffee table one day.

Steve and Vicky Everson, aviation lovers, transformed their home to Boeing 737 as its replica. In the spare space, they already had a flight simulator.As a reproduction, Steve and Vicky Everson, lovers of aviation, turned their home into a Boeing 737. They even had a flight simulator in spare rooms. The Eversons, who wed inside a Concorde four years ago, make the set of Muskiet look good by comparison. The couple, who met over the internet and gradually united over their mutual love of airplane paraphernalia, spent £ 40,000 ($67,000) with a flight simulator, turning their home in Lancashire, UK into a Boeing 737 airplane.

The range became so large that it had to be outsourced to an office building down the high street by the couple finally. They have now managed to charge other aviation fans for the ability to try the simulator.

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List of Aviation Collection Store

We are giving a list of aviation collectors like https://craft747.com/ to make their habit as a business opportunity, where you can find a lot aviation related products.

  • Aces High Aviation Gallery – Ventura, CA –It contains one of the greatest selections of current and secondary aircraft art.
  • Applewood Inc. – Arden, NC – The best blend is airplanes on T-shirts. You can now wear your favorite aircraft, like conventional aircraft, warbirds, home-built aircraft, experimental aircraft, ultralight aircraft, helicopters, and just some nice stuff.
  • Aviation Autographs – Griffin, GA -From this online website ””aviationautographs.com” Aviation lover can get rare lithographs, magazines, prints, photographs. They have one of a kind” collectables. 
  • Barewalls Inc. – Waukesha, WI – Barewalls contains a vast collection 60,000 plus item of various aviation pieces or artwork, prints, and posters of aviation.
  • Dare to Move, Inc. – Puyallup, WA Sell exclusively aviation art and other art work related to transportation for the beginner and serious buyer.
  • Model Power – Farmingdale, NY – They contain almost all types of models and its accessories.
  • Prairie Diecast – Sherwood Park, Canada –It has highly descriptive collectible diecast scale models.
  • Replica Miniatures – Whitstable, United Kingdom –They are the official retailers of Corgi, Aero Classics, GeminiJets, Hogan Wings, Socatec and SkyMarks products and many more.
  • Staples and Vine Ltd – Cullompton, United Kingdom –The Staples and Vine limited provide a wide range T-shirts and Mugs with Handcrafted pewter aircraft and aircraft models.
  • World Airline Historical Society (WAHS) – Ocoee, FL –It’s a place where you can get a free quarterly publication concentrating on your passions, and hear where the next regional or national exchange show will be located, the best place to meet fellow collectors from around the world.

Best Aviation memorabilia

Vintage Aircraft Altimeter Instruments

The altimeter shows the altitude of the plane. A vintage aircraft altimeter that share the “Standard Form of Numerals and Letters for Aircraft Instrument Dials,” a common typeface that is beautiful and yet practical in and of itself. 

Manuals of Flight Crew

Finding the Queen of the Skies flight operations manuals is not easy, but if you can spot one, pick it up.  British Airways or TWA; the Boeing 747 was flown by one of those airlines. 

Airplane Craft Furniture

Owning a selection of airplane seats is one thing, but investing in repurposed aircraft furniture is another. Enterprising craftsmen have converted furniture and lovely creations into escape doors, wheels and engine cowlings. The 737 engine cowling seats shown here were produced by Plane Industries. But they also render tables from the doors of aircraft and lamps from the wings’ leading edge.

Set of 12 Wristwatch

Black-dial wristwatch; a piece of aviation and military history. The British Defense ministry required trustable wristwatches during World War II for pilots, air crews, and those interested in the defense of the empire. They ordered 12 firms with Arabic numerals to create a black-dial wristwatch. Around 25,000 were produced by each firm, but sometimes fewer.

Airline Goodies

Keep goodies of all of your favorite airlines.   All sorts of memorabilia can be purchased online, from stickers, pins, and plates to cutlery, playing cards, and the barf bags above. You can get these airline memorabilia from any online store.

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